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Cruz Booed Off the Stage, and for Good Reason

I’ve had enough of Ted Cruz’s carefully calcualted self-aggrandizement.

Cruz came to Donald Trump’s Party and spilled red wine all over the carpet. On purpose.

I respect his decision not to endorse Trump. The man insulted his wife and father. I wouldn’t have endorsed him either. Call it petty, but that’s how I feel.

But Cruz should have done the classy thing, like John Kasich did, and just stayed away. A Party’s national convention is about nominating a candidate and setting the stage for victory in November. It’s not the moment to air internecine divisions. There was a primary, somebody won it fair and square, and that was that. Cruz unilaterally decided that this was the 2020 Republican convention, not 2016.

I suspect many Republicans have had it with him. As one commentator said, last night he passed the conservative baton to Mike Pence, who gave a pitch-perfect address.

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48 Responses to Cruz Booed Off the Stage, and for Good Reason

  1. I’ve heard that Trump has a generous streak, and that was confirmed in spades last night.

    Trump gave Cruz all the gasoline and matches he needed to go out in a blaze of glory, and a prime time audience to watch the entire tragic spectacle.

    • Agree. MrTrump claims he read the speech before SenCruz went on stage. uh huh.

      I need to check my tin foil hat as it seems I’m the only one who sees the invisible hand directing turmoil that makes MrTrump look good. He KNEW what was coming, he may have encouraged it (who knows), and it worked to MrTrump’s advantage. A winner, offering a hand to his opponent, gets kicked in the shins for his graciousness – all in view of millions of people.
      MrTrump did not become a multi-billionaire by being careless, letting things happen or waiting to see the outcome of any endeavor. He is a programmer, an orchestrator, a director of events, and a man who sees a weakness to exploit.
      Clever, to the nth degree.

      • At the Diplomad 2

        It seems that Trump had read the speech ahead of time, but decided to let Cruz deliver it. That is either an act of great generosity by Trump, giving the lie to those who see him as an authoritarian bully, or a decision to follow the dictate attributed to Napoleon, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

      • Cruz showed his true colors yet again. Remember how he screwed Ben Carson during the primaries? The snark directed at New York delegation last night and that reptilian smile were just the icing on his cake. And I was a Cruz supporter initially, even donated to his campaign. It’s clear Cruz is more about Cruz than he is about his country.

  2. Keith, I respect your opinion that you were upset that in your perspective, Donald Trump maligned Cruz’s wife and Father. But, what about Cruz’s campaign splashing a picture of Trumps wife that was for a modeling job, but showed her on a fur rug and trying to embarrass Trump and mostly his wife Melania. And, the point about Cruz’s Father. Perhaps he should be vetted a little more about his close association with Bush and the CIA. Plus the fairy tale about the $100.00 being sewed in his pants. And yes, Mike Pence has alot of class, along with Donald Trump

    • Once again you rely upon tabloid – which where the story originated. Senator Cruz or no one in his staff were responsible for that Internet viral posting. It was done by an independent person who decided to use smear while supporting Senator Cruz. In actuality, thanks to the bias media, which Senator Cruz has been outspoken against, that smear had nothing to do with Cruz or his staff. You are an example of why voters need to use scrutiny when obtaining information and research beyond what mainstream media wants you to know and what it doesn’t want you to know. My primary checklist boiled quickly down to Trump and Cruz. Trump only failed when he decided to use smear tactics (false allegations) after the tabloid played trick on people like you. He has no record like Cruz that matches his campaign rhetoric. And that when not liking what people say, he decides not to have a debate. Or maybe he thought he was not a match debating with Senator Cruz’ intellectual demeanor. The smear from Trump campaign was not “perspective”, it was unethical. You mention Bush but disregard the close “vetting” Trump had with Bill & Hillary Clinton who also attended the marriage of Donald & Melania Trump. Thanks to the media, Cruz got a raw deal. Just as Trump was incorrectly dubbed a racist and the sociocrats are still sticking with that wrongful statement. You also probably never paid attention that Cruz is still a senator and he is still in Congress fighting against Obama and the establishment for constitutionalism. You also probably don’t know that Senator Cruz from the beginning agreed with many things Trump has stated/promised, like a secure wall to protect our southern border. To my knowledge he has not changed that agreement. When Mr. Trump becomes president he is going to need sincere allies in Congress. If Trump would be a man and own up that the attack upon Cruz and his family was wrongful and that the tabloid smear against Melania was not by Cruz – Senator Cruz would make an important ally in the Senate. You are an example of how too many make decisions through emotion and depend too much on media (who cannot be trusted)instead of searching for facts and using logic. As I have stated before, more voters need to use reputable sources like “On the Issues” website instead of tabloid media junk. Hopefully you will realize just what I just wrote and what Senator Cruz was actually doing at the Convention.

