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Obama Schedule || Friday, July 22, 2016

10:25 am || Holds a bilateral meeting with President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico
11:45 am || Holds a joint press conference with Peña Nieto

All times Eastern
Live stream of the press conference at 11:45 am

8 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, July 22, 2016”

  1. Maybe this is just a ruse. I hear HRC is going to announce VP. I doubt it will be Kaine — that makes no sense.

    Perhaps Nieto is her pick. That makes more sense. The AA tribe is covered because Lynchmob will stay on.

    1. So many of the other choices floated are being discounted because of their NAME.

      I mean, say it out loud : Clinton Booker :-)

      Vilsack has already become Hillsack and Hickenlooper is too long for a bumper sticker and would override the Clinton name.

      Kaine has fewer letters in his name so the Clinton name can be in 72point to Kaine’s 36point.

    2. I’m going that it is Kaine. He’s the perfect little turd to follow her wishes exactly and he speaks Spanish, the native language of today’s Democrat party.
      I’m sure they’ve already got the VP debate lined out. Pence says something about border security and Kaine fires back in Spanish that the Democrats will not stand for such hate against our Latino friends.
      Sick and cynical but that’s what we’re up against.

      1. I am surprised how few (maybe none of the liberal media) praised the speech by Kentucky senator Ralph Alvarado. He was brilliant in tone, in message and spoke fluent Spanish to the viewers. He’s a force to be reckoned with and could hold his own against any conversations with Kaine.

        Kaine is just another old white person and I’m wondering how the DNC will justify that. maybe Kaine comes out that he’s gay??

        1. Surely there is a transgender atheist out there of mixed Hispanic and AA heritage who speaks not only Spanish but Arabic (or whatever). Or better yet is fluent in 6 languages, since Melania speaks 5.

      2. I thought about the fact that he speaks Spanish. It could work in the opposite as well unless they are addressing a Spanish Speaking Only illegal immigrant crowd who will vote this year in droves.

        If I was an American of Hispanic or AA heritage this would not sit well.

        Plus he’s a caucasian male, roundly reviled in today’s America.

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