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The White House is Listening to Trump

President Obama understands the threat Donald Trump represents to his legacy. He has taken Trump seriously for months, unlike many in the media.

From a piece I have running today in LifeZette:

The media, most of whom have never created a business or a job in their entire lives, love to mock Donald Trump. The man who somehow earned billions of dollars and then clawed his way to the GOP nomination is somehow insincere, silly — a clown.

But one man who knows better is taking Trump deadly seriously, and has been for months.

President Obama, held by friends and enemies alike to be the greatest politician of his generation — how else does one parlay an empty resume into the presidency? — knows a political threat when he sees it. And he understands that Donald Trump, despite charges from some on the Right that the New Yorker isn’t conservative enough, will undo much of the Obama legacy and ensure that the man who fancies himself a great historical figure ends up as something on the order of Millard Fillmore.

If Congress stays in Republican hands, Trump will eviscerate Obamacare instead of saving it with the “public option” backed by Hillary Clinton, which would socialize medicine once and for all by having the government provide health insurance directly. With the stroke of a pen, Trump will undo Obama’s executive actions providing amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants . . .

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39 Responses to The White House is Listening to Trump

  1. Obama is terrified of a successful man that actually does what he says he is going to do.

    Rightfully so Obama.
    You should be.

    Your only escape is for the American People to elect Hillary Clinton.
    For the fact that we have been told that you are the most intelligent one in the room, I find it hilarious that you have allowed this to happen.

    I don’t call you intelligent.
    You are a racist hack that has been determined since day 1 of your tenure in office to take our precious Country to Her knees Nationally and Globally.

    Your incessant lectures put my nerves on end.
    Your attitude is disgusting.

    Yeah, greet all of the sports teams to the White House you imbecile.
    Celebrate the Muslim community every chance you get.
    Your time is limited.

    The People of this Country are going to take this Country back and you can’t do jack about it.

    How does it feel to be soon powerless Barry Soetoro?

    The sham that was rammed down America’s throat is just about over.

    Worried about your “legacy”?
    Oh, we got your legacy.

  2. This election is a paradox. While it’s easy to see it as the choice between bad and worse (and many do, including me sometimes) the Main Thing is that “worse” is deathly bad. Despite Trump being a blowhard with rough social graces, he is a proven American who does indeed understand business and how money works. He’s rude and sometimes crude, but he doesn’t have to be Gentleman Jim to roll back the worst of Obama’s eight years of destruction, and by all appearances he’s pretty serious about doing just that. Hillary? With one SCOTUS appointment several Constitutional amendments die, and the “right” of the executive to govern by fiat is further entrenched. If Trump is elected, he gets that appointment. He also gets one when Bader Ginsburg retires or moves to Switzerland. And maybe a couple more.

    The more I think about this, the more enthusiastic I get about voting for his non-PC self. Just watching him grind the teeth of the uppity liberals will be worth the price of admission. The outcome may very well be the continuance of the USA more or less as we knew it before 2008.

    • Don’t kid yourself, Trump is extremely intelligent, much more so than the two low-lifes (sp?) Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Again, don’t think for one minute that Trump is just a blow hard with terrible social graces, you said? I think he is a natural, a one man wrecking machine who will wreck the two criminals, Obama and Clinton. Those two are so obviously criminals who beat the rap of breaking laws, betraying their country in every way possible, the worst of the worst. She, Clinton, is riding on the coathails of her husband, Obama, is just a born traitor to America! If Hillary Clinton becomes President, then I know there is no God, I have told God that. Let’s see what happens.

  3. Great piece Keith.

    I don’t think that Obama has ever had this degree of opposition in his life.

    The convention has displayed the disdain for the direction Obama and Hillary have taken this Country toward.

  4. The first paragraph explains how the MSM, the pundits and the elites got it all wrong. The looked at the fictional roles that MrTrump played on TV and assumed that was the real Donald.
    Never looking beyond the fiction, they hoped the public would buy the Apprentice meanie and the emcee of beauty pageants never looking to how he built an empire.
    MrTrump demolished 16 perfectly acceptable Repub candidates for the presidency. Each of them was qualified, experienced in one form or another, all good people.
    The difference was they were all parroting the same garbage, the same platitudes that the public had already turned against in 2010 and 2012.
    MrTrump saw the future, sensed the weakness in his opponents, and perfectly gauged the public’s distain for almost everything coming out of DC.
    Now, he has one more hurdle – the damaged, sickly, vulnerable MrsClinton. Can he sense her weakness, oh boy, this is going to be brutal.

