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George W. Bush Starts Dancing at Memorial for Some Reason

His daughters must have been like, “Daaad!”

23 Responses to George W. Bush Starts Dancing at Memorial for Some Reason

  1. Perhaps he smiled because he knew, next to the current occupiers of the WH, he looks darn good, even with two left feet.


  2. He had to be heavily medicated to stand there next to the poser in chief and his sham wife.

    As I said in a previous comment, the Bush’s are members of the disconnected elites. They are not members of reality any more.

    Go Trump!

  3. He knew Obama would politicize the memorial service, and he remembers how well that worked for the Democrats when they played politics with Paul Wellstone’s funeral back in 2002.

    No WONDER he was doing a happy dance…and I can’t say I blame him, either!

  4. I actually enjoyed that, especially since it seemed to bother MO so much. Poor W probably got heck from Laura for that. At least W knew the occasion was about the slain OFFiCERS, which is more than I can say for the other guy.

  5. Bush looked like he enjoyed the music. I think he was singing along with emotion, not really dancing. At least he didn’t speechify and call us all bigots like Obama implied.

    • Yes has anyone heard from him since his tarmac adventures?? Perhaps he caught a flight out for awhile while things simmer down.