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Video || Liberal Has Cursing Match with Alex Jones, Roger Stone

This is pretty funny. In the media row section of the convention, where people broadcast their little TV and radio shows, Young Turks host Cenk Uygur got into it with Trump adviser Roger Stone and conservative InfoWars website and radio show host Alex Jones. Also some lovely young thing with a particulary foul mouth joins in. Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Video || Liberal Has Cursing Match with Alex Jones, Roger Stone”

    1. A few years ago, he used to be on our local Fox affiliate morning news once a week, spouting his unique brand of stupidity and ignorance…he didn’t last long.

  1. I guess you will discuss Trumps speech here today. I haven´t listened to it ( yet ) but I have read excerpts from it and read about it and I liked what I read very, very much. Conservative blogger Rod Dreher even suggested that Pat Buchanan could have a hand in it. And as I admire and respect Buchanan that sounded like eminent praise.I would love to have leaders like that over here in Europe.” Europe first !” Nice slogan.

    1. Briefly, it was filled vision for restoring America to the position it once held. To make it stronger and safer. Prosperity for all, with JOB’S!
      Not one mention of free “stuff”
      Stuff, see, I kept it clean.

  2. Never heard of the guy but I would have guessed he and his staff are liberal. They always use the worst profanity.

    Trumps speech was lengthy. But – it was sincere – heart felt. Some are saying it was “dark.” I thought it was realistic. The true impact of this speech will be seen in the days to come. I hope for the best.

  3. How devoid of any talent is this guy, he got dismissed by MSNBC a few years back. How bad do you have to be to be let go from a network that has no talent to begin with?

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