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Open Thread || Saturday, July 16, 2016



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  1. I’ll start things off:
    1. The attempted Turkey Coup has me puzzled.
    Any thoughts on motives anyone?
    2. I’ve never felt so unsettled about a candidate’s safety (Trump).
    3. Why are there 11 flags behind the podium where Trump/Pence will speak today? Hubby just said. “Well, they’re late.”
    4. Wish someone would contact Star – I miss her and hope she is OK.

    • re: Star
      She fine, working on some new projects and commenting on other sites.
      re: the Turkey Coup
      My lo-info daughter thought I said something about ‘turkey soup’. Not apropos of anything, but telling nonetheless.
      re: the 11 flags
      Nice. 11 is a lucky number for gamblers.

    • About the Turkish coup. There is a lot of good writing out there I think.

      One thought was this was a faux coup — in the sense that it was allowed, if not instigated by Erdogan supporters, to flush out discontents and rebels in the army.

      As you guys know, the military can be frightening in countries like this but some see it as preferable because it is secular and overall better for the country and for the economy. Unless, of course, you are an enemy of the stateand then we can look to the horrific acts of similar regimes, like the Shah and Savak.

      I lean toward a secular state for Turkey and for the rest of the world. An Islamic Turkey will only aid the spread of terrorism. And it is not in the tradition of Ataturk. People’s opinion of Ataturk Kemal differ but here are some quotes that are interesting. Note looks like JFK was a big fan.

      And we know our little man is a big supporter of Erdogan. Remember his comments on Honduras?

  2. If ever there was a reason for the citizenry to be armed, it’s the many attacks of unarmed people by the Muslim murderers. They, the murderers, are armed, usually with some high end firearm capable of shooting multiple rounds.
    While a citizen with a sidearm might only have a few rounds against many, he just might deter or end the massacre.
    The events of the recent past have exposed the lie that the police will protect anyone from a dedicated murderer. The French police killed the lone Muslim murderer, but only after 85 innocent and unarmed citizens were killed at his hand.
    It’s time for the push to remove firearms from the general public to end.

  3. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but we live in dangerous times. Increasingly, here in the United States of America, the State is sanctioning violence. They ignore, placate, corrupt or otherwise condone and cover up participation of violence by the Left.

    And when we talk, most recently, of BLM the most connectivity we see is casually SOROS or the MSM. But it is so much more than that. It is part of a multi tentacled global organization. I have included two links that I came across. They make my head hurt. I archive this stuff because it is difficult to swallow. Even worse, it is difficult to acknowledge. It is truly frightening.

    The only saving grace is that the players at the top today in our country are bumbling, awkward hopelessly corrupt, addicted to money and power,and increasingly arrogant. They just might go too far and do themselves in.

    These two links are overwhelming. But they are good to archive and remember the next time we see the casual BLM/Soros/MSM answer or the next time we can’t believe what is happening.

    We all know this. Didn’t mean to rant ,,,, but spend some time with this and it makes you crazy. Years and years of planning.

    • Gracepc, My husband and I were talking a while back, and compared notes: most of the political “conspiracy theories” that we can remember hearing about from the 60s on have since proven to be true – or become more likely the more we learn. Remember the snearing and snickering over the “Birchers”? “If in the UN we stay, American sovereignty will be taken away”… These days I even come up with my own. :-(

      I first learned about the money spent to haul in protesters during the late 90s, when a co-worker took vacation time to go to an
      out-of-state parade, all expenses paid, underwritten by an interested party who wanted to swell the numbers. Then a few years later, I accidentally stumbled upon a Code Pink forum and wow did I get my eyes opened at all the different manipulations going on and the money that was involved and the extent of planning years out. So many of the leftist organizations are just the same dozen people using modern marketing to make “movements” happen (this technique is also mentioned in one of the article you linked). And finally, too, there’s a long-time trend at tech companies to loan out their employees for “volunteer work” for various causes, including activism.

      Wise leadership knows to listen to the quiet people. Unfortunately, wise leadership is very scarce these days, both in government and in the corporate boardrooms.

      • So true. Lack of leadership, and lack of commitment to the values that made this country great. I am not sure how many patriots are left. To be honest.

        The other concern is the intermingling and increase in international money and international groups — not just the usual cast of international financiers, etc. — but the composition of the hired thugs as well. Potential terrorists and a lot of illegals.