      • Perhaps you could look further and find that MrTrump offered SenCruz a hand, a prime time slot to speak his mind, and got kicked in the shins for his graciousness.
        SenCruz missed the chance to honor his pledge to support the eventual winner that didn’t come with small print that allowed him to weasel out if he didn’t like the outcome of the primary elections or the candidate himself.
        As for the rest, unless the writer was personally involved in the issues he states, then he, too, read about them on some news/internet/blog site.

  3. Poor Ted – hoisted by his own petard! Hopefully, this will be the end of his smarmy career in politics!

    Did he honestly believe that he could crash Trump’s party after telling him point blank that he would not endorse him? Did he not suspect that Trump would be laying in wait?

    I would hate to see him playing a game of ‘Strategy’ with Putin. What a naif!

  4. Let me get this straight. He says he won’t vote for Hillary, says nothing about voting for Trump. I know, he’s voting for Scooby-Doo. Go away, 2016 or 2020. Just go away.

  5. First time I disagree. You also have not seen what he was doing. Remember it is not just a president we are electing in November – We the People must ensure that constitutionalists are in Congress so they can ally with Trump and truly make America “great again”. I am surprised you didn’t catch this, Keith.

    • I agree. It’s called the REPUBLICAN National Convention, not The Republican nominee convention.

      While I agree that a part of the convention is to declare the nominee the official republican candidate, it is also to define what the principles and integrity are needed to represent the party. Cruz did this. He didn’t disrespect Trump or the RNC.

      Think about it this way. If all republicans and conservatives followed the herd, then we would be no better than what Sanders and Warren are doing. By endorsing Hillary, they show us they don’t have the principles for which they “fight” for, but the politicians on left of us counts on the herd of sheep to follow above all else. I’m not a sheep. And I know the people on here are intelligent and are not sheep.

      Integrity should come before party.

      • “Integrity should come before party”

        Then he should honor the pledge he signed…you know, the one they all forced Trump to sign in fear of him running as a third party candidate.

        Good riddance, Ted.

        • Pledging to the Republican Party Candidate is not important. Even Trump was hesitant (rightfully so). Cruz has kept his constitutional pledge as senator. Country before party.

          I’m not a Cruz supporter. After what his campaign did to Carson (my chosen one) I was ticked to say the least. Still am. But I feel Cruz did it right.

    • Clear to me… Newt was there to take the turd and turn it into an endorsement de facto…which is why Donald had staff read the speeches so he could fill in the gaps, etc.

      Now Keith – I follow your logic on all of it but when these 17+/- turd muffins signed the pledge to endorse the RNC nominated candidate I can’t imagine any one of them did not think that there would be no name calling and hurt feelings along the way. I did not see the clause that said “I am not obligated to endorse if the opponent uses the YOUR MOTHER WEARS COMBAT BOOTS insult”.

      It is an insult to RNC members who support candidates that are not EXACTLY what they want — I mean who really likes 100% of the platform or 100% of Mitt or 100% of McCain or 100% of Bush, etc.

      If someone wants to burn his RNC card then that is fine but otherwise, geez, be a good soldier. Endorse.