    • Frankly, after the Cruz debacle,a I think this man knows exactly what he is doing and exactly what he will do.
      Wonder if HRC is so entrenched in the Dem elite that she disregards this man. Hope so.
      She will never know what hit her.

      • Agree. I think the deal with Hillary is that she has surrounded herself with yes-people. These yes-people spend their time telling her how wonderful she is, how those who criticize her are morons, how the world loves her and needs her. That sort of thing. So, when Trump’s criticism of Hillary begins to hit hard and the general public begins to take it in (and it will), Hillary and her people resort to the only tool they have–a sort of maniacal and hysterical defense with the only rhetorical devices they understand (he hates, women, he’s a racist, he’s lying, he wants to destroy the country, etc)–all transparently panicky and poorly constructed responses, like firing a shotgun in the dark.

        When the Trump storm finally hits her, I predict a Hillary meltdown, or her dropping out of the race or some health reason arising which “forces” her to drop out of the race. Trump will show no mercy. Nor should he. The last days of Clinton Crime Family may be upon us. 30 years too late, of course, but better late than never.

    • “The difference was they were all parroting the same garbage, the same platitudes that the public had already turned against in 2010 and 2012.”


    • Well stated srdem65, Very well said! I wish your statement could be broadcast far and wide as the truth has been boiled down to a very clear concise message.

  5. Sometimes David Axelrod can be shockingly candid. A few months ago, during the primaries, I heard him on CNN talking about how the ONLY person Obama feared during his re-election run was Donald Trump. Axelrod said he was ‘obsessed’ with Trump and the fear that he might throw his hat in the ring. He was almost paralyzed with fear!

    That said, much water has gone under the bridge since Axelrod made that statement. Trump’s approval ratings in almost every demographic are lower than Hillary’s – not by much – but he doesn’t seem to be gaining any traction.

    The next 3 months will tell the tale. He needs to spend more $$$ and time on his ground campaign and getting out the vote. Obama is a pro, and undoubtedly is working behind the scenes for HRC.

    • His approval ratings may be lower, but in today’s Real Clear Politics average of polls, he’s basically even in all of the key battleground states…making up a lot of ground the past couple of weeks.

      I would call that gaining some traction.

  6. He has good reason to be afraid. I’ve been watching the convention, and with the exception of a kerflufle in the first 30 minutes, these people are still pumped up and ready to go. That’s probably more than can be said for the Democrats.

    • At Trump’s convention there were thousands of people there who are crazy about Trump! I watched Clinton’s rally in Fla today for a little while and her audience looked like 12-year-olds, no exaggeration. Her audience really looked weird. Imagine Clinton was paid hundreds of thousands for dollars for her speeches??? why??? and I’m sure she spoke to sophisticated crowds then, but NOW, WOW! not too many people were there today and they looked all like children? I guess, though, she could win with the young ones, but really, she looked so awful today with her ugly eyes and paunch belly in front of those poor kids! I’m sure she begged them for money, she always asks for money from everyone that comes to see her. She’s no better than a street begger that way.

  7. AFVet
    I almost wrote the same thing, but I didn’t want to be accused of plagiarism. LOL.
    But I would like to quote you to some of my Dem friends, ok?

  8. Obama has bashed G.W. Bush for almost 8 years and has set a new low in Presidential decorum. Now it’s Obama’s turn in the barrel and he deserves everything coming to him.

    • Yeah, Obama has bashed Bush for 8 years. ITS OKAY FOR OBAMA TO BASH BUSH, BUT THE BUSHES WOULDN’T GO TO THE CONVENTION FOR TRUMP AND TRUMP NEVER BASHED THE BUSHES FOR 8 YEARS! DOUBLE STANDARD. I thought George Bush was better than that. He should hae have told his spoiled little brother that he was going to the convention. I will never understand why the Bushes didn’t go to the Convention but took abuse from Obama for 8 years and didn’t say a word about that.

  9. Obama and the Main Stream Media just don’t get it. They don’t understand that the uprising against a corrupt all powerful Government is a wave that will crush the liberal/socialist movement in America. Just like BRexit, the Brits want their Nation back, they don’t want weak borders due to their EU affiliation. Trump has it right! We have had enough social experiments with our military.