As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Republican National Convention

The main event starts after 7 pm ET. Let’s hear what your thinking as things move along!

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  1. Thank you Keith for providing this link.
    Last night I came back here after the video on c-span kept locking up.

    One more night and it should be a good one.

  2. Ok….this week, “we” have talked ad nauseam about:

    1. Is Melania a plagiarist?
    Answer: No…especially when an apparently minority ethnic staff writer admitted the mistake was hers. (Yes I said apparently minority ethnic.)

    2. Is “Lyin Ted” a liar?
    Answer: Yes, and the videos prove it. He is also an unabashed and unashamed opportunist.

    What will be question #3 after tonight? Any ideas?

    • Tired from my day — so I don’t have much. I go in and out.

      I am looking foward to Peter Theil. SV Libs will come down hard for this.

      And also, I did a lot of driving today and early evening and heard talk radio. What was disturbing is how many “little Teds” there are out there — so discussion of Republicans and the convention seems to center on how great it would be except for Trump. Shooting ourselves in the foot.

      SE Cupp who claims to be a conservative — Not — was particularly irritating.

  3. We – as a nation – desperately need one thing …
    A Leader!
    A leader who loves the USA and it’s citizenry.
    A leader who seeks the best for OUR nation.
    A leader who understands that safety is our primary concern.
    A leader who will support industry. We are willing to work. We just need jobs.
    Don’t let us down, Donald.
    ” …who know etch whether thou art come to this kingdom for such a time as this? “. Esther 4:14 KJV

  4. Inclusive of all citizens. Meat and Potatoes. Direct.

    Liberal heads exploding. Hillary, oh dear. And Obama….?

    This is a real USA American candidate.

    HA ..We are going to build a great border wall.

  5. Just listened to the brief commentary on Fox afterwards…Brit Hume, Chris Wallace, Tucker Carlson…all rather unimpressed with the speech. They still don’t realize their tired opinions have become irrelevant this cycle.

    What a bunch of sad sacks.

  6. Trump delivered exactly the speech he needed to deliver. On target, hitting all the right points. I figured he’d do well. We got a sense of who is really is, not what the chin waggers in the media say he is.

    The media smart set are, even now, saying, “Well, he tried, but he has such high negatives (implying that if you like what Trump has to say, you are some sort of idiot); this is what he did wrong, they tell us. This is what he should have said. He’s so weird up there on stage, etc. These media snakes will spend the entire night creating mocking stories about the speech for tomorrow’s newspapers, demeaning what Trump said, calling it (as I have already heard tonight) a speech “more suited to 1968, and unwarranted in 2016.” And so on.

    But we know we saw a different speech tonight than these media snakes will write about for tomorrow’s newspapers, and talk about on the morning TV shows. They don’t have to interpret what we saw for us. We know what we saw, and we cheered. Little wonder the US media is so despised and untrusted.

    • He hit it out of the park. I cannot think of anything or anyone he left out. Hard hitting and on point. I hope never to see that “other Trump” again.
      The Clinton dynasty just got destroyed.

      • Agree — he hit it out of the park. Left no stone unturned.

        MSM and Fox will trash it.

        The only way is forward, and not let them go unchallenged in their assessments when possible.

        Laura Ingraham called them out earlier in the day and that will never be discussed. The media would rather build a wall than look at what they have done.

        The situation, btw, at FOX is a”interesting”. The little liberal Murdoch boys will ruin whatever good remains and it will just be another liberal rag.

  7. It will be interesting to see if Killary announces her VP tomorrow. I particularly liked Ivanka’s speech and Trump’s was very good also.

    • Ivanka was amazing as the rest of her family. I haven’t felt this “cleansed” in many years. Great job Ohio keeping it real and safe, go USA!

  8. Some thoughts:
    First – the Cleveland police and other security did an amazing job to quell all protests from becoming a distraction and most importantly, violent. Next up – Philadelphia- will they let the protesters do as they please or will they follow Cleveland’s protocols.
    The Trump children – wow. just wow.
    MrTrump’s speech – More than a few foreign concerns will be on alert if he’s elected. Their easy ride is over and the bill is past due.
    He promised to do what the people say they want in almost every area. There will be pain, but no pain/no gain I guess.
    Actually, I heard a lot of liberal ideas tonight from the financial burden of new college graduates, to the concern about the inner city (read, Black communities).
    I do believe he will try to do everything he promises, but he can only do so much if Congress doesn’t go along.
    All in all, I have hope, real hope, that if he wins, we will be on the track to a more stable economy and a better future for all of us.

    • I thought the speech was great, agree with you that Trump has taken some air out of the Democratic talking points by saying he’ll create more affordable day care and by reducing the burden of college debt. That’s good. I like that he thinks out of the boxed in GOP platform. Trump, to me, represents the independent voter. His daughter even said the same, that she votes for the candidate, not by party and we know that up until her father declared, she was a registered Democrat. That’s also a good thing because the GOP needs to bring in some middle of the road Dems.

      So, imagine my surprise to hear all the morning shows bash the speech, dystopian being the word that the MSM texted out to each other to use ad nauseum. The WSJ called the speech pugnacious. I thought it was a tad too long but otherwise, hit all the right talking points, showed some humility and compassion. A+.

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