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Video || Obama Statement on Baton Rouge Police Killings

The live stream of Obama’s remarks previously appeared here. This is the video of his comments.

30 thoughts on “Video || Obama Statement on Baton Rouge Police Killings”

  1. I’ve got three words for him, other than the regular ones I mumble or scream out.

    “Police acted stupidly” –
    B. H. ground zer0

    1. That quote, added to Obama’s continuous insinuation that police are racists, “act too quickly”, draw their weapons too easily, engage with too much force in the Black community, have all contributed mightily to this toxic climate. An eight-year campaign to denigrate community police forces, Obama’s peculiar tendency to make an excuse for the criminals and immediately blame the police, his support of BLM and their associates–we have all drawn the picture. Add it all up, and we have a declared war, pushed and energized by the White House, on the thin blue line dedicated to keeping us safe. As someone said below on this thread, Obama is moving fast with his speechifying on this one because more people are beginning to see that he’s set the tone, that he’s a willing catalyst in the anti-police atmosphere and, in the minds of those who are easily lead and suggestible, essentially spurred, the violence they commit. And I stand by that. No “how I feel” words from Obama, and no lecture, will assuage his role and responsibility in creating the social climate for these these crimes.

    2. Obama set the hateful tone from day one. Before the victims of Dallas were buried, he and his Dept of Just Us lent their further support for Black Lives Matter. These killings are on their heads.

  2. “We may not yet know the motives for this attack…”

    Of course, if it’s an officer-involved shooting of a black man, he always seems to know the motive…and doesn’t hesitate telling us so.

  3. Donald must win —- to stop the lawless Obama administration.

    We are far down the wrong road – not the hope and change those who voted for this swine thought they were getting.

    Blacks and Muslims trying to take our world and country.

    They must be stopped. BLM is racist as are the Muslims, that want Sharia law in this country.

    1. There is evidence that they are joining forces.

      I read a comment from a BLM in Atlanta sometime ago during one of their “socials”. The comment was something along the lines of “the Bloods and the Crips are united. I have never been so proud of my country”.

      Like seeks like.

  4. Don’t believe a word of it.

    And if it’s Sunday there must be the obligatory, knee jerk mention of the Lord. And finally I saw somewhere that he golfed yesterday and today. This used to be celebrated. Now it’ a national secret.

    One might be inclined to think that leftist, democrat supported police massacres coupled with Erdogan’s faux coup and the brutal aftermath plus the terrorist events in Nice, might just be getting a little too close for comfort for Barack. People might start connecting the dots.

    MSM Report for Duty

    1. I could be wrong, but reading those words, they sound entirely unlike Obama’s normal words, as if even his own speechwriter “phoned this one in”.

      As to his words condemning violence against police officers — does Obama think they also applied to Michael Brown?

      1. P.S. As noted elsewhere, Prince, Breast Cancer and Gay Rights deserved colored lights at the WH, but Obama’s refusing to beam up that “thin blue line”.

        1. The complete absence of any policy on even matters like “when to light the White House” show a disturbing *disorder* to the operation of this administration. The only things they prepare for are their own marketing campaigns. Everything else seems to depend on nothing more than personal whims of the moment.

    1. I still want to know why she gets Secret Service protection. And I wonder if he’ll use an executive order to give her that for life too.

  5. The Serpent in Chief speaks with forked tongue out of both sides of his pie hole. Inciting racist hatred on one hand, accusing cops of targeting black Americans, and then attempting to exploit these murders of our police in order to deprive the citizens of their second amendment rights and then has the absolute nerve to strut up to the podium and call for unity. Pure evil.

    Can we all just drop any more pretenses and refer to this pathetic excuse for a human being as the Islamist Radical Racist in Chief?

    By the way he looked hung over and slightly annoyed that his kick back Sunday was disturbed by this tragedy.

    He doesn’t really care about these police officers, remember he doesn’t care.

  6. It’s not over yet. Not even close. See this:

    “New Black Panther Party forms Baton Rouge chapter”

    We know Soros is funding BLM. Is he also pouring his money into the New Black Panthers? Barbara Stock raises that question in an intriguing article.

    “Who is funding and leading Black Lives Matter?”

    “This group (BLM) has been infiltrated and perhaps taken over by the Black Panthers, a radical Muslim group. It was the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam and a man named Malik Zulu Shabazz, the head of Black Lawyers for Justice, who organized the protests in Ferguson.

    Here’s a dated, but eye-popping and revealing, George Soros quote from the article:

    “In a 1995 interview with Charlie Rose on PBS, Soros admitted how he controls politics in the this country…or tries to. “I like to influence policy. I was not able to get to George Bush (GHWB). But now I think I have succeeded with my influence…I do now have great access in the (Clinton) administration. There is no question about this. We actually work together as a team.”

    Also from the article:

    “The Democratic National Committee voted to endorse Black Lives Matter.”

    How many clues do people need to see what’s going on behind the curtain?

      1. And to deepen the Nation of Islam connection noted in Stock’s article above, “It was the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam and a man named Malik Zulu Shabazz, the head of Black Lawyers for Justice, who organized the protests in Ferguson.”, there’s this….

        “Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene Long Was Nation Of Islam Member….. ”

        The doors protecting the secret hide-a-ways of these criminals are opening. Suppose the corporate media will notice who’s inside?

        1. Haven’t read it yet. Out. Came back and saw pix and headlines of shooter Nation of Islam boy, huh?

          Now what squirrel will the MSM and the Obama thugs be running up tomorrow?

          Nothing to see here — nothing to see. Lone wolf.

          1. My guess it goes something like this. Dunno; what happened to him to make him all crazy. Ever since he left the Marines he’s been “different”, saying crazy sh*t, like his mind is all f’ed up like with ptsd or sumthin’ like that.

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