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Clinton Selects Kaine for Vice President; Bad Idea

Hillary Clinton announced Friday evening that she had selected Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine to be her running mate.

Kaine brings moderation, appeal to Latinos — because he speaks Spanish and worked in Honduras — and quite possibly, the state of Virginia to the ticket.

Kaine was viewed widely as the “safe” choice and one backed by Bill Clinton. He’s no attack dog, but that’s okay, because Hillary is.

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine

But this is not an inspired choice. Hillary doesn’t need Latinos, she’s already got lots of them. Kaine won’t help her close the deal with the Left, which will be problematic for her as she tacks right during the general election, once the convention is done with.

What’s more, Kaine is the former chair of the DNC, solidifying the Democrats as the establishment ticket in an anti-establishment year.

She’s playing it safe, and this is going to be a very tight election. Trump may even be the favorite. So I think she has made a mistake going with a uninspiring white male. Trump need a calming ballast to his heated rhetoric and so he chose Mike Pence. Hillary needs someone the electorate will care about. And nobody cares about Tim Kaine.

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  1. Hillary hit herself with a Kaine?

    He’s pro NAFTA, pro TTP. He’s everything Hillary isn’t this week.

    Perfect. Let the bumper sticker contest begin.

    Kaine and unAble

  2. Wow! A twitter roll-out – how embarrassing for Kaine!

    She’s hoping Kaine will get the huge Latino bloc in Florida. The last Real Clear Politics poll (7/11) has her in a dead heat with Trump: Clinton – 44%; Trump – 43.4%.

    Kaine’s Spanish allegedly is better than Julien Castro’s, lol.

    1. The redneck vote in FL is finally waking to the fact that Hillary is coming after their guns. That doesn’t play well, and it’s going to cost her. I think Trump will carry FL. It really is a Southern state at heart.

  3. I agree. Hillary just gave the election away. His “deregulate the banks” stance feeds the Trump campaign’s “crooked Hillary” smear. Worse, he has acknowledged that he makes all his decisions based on his religious faith, not on reason. When Adolph Trump takes power, I’m leaving the country.

    1. I hear there are a lot of empty houses in Mexico, Honduras, etc. and of course the Middle East, since all of the former residents are sneaking into the US.

    2. I see you have joined the rash of irresponsible stupid people who think using names like Adolph or backdooring a Hitler reference is so clever.

      All it does is prove how unserious you are about the real deaths and consequences that took place during these times.

  4. Keith, you’re so anti Trump.
    Grab some hope. This country needs a positive leader and Trump …given all the crap republican’s don’t like…has the cajones to get us out of the hole hope & change has put us in.

  5. So terror struck again, this time in München, Germany. Nine dead. The murderer, who later “killed himself “, is presented as a German-Iranian, no name yet, my guess is that he is a first or second generation Iranian with a German citizenship whose name is MidEast-sounding. Media was dreaming of a “rightist”-terrorist ( this was exactly five years since the Breivik massacre in Utöya ) but instead they got this, another Muslim , according to a witness, shouting Allahu Akhbar. But media will still do their best to cover it up and report it as some German psycho needing treatment. But they will fool no one in the Internet era..
    I read in Daily Mail that president Barry spoke to a room full of law enforcement agents at the White House when the drama was happening. He used the usual …” our hearts go out to Germany …..” mumble-jumble and the next minute he was grinning and cracked jokes about his daughter leaving for college. Who is this person ? He lacks every sense of decorum, of what is right and proper. But, we all know here that he is complete idiot, a mere community organizer, with academic records so lousy they have to be kept secret, now pretending to be president because a wealthy group of people wanted him as puppet. However, I found it most sad and unsettling when I read that ” the room erupted with laughter”. Who are these people ? Lackeys and flunkeys ? How can law enforcement agents be so submissive to this clown ?

    1. That is so sad Swedish Lady, I am so sick of this little boy barry. I don’t think he is going to survive the next few months of not being numero uno. puppet

    2. Swedish lady, I wondered if Germany and AM would try to spin this attack as something other than Islamic terrorism. I have read he was 18 and had been bullied. Apparently he lured his victims on social media with the promise of a free food at McDonald’s. Many of his victims were children. So – why did he really shoot and kill children?
      Has McDonalds publicly responded to this attack?
      The laughter? Sickening and just another indication of the unbelievable hold BHO and his minions have on people. I don’t understand it either.

