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Video || Trump Defends Bringing Up Cruz Dad and Lee Harvey Oswald

Why is Donald Trump still dealing with Ted Cruz and not just putting it behind him? Who knows? Cruz has already self-immolated.

It’s because he’s Donald Trump and he can’t let these things go. So he gives Cruz some more chance to make news.

Funny to see straight-arrow Gov. Mike Pence thinking who knows what as this goes on. He looks like a glass of milk standing next to a flaming Mai Tai.

30 Responses to Video || Trump Defends Bringing Up Cruz Dad and Lee Harvey Oswald

    • Have to disagree Cisco.
      He eliminated himself from the National Enquirer.
      He said that he had nothing to do with it.

      Keep in mind that Cruz’s organization produced pictures of Melania posing for GQ when she was working as a model and blitzed Utah with them.

      • Dammit, I forgot about that!
        Indeed that was below the belt.
        I stand corrected.
        I remember thinking “that’s a dirty trick”.
        And I still don’t like it.
        That and going back on his word.
        A pledge, a promise and an oath , don’t mean much these day’s.

        • Kasich and Fiorina did the same.

          I took an oath once years ago and I still stand by it.

          Evidently to these people it is just words.

          • “On my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty to God and my country…”
            That one by any chance?
            Besides the oath of enlistment
            Scouts taught me how to read a topo map And use a compass .
            I breezed through my land navigation course while at Bad Toldz, Germany.
            Makes me sad knowing what has happened in Munich today.

          • I took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

            SO HELP ME GOD.

            Nowhere in that oath does it mention allegiance to the CIC.

  1. Why shouldn’t he? Lest we forget the years of the Obamas and the Dems asking if we “have their back” – an ugly phrase the brings to mind attacks by Repubs.
    How about MrObama chastising and accusing every White person (not a flaming Dem) of being racists, clinging to the Bibles, cherishing their firearms and the reason the whole world is fighting each other.
    If a candidate doesn’t have an enemy, real or imagined, then who is he “fighting”, who is he going to bring to heel?
    So MrTrump chooses the enemy of the moment – SenCruz. Tomorrow, it will be the Clintons.
    Trump 2016

    • I’m a diehard supporter of Trump, but dammit, as Keith noted, Cruz self-immolated.
      Hillary and the Dem’s are the enemy, Cruz has become small potatoes.
      Focus Donald.

      • exactly! CNN was happy to drag out the infighting between the former candidates instead of reporting anything else about the convention. It doesn’t matter who did what – it should be old news and the campaign should be focusing on beating Hillary!

    • I have no problem with a man standing up for himself.
      If I was maligned I would do the same thing.

      Trump is setting the record straight on TV.

      Cruz picked the wrong adversary.

      Whether it was super-pac or not.

  2. RE: Shooting in Munich.
    “We don’t know what exactly is going on there”.
    Shooter shouts allah akbar.
    Obama the clueless.

  3. The only thing I can think is that he’s trying to draw in the democrat voters who despise Cruz who might be hesitant to vote for Trump if Cruz is featured anywhere in a Trump administration. The conservative fans of Cruz have nowhere else to go.

  4. If Trump doesn’t pull the party together, which I think he cannot do, the party is over. If he insults me or you I cannot support him. I’ll vote Republican but only because Hillbillary is a death wish for America. She has no business leading the U.S.A.

  5. Trump never does or says anything unless he has a reason or strategy that will give him an advantage. But when people don’t know what exactly that is, they assume he’s thin skinned or can’t let it go. Let’s ask his primary opponents how well that worked out for them