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Trump Needs to Build a Serious Campaign, Now

From a piece I have running today in Reuters:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump needs to put together a serious campaign organization, and fast. His acceptance speech Thursday evening was a prime example of why.

It wasn’t perfect. It was long and at times repetitive. But it was Trump, and it was a strong and effective case for the themes – like ending illegal immigration and fighting what he sees as unfair trade deals – that are central to his appeal.

Passionate and yet loaded with substance, delivered in orderly fashion from a teleprompter and yet sounding just like the extemporaneous Trump that won voters over in the primaries, it was the showcase for what a focused and organized effort by Trump and his campaign can produce.

Now, on center stage in a two-person race for the White House, Trump will need such clarity of purpose to be the rule, not the exception. Clarity that only an organized campaign can provide. And that, he doesn’t have.

You can read the rest of the piece, detailing why the primaries strategy won’t work in the general election, here at Reuters.

16 thoughts on “Trump Needs to Build a Serious Campaign, Now”

  1. I agree with your comments..

    One thing to keep in mind, the spot light will now be on Hillary in Philadelphia.

    we will see how they respond… I’ll be watching…

  2. I don’t understand why people assume Trump is incompetent. He is rather…eccentric. And he is a talker….a stream of consciousness type communicator.
    Someone in Pence’s organization leaked the pick…how could Trump have prevented that?
    Melania’s speech was an error…unfortunate, but in the overall scheme of things, hardly the catastrophe developed by the press. They were common conceptual phrases used frequently in my own household.
    The media needs to get a firm grasp on this:
    Trump is the anti establishment candidate. That is his primary appeal. We, the “masses” want “hope and change”…so to speak.
    And no matter how many people he hires and how much money is spent…the media (the majority of whom are left wingers and establishment entrenched) will not give this man or his campaign a break.
    We will be watching the Dem convention next week. Watching closely. The media needs to measure it with the same stick they have utilized this week. Their importance regarding the dissimulation of information is not nearly as necessary thanks to Facebook and Twitter and SnapChat, etc.

  3. Sorry, disagree. One person’s take on what is a serious campaign and another’s are two different things.
    MrsClinton’s serious campaign means she never talks to the press, she only speaks in front of vetted audiences, she only talks about giving away freebies to the public, but never about getting people back to work so they can care for themselves, and of course the only “crime” is the one of Black criminals being shot by racist White police.
    The Repubs had the choice of serious, conventional candidates – a whole slew of them but chose MrTrump.
    The “serious” candidate will tell us that Islam is the religion of peace, the “unserious” candidate counted out the Americans killed by radical Islamists right here in the US.
    The “serious” candidate is owned by special interests that don’t want their options to be compromised by some upstart who will cause them to act responsible.
    Sorry, this yokel in fly-over is not worried that MrTrump’s campaign isn’t slick, programmed, financed by big money, promotes a country that none of us want, but rather a theme that America comes first, right here where we live.

    1. One of my favorite lines from Mr. Trump’s speech last night was “Big business, elite media and major donors are lining up behind the campaign of my opponent because they know she will keep our rigged system in place. They are throwing money at her because they have total control over everything she does. She is their puppet, and they pull the strings.” Mr. Trump spells it out right there in those few sentences. He needs to do a campaign ad with “puppet” Hillary jerkily dancing around like a marionette while a voice over is spelling out all the special interests that are “pulling her strings.”

  4. On Fox News last night, Messrs. Hume, Wallace and Tucker Carlson were in full frowny-face mode, dismissing the speech as “not telling us anything new” and “a missed opportunity.” Yet, a half hour later, a rather large focus group of undecided voters reacted mostly positively…more than half declaring they would now vote for Trump, whereas NONE would be voting for Hillary.

    A small sample size for sure, but it appears Trump did something right last night.

    1. Indeed, Trump did something right. He told it as it is, as the saying goes. He blew up the Progressive mythology the media constantly and happily spews on the citizenry, and they are very upset about that.

      1. The telling is in the response by the Left and by the special snowflake pure Republicans.

        I said elsewhere, dark and dangerous are the words of the day. And the purists who are so critical have no specifics of what he should be doing/saying.

        Actually that’s not true. Because he could really put more emphasis on the constitution.

        That said, Trump was pretty effective in his speech — no one has realistic response.

        1. Just heard Dr. Krauthammer pointing out the lack of details in the speech (“Saying it is one thing…but how you’re going to do it is another”). Other “special snowflakes” criticizing it today for being “too long,” etc. etc.

          Should be fun between now and November 8th!

      2. I think Trump will reveal his staff in due time.
        Never give your enemy all of the facts, keep them guessing.
        It will drive them nuts.

        Pence was a good choice.

        If he was any indication on how this is going to go, I have confidence in the selection process.

  5. The rabid speculation on the what, where, when, and how, is a sign of a tenuous election period.

    The talking heads are frenzied in trying to attempt to predict what is going to happen next.

    As they bank their million dollar salaries sitting in front of a camera every night telling us what they think, and what we should think, keep this in mind.

    The why is the most important question.

    They never seem to address the why.

    Trump is there because the people are tired of being lied to by politicians year after year after year.

    Trump is there because he espouses optimism and a sense of we can do this attitude, just like Reagan did.

    Are Trump’s words empty? I don’t know, we will have to see.

    Donald Trump has shown us a brighter horizon.
    Hillary will be more of the same liberal policies, possibly worse than Obama’s.

    For me,….I’m enjoying the positive outlook.

  6. I just hope that Trump reads this and realizes it is time to stop opening his mouth without engaging his head, and get down to business by providing details of how he is going to accomplish making the country safe, work, first and one again.

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