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Video || Christie Indicts Hillary Clinton

Because someone has to.

Here’s the attack dog Trump could have had on his ticket.

Gov. Chris Christie last night gave an effective denunciation of Hillary Clinton. One of his best lines, I thought, was this:

We cannot promote someone to commander-in-chief who has made the world a more violent and dangerous place with every bad judgment she’s made.

It addresses a legitimate concern people have about Trump — that it’s dangerous to put someone who seems erratic, unpredictable, uninformed, and vengeful in the Oval Office. Christie is telling you to look at the world and how dangerous it has become. Are you really safer from war and destruction with Hillary Clinton in charge?

10 Responses to Video || Christie Indicts Hillary Clinton

  1. The Guv was certainly sparking last night, but MrTrump doesn’t need an attack dog for VP. GovPence is a perfect match for VP with MrTrump.
    MrChristie has too much baggage, too many East Coast problems and isn’t all that beloved out here in fly-over country. We remember the notorious hug he gave to MrObama in return for some federal funds for his state – suck up phony Repub was the message.
    He is, after all, a Repub establishment figure who just happened to win in a Dem state. An East Coast accomplishment, to be sure, but it doesn’t carry nationwide

  2. Flipping through the different coverage and msnbc talking heads were saying Christie wasn’t qualified to judge with all of his problems. Who but themselves made them jury for every person that speaks? Then they all patted each other on the back for their insight.

  3. I thought it was interesting this morning to learn that Trump’s theme, Make America Great Again, was a line that Christie used four years ago.

    At any rate, Christie is a ‘skilled’ attack dog, as opposed to Trump’s monotonous one-liners. Christie laid out Hillary’s crimes in a brilliant manner, listing them one by one, country by country. And of course, the ‘jury’ found her ‘guilty’.

    Christie belongs in the AG spot, not stuffed away in Blair House. And besides, Trump will never allow himself to be upstaged by the #2 choice.

    With his re-election approval numbers below 50% in Indiana, Pence will be more than happy to fulfill his ‘Yes, Sir!’ duties faithfully. At least he will have a job if all goes well.

  4. I think Newt and Chris have agreed to be Trump’s attack dogs without the VP post. It’s my guess this was a deliberate decision among the people Trump spoke with about being VP.

  5. OT but within the range of Trump supporters. i just heard a recent speech by Milo, after being banned from Twitter.

    For me, he made a great point to the gays. He pointed out that they had enabled the Left,– entertainment, design, academia and politicians — by supporting it. And that what they had given (gay support) could be taken back. I like that he admitted the group responsibility for their or its role, and now encouraged them to take their power and their freedoms back.

    BTW, Swedish lady, apparently Milo will be speaking in Sweden soon. That should be interesting.

    • I think it would be a great idea for Trump to name certain strategic positions now, right now, during the convention!
      Christie would prosecute Hillary to the fullest extent of the law. Comney did indict, Christie would prosecute. Orange jumpsuit for Hillary.