    • Grace, its like a civil war coming at us from BLM. I do hope Trump wins, at least then we can have some hope that there will be “law and order”. Obama has always encouraged black people to “fight everyday for freedom”! Those are Obama’s words he spoke very recently about a few days ago at one of his “lectures”. He actually said those words! We have never had such an anti-American president who is obviously a traitor to America. He, in his high school mentality mind, doesn’t hide the fact that America should be gone and replaced with globalization wherein anybody and everybody from any other part of the world can come and go into the U.S. any time they feel like it and that includes his Muslim terrorists. Obama is truly a sadistic SOB toward America. Our first black president and I hope its our last and that is not a racist statement. Obama created the environment, not whitey! He is a sick puppy making laws which he is not supposed to do himself, and breaking laws, punishing people that don’t agree with him, stealing our money to try to fix Israel’s election, fixing Hillary Clinton’s many criminal cases along with Bill Clinton, etc., etc. and conspiring with Hillary Clinton not to help our Ambassador in Benghazi, the list goes on and on and of course, CONGRESS DOES NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING, WHY??

  4. Anti Gun California new gun laws.

    1. Mandatory purchase of a permit to buy ammo, if the cal you want does not have a registered gun in that caliber you can not buy.
    2. “Bullet button” ar 15 style rifles – Banned
    3. 30 round mags is now a criminal offense to have one.

    They are disarming, haha, go to Az for all the ammo you want……

    Black market for Ammo and reloading suff coming to Calif. Starting Jan 1 2017.

    Calif leaders are morons……!!!!!!

    • Wait. You need a permit to buy ammo?
      ohhhh, I was going to write ‘why buy ammo for a gun you don’t own’ and then I saw “registered gun”..aha, they want everyone to register every gun.
      That will surely be followed to the letter of the law in Compton, right?

    • Even worse.
      Part of the experience in going to a shooting range is trying out someone else’s firearm, if invited to do so.
      Usually goes like this.”I’ve never seen that pistol/shotgun/ rifle up that close before.”
      Would you like to take a few shots, see what it’s like.
      “Sure, thanks”
      OOPS! In California, that’s now illegal, a felony I believe.
      At a shooting competition, and your gun malfunctions, and your teammate says “here, use mine to finish the event ’cause we’re winning”
      Nope, another felony.
      Ammunition. Ever since Illinois placed a tax on ammo, per round, from 1cent per, to as high as 5cent per depending on caliber.
      Indiana now does a booming business on Illinois’s lost customers.

  5. Just read my first Pence diss:
    “Time for a quick reality check. Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn’t kill.” Gov. Mike Pence, 2001
    Someone asked the Lib is that was all he had.
    My question, “Then, why doesn’t smoking marijuana kill?”

    • LOL Aileen! Good question! I wish they would end prohibition and regulate it all like liquor. Free up money from enforcement and prison for treatment.

      On that note… no one seems able to explain why the longest lived generation in history were/are also the heaviest smokers. I think there was a time when something like 75% of adults smoked tobacco – and we smoked everywhere except during church (and I think the Episcopalians even smoked in Sunday School), so everybody got their share of “secondhand smoke”.

      • Wouldn´t surprise me either. Because the Obama government needs Turkey for their shady foreign politics.
        But they will probably have to make it look “better” in the eyes of the world, after all, Gulen is 77 years old, a sick, frail man. So they will cook up something sinister….
        Well, Khomeini wasn´t exactly a teenager when he travelled from his exile in France to Iran and started the Islamic Revolution but the conditions were entirely different. How many know about Gulen ? What does he represent ? Could he really organize anything from Pennsylvania ?
        Well, I don´t know, but I know that I detest Erdogan . I have read so much about his purges, his harrassments of people, of the media, the corruption, the Islamisation, the ruthless war against the Kurds, His double-edged foreign politics, his blackmailing of Europe about the “refugees” etc etc
        I travelled in Turkey a couple of years ago, not in the touristy western parts but in the eastern hinterland , I heard and saw much of the ongoing Islamisation. And that was then, it is probably worse now. Turkey is a good example of mobilisation of the Muslims, if you can do that it is goodbye democracy as we know it. Then it is goodbye to the secular country that Ataturk planned for. Turkey is a divided country, there still are many secular Turks, I guess they worry today.

    • Agree. And Obama and Kerry will do the deed in the manner which is most embarrassing and insulting to the United States and its interests. ValJar is consulting her Ouija board right now to determine the proper time and place for the transfer, and how to blame Trump on the whole transaction.