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  1. Fill the tank, rev the engine, here comes the RNC convention. In past years the opening night was somewhat a humdrum affair, but something tells me every night is going to be must watch TV.

    But Scott Baio? Chachie? Really?


    • All Morning Joe could talk about this morning is how many of the top Republicans would not be there and Trump could only get family and 2nd rate actors.
      As far as I’m concerned, no Jeb Bush, Kasich, McCain et al is just fine with me. They’re the ones who squandered the 2010 and 2014 victories the base gave them.

      • Political snobbery, that’s all the elites live by.
        Jeb!, the many Governors, the Senators and Congressmen who think the public will be sorely disappointed that they won’t get to admire their “service” and thrill to their platitudes and lies find themselves outside the Trump tent and ignored by the voters.

        Having his children and wife speak at the convention is a brilliant move, and one that no other candidate was ever able to do. As patriarch of a family of intelligent, successful, and articulate children, he makes the Clinton family look old, privileged, and not that bright.

        As for the other speakers scheduled to address the convention, they are not the same old voices spouting the same old hopeful lies.
        The Trump convention will be as un-conventionable as he is.

      • The characters that don’t show up don’t understand “service”, and are exposing themselves for the self-serving phonies that they are. I think Jeb Bush sickens me the most.

  2. Keith,

    Get on it, where was Obama during the Turkish Coup and the shootings in baton Rouge. I mean where precisely was he and what was he doing? Was he trying to mend the issues or reaching out or whatever he repeatedly says needs done. Or was he working on his short iron game? Wake up Keith call him out ask his press guy where he was and if he was playing golf why is it acceptable for him to not be lending every second he has remaining to fixing a problem we all know he has created. Black on black violence is the issue not the occasional officer related shooting of a black person. Get on it.

    • THIS “WH press corps”?! asking the Obama regime after 7 years of being weak-willed, ignorant sycophants who allowed ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ to get away with so, so much against the USA…
      NO F#%ing Way!!! they will start doing their jobs as ‘journalists’ now.

  3. The best part of the Republican convention will be watching and listening to the anti-Trump fanatics on both sides of the political aisle. Oh my, my. They will be stroking their gray whiskers, spinning their bow ties, desperately pulling at their expensive stringed pearls, displaying their best “I am so disgusted” faces– all to inform us of their revulsion with Trump, how he looks, what he says, how he combs his hair, how silly his family looks, the preposterous speakers chosen for the event.

    The George Wills and Glenn Becks et all will be rolling their eyes, rending their garments like Pontius Pilate, moaning like hungry cows locked out of the barn, creating and testing their very, very best serious and gloomy facial expressions–you know, the type face preachers use to announce the upcoming End of Times. There will be contests to decide who can look the most concerned on television, and win First Prize for creating the most insulting comments. No doubt there will be soft funeral music playing in the background–perhaps Gabriel Faure’s – “In Paradisum” from his Requiem–as television “news” reporters and commentators inform us that Trump plans to hasten and bring about the end of the Republic.

    Ah, yes, this will be fun to watch. Store up on your popcorn.

        • I’m concerned that the paid protesters will be not so peaceful. Then msm, in their usual stupidity will blame Trump, not Soros or hilz.
          I don’t want to see any more cops slain in the name of BLM/0bama….since they get good exposure outside the RNC.

  4. Marcus…..I LOVE reading anything you write on any subject. It always has the truth with a little bit of comedy included. Keep it up.

    • Thanks! You have to admit that the characters on the political stage and the media certainly lend themselves to being easily and constantly mocked and ridiculed. So that makes the job much easier. ;+}

      • That reminds me of the day Giffords was shot. All local news belchers donned a somber black jacket to express their shock & sadness. This, on every local station.

        • Yea, the objectivity of the press was always a myth perpetuated by, well, the press. They don’t even bother to hide their biases any more. Everybody, by now, knows they cheer lead for one side or the other. Maybe that’s why there’s only a six percent confidence rate in the media. 94 percent of the public have low or no trust in the media. You know, if you were selling a service or a product that customers rated that low, you’d pull your people together and say, “We’ve got to fix this. We are in real trouble.” But the press just keeps digging the hole they are in deeper.

  5. And just to start off the week, here’s Obama being Obama again, leading the never ending attack on the police, just as those most recently murdered police officers are being honored at their funerals. From Drudge:

    “Obama: Police Can ‘Make the Job of Being a Cop a Lot Safer’ by Admitting Their Failures:

    Just when you think Obama couldn’t possibly get more repulsive, he comes up with this.

  6. Obama probably wishes he could do what Erdogan did, stage an uprising and get rid of offensive people. Yes, I do believe that Erdogan did so, I discussed it with my Kurdish green grocer today and he, and his friends and relatives still living in Iraq and Turkey, believe so too.
    Erdogan talk about the “uprising” as a gift of God, now he can do what he always desired to do, he wants Absolute Power.His thugs have already rounded up 6000 people from the judiciary and military .
    Just now flashed news from Istanbul, a mayor, Cemil Candas, belonging to the opposition, CHP, was shot by some men entering his office. Candas is in a critical condition. No one arrested. This is “law and order” in Turkey today. Well, will the US oust this raging, brutal lunatic and his country from NATO now ?

  7. How will we survive this week without the wisdom of Jeb Bush, George Will, Beck, or any elected official that has done nothing to stop the scourge of Obama? Can’t wait for the MSM to come out with racist women hating rhetoric.