      So in 2020 Cruz will gladly take my vote and $$$ even though at this moment he has said by his actions that I am an idiot for supporting the party candidate. He is more noble than me….and in his mind more important than me and my belief that we need to elect Trump (or not Hillary). He is so smart and wonderful that he is cool with four years of Hillary if it gets him a term or two as president. Worry about people like that. Worry about Mr. Cruz.

      Alphabetically “America comes before Cruz” in his mind, Cruz comes first.

      He jumped the shark for me. I liked him. It hurts to do it. but…. Good bye Mr. Cruz.

  6. One other thing. For a guy who railed against “the Washington cartel” as much as Cruz did, he seemed much more concerned about saving his own career, than about the interests of party or country.

    He’s acting like too many of the dishonest political lifers that he claimed he was running to oppose.

  7. Cruz spoke this morning and doubled down on his unwillingness to vote for Trump, saying any man who maligns his wife and family doesn’t deserve his vote. But hey there Ted, who was it who distributed naked photos of Melania?

    Ted is entitled to his view. He hates Trump but to be so smug, self-absorbed and high and mighty and say “vote your conscience” in prime time on the RNC stage, beyond the pale. I hope any political aspirations he had are dashed.

    • Crazily enough, that speech by Cruz may turn out to be the one that seals the election for Trump.

      If Cruz had said, “Trump won, and even though I think he’s a jerk, I’ll support him for the good of the country,” his cultists would have deemed him a sellout, and stuck with the holdout.

      As is, they saw a Washington cartel alien bursting from the chest of their beloved little-guy crusader, and that may just get enough of them to break for Trump and tell Hillary, “Get away from the White House, you…”

      • My head is swimming in theories and I honestly don’t know which of the many being floated is right. I suspect we’ll never know. One tweet I saw last night that rung true tho was Cruz did stand to his core principles by not endorsing Trump whereas Bernie caved and endorsed the far more evil Hillary.

        • Yes. Bernie and Warren are sell-outs. I’m pleased we have free thinkers on our side of the isle, and standup to what they believe.

  8. Cruz is miffed because Trump made naughty comments about him, and others in his family. He’s trying to paint himself as above the fray. Baloney.

    Here’s Cruz, earlier this year:

    “I understand people who are supporting Donald Trump. “They look at him, he is a loud, angry, profane and cursing voice, and that feels like a vessel for that anger. But at the end of the day if you’re frustrated with corruption with Washington, the answer is not to support someone like Donald Trump, who has been enmeshed in that corruption for 40 years.”

    “While Ted Cruz suggested on Friday night that Donald Trump’s campaign “affirmatively encourages violence,” he said on Saturday that he would still support Trump if the New Yorker wins the GOP nomination.”

    “In any campaign, responsibility starts at the top,” he (Cruz) said. “Any candidate is responsible for the culture of the campaign, and when you have a campaign that disrespects the voters, when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discourse.”

    And of course, this:
    “My answer is the same,” Cruz told reporters here at a suburban St. Louis high school. “I committed at the outset, I will support the Republican nominee, whoever it is.”

    So Cruz says Trump is nasty, loud, profane, corrupt, encouraging violence. And that he will support the Republican nominee, even it’s it Trump.

    Glad we discovered Cruz is a insult hurler, a person who’s word isn’t worth a bucket of spit and a whiner before he might have won the nomination. I wouldn’t trust Cruz to walk my dog around the block.

  9. I never understood why Cruz accepted the invitation to speak if he wasn’t going to endorse Trump.

    Instead of staying away, he stepped in it.