      1. Yes Aileen, they spin it as anything but Islamic terror because that would certainly give Frau Merkel a severe headache. And, in München the yearly Oktoberfest is coming up and they do not want to scare tourists. So, I believe they are holding back evidence, remember, this is a police that cover up all the sex attacks to protect Muslims from rage, so called “Muslimophobia”. But how did this 18 year old get a Glock and 300 rounds of ammo in strict Germany ? He was certainly planning the whole thing. I do not think a depressed psycho could do this. And it seems like they have polished away that witness with the “Allahu Akhbar” statement. Oh, this is a cover up, I am sure. Makes me furious. But, no worry, the Islamists will strike again, very soon. They are like the Hydra monster , chop off one head and another grows.

        1. You asked the most important question that no one in the media is asking: where did an 18 year old get a glock and the amount of ammo.

          1. Precisely. We’ve got to get past this “lone wolf” nonsense. Somebody corroborated with this killer. Someone influenced him, as crazy as he seemed to be. Someone didn’t stop him, as he armed himself and prepared for his slaughter of innocents. Conceivably, there may not have been a direct accomplice (though there is some question about that), but other people knew about his state of mind, heard him make comments, observed his behavior, and said or did nothing to stop him.

  6. Already on the right there are snide remarks that reveal thinking about HRC’s health — kaine/walker – kaine.crutch, etc. That’s snide and to be expected but it makes me wonder about the general national underlying concern or at least awareness of her potential poor health. This must seep through even Democrat thinking.

    1. And he is a devout Catholic — according to the media. Can they possibly believe that pap about Hispanics being all about church and family? And how can that appeal to what is essentially the godless Democrats – they removed god from the platform the year Obama was elected.

      Other than possibly delivering VA I do not get it? Oh well, London has a muslim mayor why not a spanish speaking catholid for the Dems? And why muddy the water with abortion, wimmens rights, etc…and have religion being an issue in the background?

      1. Then again maybe I am not as forward thinking as the Dems as this AOS commenter said

        To be fair, it worked for Barry with the devout fake Catholic, abortion loving Joe Biden. I nearly threw up when Biden talked about his mother and her rosary and pic of JFK at their at their convention.
        See also, Barry at Notre Dame

      2. No truly devout Catholic is pro-abortion. Lip service there. He’s Catholic like Ted Kennedy was and Nancy Pelosi is. A heritage thing.

  7. Perfect choice for the Dems. 2 has been that shall never be again. For any political class to decide on a running mate because they can speak Spanish is insulting. Are ppl that dumb to vote one way or another because you speak their language, let alone not the language of the country they are living in?
    As far as the clothing, how hideous can this woman dress? Especially after all of the money the Clinton Foundation has funneled to her. Sad. So, so sad.

    1. I find it funny that Hillary spends so much money to look so frumpy. One of her coats (or whatever it was) cost $12,000. Yet Ivanka rocked a $139 dress at the convention. To me, it’s just typical Democrate solution. Spend/throw money at a problem to make it better. Don’t bother to look at the underlying cause.

      1. Hillary spend $12,000 to look like an escapee from a Soviet women’s prison, and Ivanka spent $139 to look like a million bucks. Says it all.

  8. Kaine certainly won’t upstage her like the popular choices from the left would, Booker and Warren.

    While Pence didn’t excite Trump’s base either, we understand why he went with a vanilla pick :)

    1. DVB I wonder if “up staging” was a consideration. (I think yes). He won’t be a contrast to HRC’s appearance either.

    2. Well, Stalin and Mussolini are no longer available, so Kaine’s name came up next. ;+} He’s about as interesting as a tick on a hound dog, so there’s no chance whatsoever he’ll upstage the ever exciting and melodious Hillary.

      Somehow (in my weird imagination) I can see these two characters in a Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz skit about, I dunno, whose turn it is to walk the dog or something. Here they are announcing their plans for how to finish the job Obama started.

  9. Reading about Kaine’s record, I don’t see “moderate” anywhere. I see 100% ratings from every leftist organization in the country including Planned Parenthood and Narel, together with a big, fat “F” from the NRA. He does not inspire any confidence in me. I do agree that his white maleness makes it hard for them to pretend to be the party of inclusion. Sure makes me wish Trump had managed to select a VP of the female minority persuasion. I would love to be able to thump Hillary with that. But I think Pence can handle Kaine just fine.

  10. The fact that Kaine beat Ed Gillespie in the midterms by less than 1 percent shows how little effect this will have on shoring up her ticket.

  11. what is this appeals to Latinos thing ’cause he worked in Honduras? I’m an American of Mexican descent – that means nothing to me. oh, he’s Catholic – who’s pro choice. can’t be Catholic and pro choice under any circumstance. still can’t figure out why the bishops in NH and CA haven’t called out Biden and Pelosi by name. now gonna add Kaine to that list, and his bishop.

  12. Hillary picked Kane because she wants to nail down the prison vote. Two felons running for president and vice president on the democratic communist party ticket.

    Anyone want to bet that these two criminals get 99% of the prison vote?

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