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Trump-Pence Logo Swiftly Becomes Diss Bait

Well, the Trump-Pence logo is out. Have a look.

Trump-Pence logo

People are already dissing it. Does anyone ever approve of these logos?

Some are commenting that the T and the P seem to be engaged in some kind of coital position.


Or that the image looks vaguely Naziesque, like this logo for an SS panzer division.


Oh well. It was a no-win situation.

If they they get 270 electoral votes in a few months, they’ll just change it to this.


40 Responses to Trump-Pence Logo Swiftly Becomes Diss Bait

  1. And the not-to-subtle and literally priceless arrangement by Obama, campaigning with Hillary, to give her countless opportunities to display herself behind the Presidential Podium and Seal. Convincing people she’s already won: How much unrestricted campaign cash is that worth?

    • That was my first thought, Girly1. It’s the abbreviation I use on my shopping list. I went and posted that on Mr Trump’s Facebook page – he needs to get them to change it.

      And I didn’t say it on FB, but graphically, the logo even *looks* like a commode. Even if it didn’t, it looks like the “T” is being restricted by the “P”, which is especially not good in this election.

      They were in too much hurry. It is not good.

      Agree with everyone else about Hillary’s “This Way To The Hospital” logo. When it first came out I thought it was a joke. The fact that she has kept it is an indicator of how out of touch she is.

    • That’s my main problem with it. I saw “TP” and immediately thought that’s what I write on my shopping list when I need Charmin.

      I’d prefer a simple:


          • I’d rather know who limited the number (and rank) of people it was shown to for feedback before they chose it. Mr Trump would have shown everyone who came in, including the janitors and waitstaff, and would have asked them for an honest opinion. That’s what makes him different from the members of the “Trusted circle of advisors” that brainstormed the story line for Benghazi.

  2. TP? yes, bathroom jokes will happen.
    However, MrsClinton’s logo always reminded me of the road signs pointing to a nearby hospital.

  3. OT Possible Turkish Coup


    Guess Ben Rhodes had not developed meme yet.

    We are so unprepared for reality.

  4. “If they they get 270 electoral votes in a few months, they’ll just change it to this.”

    LOLOL! Good one Keith! I am so slow.. I missed it the first time around. Very clever!

  5. Off topic, but these days one cannot wake up without finding that something seriously happened in the world. Well it happened last evening but I was busy elsewhere and did not follow the news.
    I mean the attempted coup in Turkey. Well, it just reminded me of another July-coup, the one 1944 in Wolfschanze against Hitler. Afterwards followed a brutal purge and this is probably happening in Turkey right now. Erdogan is a ruthless dictator. He can now continue the Islamisation of the country.
    I notice that my cherry-trees are abundant with cherries this year. What to do ? I will be busy making cherry jam today. And then a pie. You look like a butcher when dealing with cherries, they are so full of juice.
    And finally, on topic, don´t like the Trump-Pence logo very much. Why a logo at all ?

    • We’ve got a great garden this year, too. Conditions are right for everything, it seems. We don’t have cherry trees, but we’ll have lots of grapes this year for the first time. I plants the grapes five years ago, and they grew strong vines all over the supports, the fence, a huge trellis I set up for them. But no grapes. Nothing. Just vines. Tried everything–better pruning, a bit of thinning, the right fertilizer. No results. No grapes. Well, the vines looked nice, at least. Then this year, BOOM. Bunches of grapes all over the place. I counted 71 bunches yesterday. We’ll be up to our eyebrows in grapes. Lesson to learn: plants grow at their own pace, in their own time, and will blossom and yield fruit when the time is right for them. Just like people. ;+}

      • We have finally “settled in one place.” So, this year the husband planted 4 tiny tomato plants in a raised bed. (An old farm boy but this was a first for him.) They are now six feet tall, staked like crazy and full of green tomatoes. He asked me yesterday, “Do you think those tomatoes will ever turn red?” haha I told him I didn’t know (haha) but, as an old southern’ gal there is always the option of fried green tomatoes.

        • Well, like any crop, it depends on what growth zone you live in, and growing the plants that will thrive in that zone (growth zones are based on average temperatures, length of growing season, etc.) Higher altitudes generally mean shorter growth seasons, earlier frost, etc. We live in a 5b Growth zone, so I make sure what I grow will do OK in a 5b Growth Zone.

          Here’s a handy dandy Growth Zone chart so you can tell conditions in your area.

          And here’s a nice write up on grapes, and what type will grow in what growth zone and how to take care of them.

          Your local Extension Service (associated with the Agriculture Department of your State University) can give you lots of advice and tips as well.

      • Everybody I know have great gardens this year. Roses, fruits…everything seem to be doing well. Did something special happen ? Did a space-ship arrive with some divine fertilizers ? I have never, ever had so much cherries. Apples and pears are coming fine too. Well, it is a great summer for gardeners. Something to be happy about.

        • Yep. The only plants that are struggling this year are cucumbers. They are doing just OK, and we’ve already had some to eat, but they aren’t doing quite as well as in previous years. Funny how that is.

  6. Still puzzling about that logo. Could actually be a Rorschach Inkblot Test for undecided voters. Looks a lot like a street map of my town, too. Or what my brain looks like when I try to figure out where I left my car keys.

  7. They should write out the full word Trump above the full word Pence in the blue field section and extend the bottom red line across the bottom. Problem solved.

  8. Like others, my first thought was, “toilet paper”. Combined with Mrs. Bill’s hospital sign, it all gives the clear message that either of these candidates will make us deathly ill and then flush us down the can. Perfect.

  9. I am reminded of the time Ford Motor Co. spent several dollars to name a new model. “Probe” Whats in a badge, name or logo? Some have iconic lasting use. Some become the definition for anything even similar.Others less descriptive but splashy become just that a splash.