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Live Stream || Obama Press Conference with Mexican President

The press conference has concluded.

20 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Press Conference with Mexican President

  1. I would give the journalist my next SS check if he/she would ask the Mexican president why so many of HIS people don’t want to live in their homeland.
    My car to the journalist if he would ask our president why he called illegal aliens as “immigrant workers” when so many American citizens don’t have a job.
    My heartfelt thanks to any one who would ask either or both a question that wasn’t prefaced by some smarmy praise.

  2. The fun is about to begin. from Drudge:

    “Wikileaks Releases Nearly 20,000 Hacked DNC Emails”

    From the story:
    “According to Wikileaks, which is operated by Julian Assange, the release is “part one” of a new series it is calling “Hillary Leaks.””

    Watch the trained seals in the media try to bury this story. Perfect timing with the D convention about to begin.

  3. No surprise. Barack Obama will always back a foreign government or a foreign official or a Democrat over America, an American or a Republican.

    Surreal. Wake up and the there is the steady drone of “dark” an “dangerous”. The voice of the left speaks as one.

    • Dark – what the Sam Hill does that mean?
      Talk about phony journalists who can’t think for themselves – the words “dark” and “dangerous” are everywhere.

      • They are wearing their fear on their sleeves for everyone to see.

        Trump scares the hell out of them because all they have to offer is a crook.

  4. OT My prayers for the dead and wounded and their families in today’s Munich attack. Once again this belies the Obama and other Western leaders’ words on terror and violence.

    And someone noticed the irony of the events and the reality on the placement at CNN

    Shooting Spree at Mall

    next to:

    Obama: Trump’s Doom and Gloom and Doom Does Not Match Reality
    Obama el political correctness and lies and delusions shame them. People are dying ruthlessly and unnecessarily because of their callousness hubris.

  5. I heard Obama praise (just before breaking news on today’s tragedy in Germany) the Mexican President for securing Mexico’s borders. I sure would love to have that clip. Where can I find it? Thanks.