As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

61 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || July 16, 2016

  1. 1. Where’s Bill?
    2. Chilis wouldn’t have been my first choice either.
    But maybe the Pences live within their means. I read that their net worth is 400k.
    3. Also heard a Dem talking head assert that Pence used his campaign funds to mortgage his house…don’t know the details of that one.
    4. Good morning everyone!

    • My dad had his pilot’s license for a Cesna 150. The IBM Flying Club bought one to share, we flew from Van Nuys north up the California coast & south to Palm Springs. It was a blast, I was 10-12 during that time. Eventually the upkeep was too much & they sold the plane. But my dad and I had great times flying all over.

      • True that.
        Hanger fees and tie downs are expensive.
        It is an expensive hobby.
        If used for business and you can get a write-off, not bad.
        Annual inspections and engine overhaul can get into the dollars.
        I looked into owning a small plane but just couldn’t afford it.

        Still, it was a great experience for me.
        I will never forget it.

  2. I am not a fan of Paul Ryan. Nor is Breitbart. The link is to an article discussing his problems with upcoming election in WI.

    I was a Paul Ryan fan. But he is really an estasblishment squish He is also arrogant. He puts on a humble act. All that aside, it is when he topples into the lap of the left. I

    In theory it is a good idea to compromise. The Left will not compromise. But Ryan goes hat in hand to Pelosi, and in this article to Gutierrez, and then totally abandons the conservative position. If he continues as SOH we will have all kinds of legislation supporting Hillary Clinton and amnesty will happen almost overnight.

  3. SWL Re. Turkey From earlier thread. Be advised that I am now wearing my tin foil hat — me being all dressed up in my Sunday best and all.

    Seriously, it would not be difficult to believe that Erdogan was somehow involved in this “coup”. That is was by design to smoke out the opposition and deal with them. And from all appearances, punishment will be extremely harsh and very uncivilized.

    That said, the tin foil hat comes from consideration that Obama and his minions might have been involved in some “support”, covert fashion. I am willing to entertain this.

    But given that the American people no longer get any truthful information (think IRS and conservatives, Clinton emails, Benghazi, anything related to black crime, etc) it is unlikely that the veil will be pierced, if it exists.

    Obama is on record for saying that globalism will defeat terrorism. Yeah, how’ that working out.

    Anyway,not convinced that we didn’t know nufin’ folks…What we do know is Erdogan is one cruel SOB and for now he is in NATO so he is our SOB to an extent.

    • It’s too coincidental that this ‘coup’ occurred just before the military high council meets, as it does every year at the beginning of August, to consider who gets promoted, retired or pushed aside.

      Erdogan just cleaned house!

      • I agree. But if Obama had a hand in it, even his invisible hand, it will be hard to prove that this was a Erdogan house cleaning.

    • No tinfoil hat there, Grace. Anything is possible. Very likely that Erdogan is involved. Enormous purges right now in Turkey, seems like Erdogan and his thugs had lists ready with whom to deal. Obama/CIA involved ? Well, like you say, we will never know, but maybe Erdogan was getting out of hands, it is obvious to anyone how he tramples human rights and abuses democracy. It is possible to hide what is happening in Saudi but not what is happening in Turkey. There are many, many Turkish expats in Europe.
      Was it Roosevelt who said ” Well, he may be a crook but he is our crook” ?

  4. And meanwhile in Turkey there are many women of all ages wondering if their sons, fathers, grandfathers, nephews, etc are okay and are they coming home soon. Very sad.

    • Carol, To your point. In that Twitter feed, which is graphic, there are 1000s of young men…It will take years, if ever, to find out what happened to them or where they are.

      Any western government that supports Erdogan should be shamed.

  5. Where is teh won today following latest police murders in Baton Rouge? Golfing? I refuse to by the lame excuse that the job of POTUS is so stressful it requires R&R. He doesn’t know what real stress is….he should see battle on the front lines sometime. I have no respect for bho

    • The Fundamental Transformation of America is progressing as planned.

      He is giving high fives to his Muslim Brotherhood administration.

    • I am not on Twitter, but saw this linked to a comment on reputable blog. You should be able to access it. I went to check on situation in Baton Rouge which is also covered.

      i hesitate, but you are knowledgeable and mature people. You decide. It’s graphic but you are in control. It is not American and not MSM .

      Note — Obama is supporting the “democratically elected” Erdogan — who fled to Tehran, not a NATO country.

      Consider the inclusion of violence against the police in the US on this feed, Euro and Western support of Erdogan and increasing Muslim immigration. The idea that this could be us — the real globalism/multiculturalism that Obama is bringing is harder and harder to ignore.