As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Sanders Endorses Clinton

“Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nominating process,” said Bernie. “I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next president of the United States.”

Bernie played it smart. Moved her and the Democratic platform to the Left.

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      • He was buying political favor when he agreed to play the commie faux candidate challenging HRC. Bernie ran so it would look like the Dems had some opposition to Hillbilly.

        A few of his supporters might be “outraged”, but essentially this was Bernie’s invite to the good life.

      • For his endorsement, Hillary also promised Bernie a lifetime of free visits to the barbershop so Bernie wouldn’t have to cut his own hair anymore, and a new free suit that actually fit him every year on his birthday. It was too good a deal for Bernie to turn down. You know: free stuff.

        We all figured long ago out that Bernie was a shill, a Judas goat who would lead his highly suggestible supporters to Hillary on the day he was told to do so. Today was that day.

    • Not for career politicians Swedish lady.
      Killary sat there like a feking queen who honestly believes “it is MY turn” she can’t see beyond her own over inflated ego. If it wasn’t so darn serious to her & her yes men, it is, to us logical intellects a scary sad situation that we need to demolish and implode.
      Or “degrade and destroy”.
      Prayers for some of our usually insipid voters to pull their heads out of the tainted sand.

  1. Bernie endorses Hillary and Hillary embraces Bernie’s full-tilt socialism on steroids.

    May the both list so far left that they drop dead in the process.

    • Bernie is leaning left still, but Hillary is going back towards the middle.

      Then after the election she will alternate depending on the mood and polls. (who does that sound like?)

  2. Bernie is a F#%king ignorant, shallow “Socialist”…

    Everything He believes in and preaches is against the basic foundations & beliefs of this ‘United States of America’ and Our History & Culture that made this Nation the Best Nation over the past 200+ years…

  3. 3-2-1-Zero. I wonder how long it will be before Bernie starts raking in big speaking fees. First at colleges and universities and then “socially responsible” corporations.

    And I wonder how long it the media can cover that up.

    The college kids are in for a big awakening. And that will come around the time Mommy and Daddy retire or die off and the youngsters become taxpayers. Good luck suckers!

    • Made myself laugh — coming to a place near you. $25 sugarless soda in environmentally safe
      shot glass size containers served to you by $25/hr clerks. Or $35/hr techs who maintain the robots who are suddenly beginning to realize themselves the value of this thing called money. And that doesn’t even factor in the wholesale/retail cost of the robots. Ah — the future.

  4. To all the Bernie Sanders supporters who are enraged and feeling betrayed by his cynical endorsement of the utterly corrupt and careless Hillary Clinton, who thought he was bravely taking on Wall Street and the corrupt Washington establishment, to you I say – Hahahahahahahaha.

    Now feel the true Bern, Chumps. You have been played for fools.

    As the red sun sets, the ancient, spittle flecked, doddering communist Bernie Sanders will now happily shuffle back to his Senate seat toting a rucksack full of Clinton cash.

    • Well, Trump calls him a total sell-out, like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs. He is right.
      The cynicism in politics is beyond normal, human rules. How can Sanders go on praising Hillary ? His Pinochio nose will soon be two feet long. He lost the young, I am sure. I hope.

      • And I forgot to mention all those millions in unspent campaign contributions. What will become of all that loot now that Sir Bernie is heading for the barn?

  5. His preview before endorsement sounded like he wasn’t going to endorse.

    I watched this on a tv and listened until he said he was endorsing…. amazing …