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Obama Schedule || Thursday, July 14, 2016

10:30 am || Recieves the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:55 pm || Participates in a town hall conversation hosted by ABC Studio Theater

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at noon

14 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, July 14, 2016”

  1. Hey Keith…”i before e, except after C”…as in

    RECEIVE…not recieve!! As always thanks for the peek behind the curtain at the WH

  2. For Friday. Anybody know if Obama, and Lynch are planning to participate in the Day of Rage planned non violent “protests”? Maybe Hillary will show up?

    BTW, did these people get permits? Or is that only a requirement for TeaParty events?

    Only one day left.

  3. There is an article on The Blaze called Alton Sterlings Teen Son Breaks Silence….
    Cameron Sterling is the 15 year old boy who is the son of Alton Sterling who was shot by the police in Baton Rouge a few days ago.

    In the second to last paragraph it says that Cameron Sterling is flying to DC Thursday (today) to meet with Obama.

    Also in the comment section after the article one of the commenters listed all of the times that this boys father has been arrested.

    This just after Obama made a big deal of meeting with the slain police officers families–now he is meeting with the son of a criminal at the White House.

    1. Meeting with a 15 year old? This is just as disturbing as when he “met” with Clock boy.

      Or is this just part of his plan to groom his future agitators, like ISIS does ?

    2. It’s strange there are so many omissions to Obama’s daily schedule, just as yesterday’s schedule didn’t show he was meeting with BLM’s DeRay McKesson, Al Sharpton and others.

      Sterling’s son asked people to protest in peace, not violence. I’m not sure the paid protestors will honor that wish though.

      1. Who and what ISN’T included on Obama’s daily schedule is one of the real keys to Obama’s agenda. He’s obviously terrified that people learn about all those meetings with corrupt fund raisers, the race riot instigator Al Sharpton, the extremely strange Google big shot crowd, (with whom he meets constantly, it would seem), corrupt lefty union bosses and how about this one?

        “Obama Administration Hid Secret Meetings With Iran From Israel”

        Or this one?
        “In Secret Meeting, Obama Meets with Muslim Leaders with Ties to Terror”

        Or this one?
        “Jon Stewart’s secret White House visits”

        You could fill pages and pages with a listing of Obama’s secret meetings with corrupt or questionable people. Like everything else connected to Obama, his published daily schedule is completely fraudulent.

        1. Good work Marcus!
          This is why I religiously avoid broadcast tv and a never pick up a newspaper.
          All prop-a-f’kn-ganda.
          I thank everyone & Keith for the hard work keeping us in the know.

          1. My hope and my prayer is that someone in the know and close to the Obama administration is taking notes, and will write an insider’s tell all book about what a corrupt administration this is–complete with names, events, secret meetings, political gangsters of all stripes in the book. The book(s) will be written, I truly feeling. And the movie produced as well. too late for now, but in plenty of time for history to tell the tale of this Administration. Over and over and over.

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