    • I’ll be glued to watching the RNC all day.
      I refuse to watch broadcast tv on this event.
      The media constantly beats on Trump, so I can’t expect any truly fair analysis.
      Me, I like the live streaming at
      No talking heads, just the event, then I can make up my own mind.
      Let the games begin.

  8. To Aileen,….
    I think I found the aircraft type that was in the video I posted.
    Texas had a STOL competition, and these look like the one following the river in the other video.

    For those that don’t know what STOL is,
    Short takeoff and landing.

        • Tail Dragger, :)
          That little wheel in the back is hooked directly to the rudder.

          Nose of the plane is blocking your forward view.

          • Have to land those by looking out the side window.
            Ever seen a crop duster in person? They are tail draggers with the most enormous engines…

          • Since this is open thread, I’ll tell you of an experience: when I was just learning to land, one day I came in totally focused on making the perfect landing.
            I was about 100 feet above the runway when the instructor said, “My plane.” I let him take control and we began to climb…rapidly.
            That’s when I saw the crop duster landing from the opposite direction. Crop dusters generally come in “hot” to refuel and head back out ASAP. Wind direction is not really an issue for them – they land on the end closest to them. They don’t announce either.
            So…I was so focused on my end of the runway – and landing on the “correct” end based on wind direction, it never occurred to me to look down to the other end.
            As we climbed out, my instructor said, “Did you see that guy?” I said, “No.” He said, “Well, shake it off.”
            Really it didn’t scare me…all happened too quickly. But I managed to scare myself plenty of other times.

          • My instructor would always tell me to look out the side window when landing.
            You have to know when the ground is coming up to meet you.

            And always, one hand on the throttle.

  9. Well, this is interesting.

    “Roger Ailes to be removed by Murdoch as Fox News CEO”

    From the story:

    “An investigation by New York law firm Paul, Weiss into Ms. Carlson’s allegations against Mr. Ailes has expanded into “a wide-ranging inquiry into his controversial management style,” the report said.

    “The law firm is now conducting interviews with current and former female Fox News staffers in their midtown offices “because of concerns that the Fox offices are bugged.”


      • Mistake to remove Ailes.

        Murdoch has turned operation to two liberal sons if I recall correctly. Also Murdoch recent married Jerry Hall — I don’t see a whole lot of good coming from this move.

        And all for what? Gretchen Carlson? After all these years and right after her contract renewed.

        I am a woman. But I am sick of this BS. Which is exactly the same kind of “ohhhh, wimmens!” thinking that might get HRC into the WH.

        • Yea, there’s probably more to this than the Carlson allegations, though that didn’t help and gave the Murdochs cover. Something else is going on here. Was Ailes given an alternative? Was he, at 76 years old, just tired of the game? Had the Murdoch/Ailes factions been fighting each other for content and host control? We may never really know, but to frame his departure as related to the Carlson situation suggests the Murdochs, having fed the press the headline, so to speak, have the upper hand at the moment. Ailes is a warrior, though. This won’t end soon.

        • As a woman, I get sorely aggravated by women who cry sexual harassment. I worked “in the public” and in private industry for years. I’ve heard every line imaginable. If you have any self esteem you shut it down immediately with one simple sentence. “Tell me about your wife.” These women who wait until they don’t get the promotion they want or whatever and then accuse? Come on. If you are harassed don’t wait and see how it turns out. Gretchen, you disappoint me. And I have no doubt Ailes is a dirty old man.

          • Yes, it’s no secret that Ailes is a dirty old man. But to the best of my knowledge he is no Bill Cosby or Bill Clinton. And Carlson not some dew eyed young thing. As for the other stuff — who knows? But I am tired of all the whining that hap
            pens when these people experience reality and turn themselves into “innocent” victims.

            Grow up.

  10. I heard there was a rules/delegate bust up kind of thing this afternoon. Missed it. Would someone be so kind as to provide a summary of salient points.

    What I have read is difficult to understand and sounds like a playground of spoiled brats.

    Surely that cannot be the GOP. :)

    • It’s a little hard to explain but if you switch over to Cspan they keep replaying it…..Mike Lee got mad, Kucinich threw his badge on the floor and walked out and there was a whole lot of screaming, yelling and booing going on while at the same time there was a whole lot of Trump! Trump! Trump! going on to drown out the NeverTrump people.

      • Thanks Carol and AF Vet for taking the time. I haven’t had much that today.

        I did a little looking around also. I thought they had resolved this. It is unfortunate that they chose to do this so publicly. It was childish and just provides ammo to the HRC crowd. Especially
        stupid because had they succeeded, I am pretty sure they would/coalesce around another candidate. So, what was the point.

        Mike Lee has been a real disappointment lately. CO and Maine no big surprise.

        The Party of Stupid rides again.

        Anyway, thanks.

  11. FOX NEWS

    “Murdoch loves Hillary to death, and is in the tank for her.”

    And for me, Shep. He needs to publicly apologize to Jindahl for his disrespect over All Lives Matter (Shep objects) and a sorry comment on the Marines and the BA Shooter — Once a Marine, Always a Marine.

    If Shep remains and is the future of Fox then it will become just another voice for Obama/Clinton/Democrats.

    They are barely hanging on to the conservative label as is.

  12. What I heard was a lot of great, open speeches by strong conservative American Republicans. We have talent — Sheriff Clarke, Sessions, Cotton, the mother of a fallen hero, Guiliani to name just a few.

    • Lots of great speeches. God Bless Melania’s heart. That had to be terrifying.
      Now…the delegates need to get up off their asses and show some enthusiasm.