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Pence Kills It

Mike Pence demonstrated last night why he is on the ticket.

Pence is not known as the most colorful conservative out there, but last night he delivered an outstanding speech with professionalism and passion that show a politician at the top of his game.

He’s what he’s meant to be – a contrast to Trump, who lacks any hint of polish. Reassuringly measured in his delivery and known as a sincere ideological conservative, Pence made movement conservatives feel better about what is going on. And that’s why Trump chose him.

Here is the rousing conclusion of his speech.

19 thoughts on “Pence Kills It”

    1. x2 Great choice. Pence nailed it last night. Should, but won’t, put to rest the many comments about Trump’s lack of experience in government, policy. Picking good people and letting them do what they do best is half the battle.

      One thing I noticed last night that I liked. At the end of the speech Donald waited in the wings patiently and gave Pence all the “recognition” time he deserved. I thought I saw Pence turn immediately, perhaps expecting Trump to pop right out which might be standard fare, and Trump gave a slight motion to enjoy the moment, so to speak.

      Trump did not steal Pence’s fire or react to Cruz. Good.

      1. When MrT did step out on the stage, he looked like he was sincerely moved, as close as a man comes to crying with gratitude.
        There he is, a man who cares deeply for his family -even his ex-wives-, a patriot, a successful businessman, an honorable man – called a clown, a faker, a dangerous person, or worse.
        This week, those who know him stepped up and told the world who he really was, his children were a reflection of the love and care he gave them, and he has to be grateful and honored.

      1. Rush just said that the left has taken a still shot of her entrance when she was waving to the crowd.
        They called it a Hitler salute.

    1. I’ve watched it a couple of times.
      It was “bang, zoom, to the moon media”
      I mentioned last night that I was try to watch the RNC on PBS News, and when Laura started to speak, they gave her about 2 minutes then cut to the analysts for blither-blather.
      Never went back to her, cut her out.
      Went to the link you and Keith provided, sooooo much better.

  1. Pence is the teeter to Trumps totter. Lets hope our new President will be very selective and wise in his cabinet choices. He needs the very best and then, let them do their job.

    Obama never understood that, never will.


  2. My skepticism re Pence has now turned into complete support. He did a yeoman’s job last night, and is a perfect balance for Trump.
    Trump seemed very pleased, even giving him a little peck on the cheek. Cute!

  3. I am a little bit worried about PenceĀ“s earlier positions on foreign politics. He supported the intervention in Iraq, the “free trade” agreements ( has nothing to do with free trade), he is critical to Putin etc. I mean, Trump has taken the opposite positions here. That is one reason why I want Trump in the White House.

  4. Totally agree. This will be the defining moment for Trump tonight if he could deliver a pro-growth agenda that will get the economy clocking a 3.0+ growth again and begin to reduce the deficit.

    However; it must be delivered with they style (restraint) as Pence and his two son’s delivered theirs.

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