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Trump Also Condemns Sterling and Castile Shootings. Huh?

Here’s what happens when Trump tries too hard to appease the critics.

“As bad as these two situations were — and I personally think they were bad, I hated watching it,” Trump said.

The proper response for a president or a presidential candidate to the shootings by police in Louisiana and Minnesota is that while this may be an outrage, we need to wait for the facts to come in. You are still innocent until proven guilty in this country, and before we destroy the police officers involved in these incidents, we need to know the facts.

Those are the types of politically incorrect values — you know, innocent until proven guilty — that Trump is supposed to uphold. Looks to me like he’s getting too much advice.

11 Responses to Trump Also Condemns Sterling and Castile Shootings. Huh?

  1. Of all the bad things that the Dems did yesterday – this is what Keith thinks is important?
    Keith picking on the Donald……we know you dont like him!

    Pick on Obummer – he knew Hildabeast was sending classified docs in the clear. He is guilty too!!!
    He did not stop her – He knew for 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Right now, today, the only comments that are important and meaningful are those of MrObama and his minions.
    MrTrump and MrsClinton are both making strange, weird, outrageous, ridiculous …take your pick…comments about everything. Promises that are just wishful thinking, decisions that will be null and void tomorrow, and most of it will be forgotten next week.

    • AFVet – Thank you so much for the links that you supplied – incredible analysis and truthful conclusions by Bill Whittle.

      Also, loved watching the reactions of the police officers. Not only did some not applaud (per your link), but at various times during the intolerably long speech by the President, one officer fell asleep and at least one was staring so intently at the President that I thought Barack Obama was going to burst into flame.