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Clinton to Announce Vice President pick Friday

Clinton campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney said Tuesday that Hillary Clinton will announce her vice presidential selection Friday.

That means she will try to immediately steal the “bounce” Donald Trump hopes to get from the Republican convention, which ends Thursday night. Wise move.

And it means she has already chosen her running mate, though with all reporters focused on the GOP convention, it’s less likely to leak than Trump’s did, so she’ll probably have the rollout she wants. Unlike Trump.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer broke the news, though there was already talk that Friday was the day.

Wolf is a good journalist, and he gives in the above video a little lesson in a journalistic technique that anyone can use in their own lives.

Note how he asks the question: “I take it it will be announced . . . this coming Friday,” Wolf “asks.”

“I expect that’s about right,” Finney answers, almost sheepishly.

The key here is to put someone on the spot a bit by offiering a specific alternative instead of asking an open ended question. If you simply ask “When will you announce your vice presidential pick?”, it’s much easier to say, “Well, we’ll let you know.” But if you say a specific day, you’re faced with confirming or denying something, which isn’t as easy. Your subject will feel more obligated to offer a specific response — at least something like, “No, not Friday, probably next week,” were it not actually Friday.

So, don’t ask your spouse, “Are you having an affair?” You’ll get, “Of course not, sweetheart.” Ask, “Are you having an affair with Jennifer??” The reaction will be a little different, especially if it’s Jennifer. Or maybe he’ll say, “No, it’s Emily.”

9 thoughts on “Clinton to Announce Vice President pick Friday”

  1. Oh c’mon Keith, you are giving Wolf way too much credit. Here’s how REALLY it played out.

    Finney called CNN and asked to be on the show. She says to Wolf, here’s the deal, Hillary is going to announce her VP selection Friday. Please be coy with me on how you drag it out of me so I can look like I didn’t intend to tell this to the three people who still watch CNN.

    See how easy that was?!

  2. Okay, conspiracy theory here I come. Obama just announced he’s not taking any legal action against Juan Castro, despite the FACT he violated the law. So that means Hillary has chosen Castro. No way Obama would make the comment otherwise.

    Lawless and Lawlesser?

    1. Yep. I call him one of the LaRaza boys. I read about the pass he got yesterday and agree that he will be the pick.

      He is a full out socialist — borderline communist. One can only hope that with the BLM, the sheer craziness now of the Leftist Democrat Party and Hillbilly’s all in 100% pandering plus her statements regarding filling the country with Muslims (infiltrated with terrorists) and across the border hispanic illegals will just be way over the top and too much for the average American.

      We have our crazies for sure, but the Dems and leftist cup runneth over with them. And it’s possible they will not be controllable. Sometimes mobs break out.

      But who knows these days.

  3. Don’t care about the politics/environment/place of the announcement.

    For me, Fauxcohauntus would be good — that is so beatable. Just send out the smoke signals.

    But the LaRaza boy at HUD — he a long with the hag — could seriously damage this country.

    The more I hear Hillbilly speak/pander/lie the more unbalanced, desperate, dangerous and evil I think she is.

    As for LaRaza boy — it will be the scene from Dr. Zhivago where he comes home and the commissar informs him he now has a room and the rest of the house has been given to the people.

  4. In a way, VP choice doesn’t matter. I checked the mirror, my tin hat is tilted Just So … what if … toward the end of Sept. Hillary is indisposed to the point where she is unable to continue campaigning – nothing malignant! but perhaps physically exhausted.

    At that point, Biden gallantly steps in. With Obama as his VP choice. Like that one, huh?

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