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Photo || Warren Teaches Hillary Clinton Native American Rain Dance

No, really, have a look.

It’s just a photo, don’t try to press the play button.

Clinton and Warren

Within minutes, the whole town where they were appearing was flooded. I think she should definitely choose Warren as her running mate.

19 thoughts on “Photo || Warren Teaches Hillary Clinton Native American Rain Dance”

  1. I did not realize Tony Robbins was in town… warm up the hot coal path… we got a few that need to feel the heat!


  2. Reminds us of the patients in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”. Or perhaps they are mimicking Nurse Ratchett. Ya think? ;+}

  3. I hate it when I was expecting a video…

    Guess I should have read your comments more carefully… (now you know)…

      1. Not only our world. I just got a tweet from the Pleiades star cluster from a friend who just saw that pic of Warren and the Hillary prancing around in their blue uniforms. He asked who asked, “What the blazes are you people thinking down here?”

  4. How does that phrase from BLM go again? Hands up shoot or don’t shoot?

    What tribe was Elizabeth Warren? The Fugarewee’s? ? I know they were roaming all the time wondering …….Where the Fugarewee?

  5. On a more serious note, if no less upbeat:

    I forget where I saw this, but someone polled a list of theoretical Clinton/running mate 2016 tickets…and Fauxcahontas turned out to poll the lowest of the lot.

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