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Obama Schedule || Friday, July 15, 2016

10:00 am || Recieves the Presidential Daily Briefing
3:10 pm || Hosts a reception for the diplomatic corps; East Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm

27 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, July 15, 2016

  1. And Terror strikes again in Europe. Yesterday a big truck mowed down strolling people, celebrating Bastille Day in Nice. 85 dead ( up till now) hundreds injured. The driver , shot dead by police, was a “Tunisian born French man” ( to me, that says everything ).The truck was full of weapons. Horrible, horrible.
    I wonder about the political consequences. Politicians with nationalism, security, limited immigration on the agenda speak to our minds these days. So, the Brits will be even happier to leave the EU, more countries will look for an exit, Trump will win in the US, and Marine le Pen and politicians with similar agendas ( they are in many countries in Europe but MSM does not report much about them ) will form the new European politics, suitable for our era. And Merkel will finally leave. her legacy will be irreparable damage to Europe. All those people she allowed to invade her country will be able to go anywhere in Europe without control. Same goes for my own country with its utterly naive leadership. To all politicians, do not dare lecture us about the benefits of multi-culturalism today. And to Obama, no need to talk about more gun-control today.

  2. Evil. RIP.

    And , of all places,. the south of France in the summer.

    Obama continues to allow unvetted ME “refugees” and other unvetted illegals into our country at record pace. They scatter throughout the country untracked.

    And special to the US today, Day of Rage. Obama appears to have time on his schedule either to attend an “event” or two or to give a shout out of encouragement.

    Stay safe SWL. And continue to be vigilant and speak up in your country as well. As you know we get a lot of talk about rapes in Sweden in particular.

  3. I thought it revealing that Obama almost right after the terrorist event in France called in a “Terrorist attack” yet any time an event occurs like this in the US its an act of terror with a decent amount of act of hate also. Time to call it like it is, Obama has been president for 8 years, race relations are in tatters, terrorists have attacked the US on US soil, but all is well according to Obama. Black lives matter is only concerned about white police killing blacks and Obama etc peddle the notion that cops don their uniform each day with racists intent. Black community organsiers dont knwo hwo to fix or care nto to fix the issues within the black community and the President has allowed black people to sugffer under his stewardship. Imagine youd waited 60-70 years for a black president, is your life better now? What is the “data” on black on black killings as a percentage of the population versus all other racial groups? Yet Jesse Jackson et al still keep their jobs and can be seen eating steak in Chicago’s fanciest restaurants each week. If we’re being honest Obama has allowed this situation to fester and has fanned the flames of racial hatred to ensure he has a cause other than climate change post office. Either all black lives matter or they don’t, not just those shot by police.

    • Custom made suits, hand made Italian shoes, expense account, 1st class travel and accommodations.
      Who says race baiting doesn’t pay?

    • Obama and his coterie of low rent assistants and appointees are purposely asleep at the wheel, and routinely refuse to effectively and seriously address the important issues of our times–domestically and internationally. The result is blood on the streets, general mayhem, and a trail of tragedy around the world. And his behavior and lack of action is no accident.

  4. Dither defined: To be nervously irresolute in acting or doing. Look at this schedule. Why wouldn’t this President be meeting with his military advisers, his Secretary of State or Homeland Security. He is waiting for someone to prepare a speach for him to read from his teleprompter. He even fails the leadership standards by which a Community Organizer would be judged.

  5. During an interview with Newt, Hannity used the phrase,”radical islamic appeasement”.
    That clearly defines obamas policy on islamic terriorism both foreign and here in America.
    Expect to hear much more of that from Obama and Hillary in the next few days.

    • you are right most of the time we are able to get our deresid result without using mobile version of the theme. Now a days net speed is quite ok. it hardly make sense to me to use mobile version of any them.

    • Heard that today. Any attempt to unseat Trump from his earned role as the Republican candidate would have caused riots in the streets. Wiser heads prevailed in the Rules committee, it would appear.