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Obama’s Pseudo-Eulogy in Dallas

The man who has done more than anyone to heighten tensions between law enforcement and black communities by repeatedly suggesting wrongdoing on the part of police before the facts were in — and others who are even less responsible hype the charges — came to Dallas Tuesday to give a fake eulogy for the five slain officers.

It was a “tribute” that included indictments of police departments for racism and, of course, a dose of political rhetoric suggesting the need for more gun control.

“With an open heart, police departments will acknowledge that, just like the rest of us, they are not perfect; that insisting we do better to root out racial bias is not an attack on cops, but an effort to live up to our highest ideals,” he said.

Well, it ends up an attack on cops.

The principle reason African Americans are shot by police officers and have bad experiences with law enforcement is that they commit a disproportionate number of crimes. This is because they have been relegated to ghettoes by the very liberal policies Obama supports. But that’s another argument for another day.

What Obama helped do, and continued to do in Dallas, is elevate a relatively rare occurrence — racist cops killing blacks — into what threatens to become a national race war. You’ll hear no tribute from him to the innocent victims of rampant black-on-black violence. That’s the most profound cause for sadness. But instead of facing problems, it’s easier and more fun to relive the civil rights struggles of the 1960s.

And, of course, there was the usual call for gun control, with the new twist — born of the tragedy in Dallas — that we need to limit access to firearms so police don’t get confused about who that bad guys are.

“We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book, and then we tell the police ‘You’re a social worker, you’re the parent, you’re the teacher, you’re the drug counselor,’” Obama said.

As Obama made this statement, the police directly behind him did not applaud. They sat there stone-faced. They’re gun owners too.

Obama has already talked endlessly about such things as police brutality and gun control. He should have just focused on the cops Tuesday, not promoted his agenda.

Or perhaps he might have given a tribute to police officers who now must face the prospect of simply doing their job and having the president of the United States jump up and prejudge their actions by siding with the “victim.” Or a pre-eulogy for officers who in the future will be killed because the rhetoric of Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement caused them to second guess the accurate judgement that their lives were in danger.

I get what the president thought he was trying to do in Dallas. He told himself that he was being evenhanded, saying the police have a point, and the protestors have a point, and that we all must see each others’ views, join hands together, etc. etc.

But his words belied his true feelings. Here he is assuming, even though these cases have not been adjudicated, that the two black men recently shot by police in Louisiana and Minnesota were killed unjustly.

“But even those who dislike the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” surely we should be able to hear the pain of Alton Sterling’s family,” he said. “We should — when we hear a friend describe him by saying that ‘Whatever he cooked, he cooked enough for everybody,’ that should sound familiar to us, that maybe he wasn’t so different than us, so that we can, yes, insist that his life matters.  Just as we should hear the students and coworkers describe their affection for Philando Castile as a gentle soul — ‘Mr. Rogers with dreadlocks,’ they called him — and know that his life mattered to a whole lot of people of all races, of all ages, and that we have to do what we can, without putting officers’ lives at risk, but do better to prevent another life like his from being lost.”

If you think are evenhanded — and this is Obama’s job as the boss of the attorney general, federal prosecutors, and the FBI — you not only don’t voice assumptions about guilt or innocence of the police officers involved in these case, you don’t make assumptions. The officers in these cases have not be heard from. But the juries in the trials they may face have heard the president.

Obama is about Obama and his agenda, the correctness of which cannot be challenged. It’s self-evident to him that his ideas are right and will solve problems in America. He doesn’t think he is sowing division, because he can’t imagine anyone could disagree with him. He couldn’t for a moment put his views aside and place the feelings of the Dallas police and a grieving nation first.

And then Obama went on to lecture America:

“That’s what we must pray for, each of us: a new heart. Not a heart of stone, but a heart open to the fears and hopes and challenges of our fellow citizens.”

I don’t need a new heart. Today, my heart was with the slain police officers in Dallas. That’s where Obama’s should have been too.

H/T for the video to the Washington Free Beacon.

39 Responses to Obama’s Pseudo-Eulogy in Dallas

  1. Kudos, Keith. Well summarized.

    Obama is the ultimate *wife beater. Having slapped her across the room, leaving her bruised and battered, cries…”but Honey, I love you. I did it for your own good.”

    *insert America for wife.

    • Obama is a real “faker”. Betcha he only came to Dallas to give one of his boring lectures because Hillary Clinton’s losing in Texas!!! Obama is that disgusting of a human being along with his liar and crooked counterpart Hillary Clinton. He would never have gone to Dallas if Ms. Piggy’s poll numbers were up. He never did a thing when Americans got their heads chopped off, he either went to play golf or fundraise those times. Everything Obama and Hillary Clinton say now ARE FOR THE VOTES!! Obama wants Clinton to win so he can have a third term and keep taking money from Americans and continue to boss everyone around, lie to the American public and continue to cause death and destruction to white policemen. Its his fault that so many police have been murdered because of his remarks EVERY DAY ABOUT COPS. Until the election now though, he will put on his other phony hat and try to make nice with the cops for the votes for Hillary Clinton. No one should fall for his obvious change of heart, he has no heart. He’s a skunk, a smelly skunk. Get him out!!!! along with Clinton!!! once and for all. We don’t need these two crooks and also Huma of the Muslum Brotherhood, Hillary Clinton’s closest advisor.