  10. After listening to Ted today (yes, on TV, Mr. Lehman…the only source I have to literally watch him and listen to him currently) these are my observations. Note that I have never been a Cruz supporter. I am a Trump supporter because he was chosen by popular vote and I do not want HRC in the Whitehouse – even as a guest.
    1. Cruz is a sap and Trump is a great manipulator
    2. Cruz is a genius but was still out smarted by Trump
    3. Cruz’s blind ambition led him off the cliff because Trump didn’t stop him – on purpose.
    Right now, Cruz has become a conundrum. We can definitely state Cruz is not a man of his word. We have the video to prove that. Cruz knows the video proves it. So why is he calling attention to himself? Is it an act of desperation? Is he standing on “principle” or is he just a sore loser who is making one last disparate attempt to not be the first loser?
    As for the hard feelings held by Cruz because Trump said insulting things about his wife and his father…
    – I don’t remember what Trump said about the wife. I know she works for Goldman Sachs. That was a deep concern for me from the beginning. And now I wonder if GS is steering him to make an ass of himself in the hope of ensuring HRC’s election.
    – The Father is hard core evangelical Christian. I am Christian but some of the beliefs of that particular group are … Questionable to me. I saw (yes, on line) photographs of a man who highly resembles the father as a young man with Lee Harvey Oswald. Was it the father? Only the father knows.
    And what about the hooker allegations and Ted? Is this a case of where there is smoke there is fire?
    You know what I happy about? All the snakes in the grass within the republican elite are outed. We’ve seen the true men. If nothing else, I would vote for Trump because he didn’t let these spoiled, arrogant SOBs get him down.
    Keith, thank you for letting all of us have our say – about everything, all the time.

    • Even with all that, Cruz could have taken the high road, explained (again) his conservative views, spoken about liberty, etc., and ended his speech by endorsing Trump, as he said he would endorse the Republican candidate. He would have made himself look grand, classy, above revengeful personal politics, and ready for prime time in 2020.

      Instead, he chose to blow up his political career, at least for a long time. Last I heard him talk today, Cruz was still defending himself, blaming others for “misinterpretation” (which is a constant theme with him), claiming he had “high principles” and obviously completely clueless of how he looked to the rest of us. There’s “book smart”, which Cruz likely is. And then there’s “people smart”, which Cruz definitely isn’t.

      • If Cruz had principles, he wouldn’t have to tell us. We would already know by his actions.
        As the old timers used to say, “There’s book learnin and there’s common sense. That boy ain’t got no common sense.”

        • Exactly. Actions speak louder than words, and are far more revealing and convincing than mere words. There’s an old saying attributed to St. Francis speaking to his followers. “Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words only if necessary”. There’s some debate as to whether he actually said that, but the sentiment is important.

  11. I was for Ted Cruz, “a long while ago”….Thank God, I had the opportunity to see him at the RNC convention as he really is! His own greed for the POTUS-ship, overshadowed what I thought to be “principals”. He cleverly used his “opportunity” to address HIS agitators with “vote your conscience” ,even a Hillary Clinton, while showing his to be ALL FOR TED!!It was graceless.”I am tempted to call for Nanny and have you put to bed without your supper”.

    • I also thought Newt was pretty terrific in trying to smooth things over and get things back on track. Oops…on Hannity Newt just now says Trump asked him to do that.

  12. Vote your conscience. If you are planning on voting for Trump, than that is a Trump endorsement.

    If you’re voting for Trump to beat Hillary, is that voting for your conscience? One can argue vote for the lesser of two evils is a conscience vote. That would be a Trump endorsement.

    Who really care who endorses who?
    I liked Carson. His endorsement of Trump didn’t make me want to vote for him.

    It comes down to what you want. Your conscience.

    I’m still on the fence to vote either Trump or Johnson.

    • Yep, it is my conscience to vote for Trump to defeat Hillary. And I make a practice of paying close attention to my conscience.
      I endorse Trump because he is not a political insider and I hope and pray he can beat HRC. Resoundingly.
      Johnson is pro dope smoking. I believe Marijuana is a gateway drug so he would never get my vote. And a vote for him IS a vote for HRC.
      The goal? Defeat HRC.

      • I don’t want the legalization of marijuana, but come that to how Trump praised Planned Parenthood is more concerning.

        Most parts in his and Ivanka speeches last night sounded more authoritarian than conservative. Which also is troublesome.

  13. On 29 March, Trump said he would abandon that pledge. Furthermore, he said that Cruz “doesn’t need to support me, I have tremendous support right now from the people. I don’t really want him to do something he’s not comfortable with…” So there was no pledge. Move on, but don’t keep repeating the same lie about a conservative who stands for what he believes in.