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Live Stream || Obama Comments on Nice Attacks

Obama’s appearance has concluded.

40 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Comments on Nice Attacks

  1. “We need a national conversation about race. Oh, and Republicans are bought and paid for by the NRA. Get in their faces.” – King Putt

  2. Perhaps after he mealy-mouths some platitudes about the massacre in Nice, he can address the terrorists in Chicago who have killed and wounded many more there than the Muslim killers have done worldwide.
    If he was to do so, he needn’t worry about offending their religion, or even their racial background.
    The good and law-abiding people of Chicago would be grateful to anyone who can stop the killing streets of Chicago from being known as a national disgrace.

    • Except for the fact that he was.
      Are we to understand that he was a Catholic, or a Methodist, or a Lutheran?
      Maybe he was an enraged Amish guy.

      To my knowledge, there are no Amish guys named Mohammed.

    • To your point Girly1, Obama must think that we are total idiots.

      He thinks that whatever he says is rote and everybody should accept it.

      Not so Barry, we’ve had your number for years.

      The only fool we see is the one behind the podium.

      • That just circles back to his mental health issues with malignant narcissistic personality disorder.
        He’s always smartest & always right. Period!

        • He’s put himself into a corner and his ego won’t let him out.

          What is happening throughout the world is a result of his incompetence, and that includes Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

          If you expect him to apologize to the American People, your on a different planet.

  3. He’s still speaking and my blood pressure is rising.
    He is making another speech that includes the ‘freedom of religion’ and other crap.
    AfVet is right – he is the disgrace of our nation.

    • Watched him for literally ten seconds and he was going on about us remaining to true to our core values, as if we’re the ones at fault here.


      • Our core values are written in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

        He consistently paints the Constitution as some kind of grey area that can be manipulated.

        To me, it is black and white,…no grey.

  4. Agree with Newt. Once thing about Newt is that he is direct and plain-spoken, a skill we are in desperate need of after eight years of lying BS.