As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

23 Responses to Live Stream || Republican National Convention – Wednesday, July 20, 2016

    • Good.
      I tried watching on PBS News Hour, and they suck!
      They gave Laura Ingram about 3 minutes then cut to the media mopes to yak-yak.
      Last two speakers not even shown.
      Just mindless yada-yada from the political analyst.
      Waste of time.

  1. Listening to the convention speakers on C-Span radio. Great speakers, all stem winders. In tomorrow’s news coverage of the event, we’ll see the MSM attempt to mock all the speakers, destroy their character, and refuse to address the issues. That’s how they see their job. That’s why 94 percent of the American people don’t trust the press.

    • 1. I believe he has had a breakdown of sorts. 2. Seems to think he still has a chance. Will he announce as a third party candidate? I hope not.
      3. He was roundly booed, wasn’t he?
      4. What the heck is wrong with the electricity in the arena?

      • Aileen Just caught the tail end. Didn’t like what I saw — even that weird lack of energy thing. I will watch the whole thing, but it was offsetting. And I liked Cruz — at one time my slate was Walker (Ryan buddy), Cruz, and now Trump. So I am not looking to criticize him.

  2. Good job Gingrich. Like what he said about police having same rights to safety as POTUS or something like that.

    Fingers crossed that Pence does a bang up job. Not Mr. Personality but heck everyone is looking for “gravitas” and experience. He brings it.

  3. The thought occurs: Trump knew what Cruz would say and that he would not endorse Trump (as everybody knew for weeks). He let him speak anyway. Was Trump thinking, “I will let Cruz hang himself with the rope he is about to put around his own neck.”? Cruz must have known that, not endorsing Trump with that crowd, at this convention and as an approved platform speaker would go over like poop in the punch bowl. Cruz gave the Conservative wing of the Party a bad name, at least for tonight. What was Cruz trying to accomplish? Did Cruz completely misjudge the situation? Did his bruised ego overrule his good judgement? If Trump knew that Cruz wouldn’t endorse him, why did he OK Cruz as a key speaker? To get him out of the way? To make sure everyone would see the bitter and petulant side of Cruz?

    Right now, I’m thinking Trump set a trap for Cruz and Cruz fell right into it. Kerplunk. Cruz, who fancies himself a clever and politically astute player, was taught a lesson he won’t soon forget–he’s not the only smart guy in the room. He may not even be the smartest guy in the room. The only thing people will remember about Cruz’s speech tonight is that he got booed off the stage at the 2016 Republican convention. That’s a shame, really. And it was his own fault.

    I still wouldn’t be surprised if Trump named him to the Supreme Court. That would be a good deal for the country, and Trump knows a good deal when he sees it. I don’t believe Trump holds a grudge for long and he taught Cruz a good life lesson: don’t wear your britches too high or stick your nose up in the air when you’re waking around. You might just bump into a wall.

    Just my ramblings late in the night.

    • Awesome as always Marcus. I walked outside for a breath of fresh air after a proud moment following Little Trump’s amazing speech while Ted was drooling.Glad I missed THE END.

      • It would have been another matter if Cruz had said something like, “Donald Trump has said things in this campaign I didn’t like, and words that hurt. But tonight is bigger than my hurt feelings. We are talking about the good of the Party and future of the country. We are at a crossroads, and the path you and I must take is to vote for Donald J. Trump, and I hereby fully endorse him in this election!”

        Something like that would have been the big thing to do and would help Cruz politically in the future. Having a sore loser reputation sticks to your bones for a very long time.

    • Spot on, Marcus! Trump knew about the non-endorsement two days prior to the event – Cruz told him. They also received a copy of the speech two days before the event.
      Plenty of time to plan the ‘coup’.

      The stagecraft actually began earlier in the day when the Trump private plane AND the Trump helicopter did a flyover while Cruz was holding a rally for supporters. (See link below)
      The timing was impeccable – Cruz was speaking about Trump exactly at the time of the flyover. Cruz looked up into the sky and began to laugh. His supporters booed the Trump aircraft.

      It was reported last night that Team Trump had contacted the NY delegation to alert them of the ‘plot’ to undo Ted that evening. Everything was flawlessly choreographed from beginning to end.

      This will undoubtedly go down in history as the greatest piece of stagecraft ever presented by any Presidential nominee. Only Trump could pull off such a tour de force… and still maintain a straight face. He is quite an actor.

      Poor Ted! Foiled again!

      • Agree completely on the brilliant stagecraft. Trump and company let Cruz eat the cake he himself cooked, and they did it in a way a good movie director stays out of the camera’s view and lets the actors have their way. It’ll be interesting to see how Cruz fares in future Texas senatorial elections.

        • My very conservative daughter lives in TX. She tells me Cruz is vilified in the state. He can only pray for a big appointment because he probably will not be elected as dog catcher now.

          • Interesting. I wondered how he was perceived by the very people who had put him in office. He’s not created a very convincing case for his re-election, has he?