As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Republican National Convention – July 19, 2016

Among those speaking this evening are House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Ben Carson, and two of Donald Trump’s kids, Tiffany Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

13 Responses to Live Stream || Republican National Convention – July 19, 2016

  1. Now I remember why Ryan and Romney lost….tonight, Ryan and his empty words, words, words. Shut up and sit down Paul. Enjoy sitting behind that wall around your back yard.

    • Now that Trump is the official Republican POTUS candidate, the next best thing would be for Paul Ryan to be defeated in his primary, and removed from the House and particularly the Speakership.

      It might be a slow and hard slog but we are making progress,

      • Yes, you three ladies, I agree. Paul Ryan is so sleazy.I really dislike him. There is something bad about him….. as if he is hiding something, like beating his wife or something.

      • I think Ryan is basically a nerd, an accountant, a numbers guy. Like many such people, (not all, obviously), he muddles through the people side of things, misses the subtleties of human interaction. He’s now in a position where he has to muster and motivate large numbers of stubborn and unctuous politicians in the House, and influence them to support and vote for whatever he’s pushing at the moment. He has to be spectacularly clear, articulate, motivational and powerful in his Speaker role, and otherwise use large amounts of subtle and not so subtle “people skills”, for lack of a better term at the moment. He has none of those skills.

        Remember at the Biden/Ryan debate in 2007 when the clumsy and buffoonish Biden openly mocked and derided Ryan, and Ryan basically sat there speechless, looking like a lost rabbit staring at Elmer Fudd? That was a sign.

        • I disagree. I think Paul Ryan thinks quite highly of himself. His outward character belies his inner thoughts.

          I can’t cite the specifics at the moment, but with a little research it is clear that Priebus, Walker and Ryan go back aways. They are all political. They tend to act as a pack. They rarely show their teeth to the sheep.

  2. Donald Jr. hit it out of the park. I would vote for him in a NY heartbeat!
    Christie was on fire!

    Whatever the outcome, Trump’s greatest achievements are his and Ivana’s three children.

    • I agree with you. And I am all in for Trump — for a variety of reasons.

      This is interesting though.Referencing Trump and his children, is usually a safe bet in supporting how well that was done and what a good guy he must be. But I came across this comment recently — from an anti Trump person — and I thought it was interesting. It does not detract or deny the respectful loving relationship they all seem to have. But it does shed a different light on their earlier years.

      • That was an interesting read. I don’t really recall all the “dirt” but I remember he divorced and then married Marla – who seemed a bit of a loveable goofball.
        I can speak to the children of divorce situation. We have three between us that never recovered from their parents divorces – even though they occurred prior to our relationship. It all depends on the ex spouse. In our case, vindictiveness and jealousy were employed with great passion. As a result we are estranged from the children (middle aged adults now) – sadly, their continuing choice, not ours.
        So, to me, Donald’s children are all the more remarkable. They surely seem to be well mannered and even tempered. They apparently are respectful to all their parents. As I have heard said, men occasionally think with the head that is not on their shoulders. Thankfully, they get old and learn the value of their brain.