    • Yes Keith, wonderful piece, so truthful about “fake” Obama. He only went to Dalls because Clinton’s losing in Texas and he desperately wants Hillary Clinton to win so he can have a third term. He never did anything when Americans got their heads cut off, he either went golfing or fundraising. fROM NOW ON, HE WILL TRY TO MAKE NICE FOR THE VOTES. NO ONE SHOULD FALL FOR IT!!!! If she wins, Hillary Clinton, these two will continue to make every American’s life a living hell.

  2. “Mr. Rogers with dreadlocks” had been previously pulled over by the police 52 times, apparently had a gun in his lap, and wasn’t complying with the officer’s commands.

    Yet, according to Obama, he’s the hero here.

  3. While it was cleverly wrapped in consumable phrases that praised the police, this was a lecture on the unfairness of America to Obama’s “people” (or at least, Eric Holder’s). His talk contained a number of what could, if the scales were truly balanced, be referred to as “dog whistles” to the audience of those Obama sees as oppressed.

    Was that a Freudian slip when at the (34:21) mark (YouTube version), Obama called Castile “Mr. Rogers with DEADlocks”?

    • P.S.: In what universe is it truly easier for a kid to buy a Glock than to get their hands on a computer (library or school) or book (library or school or thousands of stores)?

      For a supposedly brilliant mind, sometimes Obama makes statements that are provably idiotic.

  4. Excellent Keith.

    The level of my disgust with this man is so deep that it shocks even me.

    RIP. Thoughts and prayers for those who were cut down protecting America and Americans and their family and friends.

    • Thanks for a great clip. This should be shared everywhere, especially the quote that there are less bad apples in law enforcement than in the clergy.

      BTW: Harvey’s dad, a cop, was killed in the line of duty.

    • Awe, that was really good.
      I heard a radio tale story on XM years ago. There were two people talking about getting the best paying job. You kind of thought it was a chance to play some sport where the pay is high & the glory absolute. It ended up they were wanting to be teachers, the best paying, most glorified profession they could aspire to. It could equally be aspiring to be a police officer. Moral being, we place our hero worship on the wrong professions.

  5. I was very disgusted with his “eulogy” at the service. His wasn’t an eulogy at all. Had I been there, I’d have walked out. I hope the families of those who were killed speak up and denounce this jerk.

  6. Obama’s job was to comfort the families of those brave men who were killed by a racist black man–and to give hope and encouragement to their fellow officers.
    FAIL on all points.

  7. Excellent; Keith. Thanks.
    Mr Rogers with dreadlocks, so funny. I guess that Mr Devoid of all Humour did not realize how improper that was in an eulogy. Also, that little joke about Michelle and Stevie Wonder. Barry often seems to forget were he is, what it is all about. Well, then he remembers, it is all about him, of course.

    • One of your best, Keith…
      That remembrance / tribute service was odd from beginning to end -hastily thrown together.
      The jokes were highly inappropriate.
      And BHO droning on and on … He does love the sound of his own voice.
      And sorry to say, GWB may have fallen off the wagon.
      And IF a child can obtain a 9mm easier than a computer or a book, then there is a problem more deeply rooted and evil in that child’s community and family.

    • And I heard he once again used, I, me, my over 100 times….(?)
      It’s always in all ways about him. The sickest, narcissistic president ever.
      Shame on him.

    • Obama lives in a very small world, with a population of one person–him. In Obama World, all events, all developments, all phenomena occurring on Planet Earth or anywhere in the Milky Way Galaxy are relevant only insofar as they effect Obama and his shallow observations and reactions.

        • Yep, they do. For Obama immaturity and lack of self awareness manifests itself in very visible ways–he presents himself as the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral, the victim in every accident. He’s completely incapable of empathy for others, and he consistently misreads a situation.

  8. Obama’s speech reminded me of the ones given at the Paul Wellstone memorial. And we all know how well that turned out for Democrats.

  9. Pseudo-Eulogy = Obama’s post presidential business.
    “The King of Pseudo-Eulogy will write a suitable Pseudo-Eulogy or whatever other meaningless statement you need.”
    Get em’ while they’re hot! Call 1-900-PSE-UDOE

  10. Just a few days ago, Obama declared that there were systemic racial problems in our law enforcement. \

    But now, that changed….because he was in front of law enforcement.

    Got it.


    • joebe, I wish!!!! He really deserves it. He’s caused more Death and destruction with that evil personna of his. The best is, he thinks he’s so good and everyone is so bad when he is the devil and not in disguise I may add.

  11. Why can’t black people See what this clown is doing to them !! It’s hard to believe Anyone white or black would want to live in a place that he has in mind !!
    This is a very sick man !

  12. The President vehemently denies the majority of Muslims are supportive of the minority who commit terrorist atrocities in the name of Islam but he is perfectly happy to portray the majority of policemen as representative of a tiny minority who kill black people.