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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 12, 2016

10:20 am || Departs White House with the first lady
12:15 pm CT || Arrives Dallas, Texas
12:40 pm CT || Attends interfaith memorial service for the fallen Dallas police officers; Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas
2:20 pm CT || Visits privately with the injured police officers and the families of the fallen police officers; Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center
4:35 pm CT || Departs Dallas
8:10 pm ET || Arrives White House

Vice President Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, George W. Bush, and Nancy Pelosi will aslo attend the service. The Bidens will aslo meet with injured officers and families of the deceased.

28 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 12, 2016”

  1. The Obamas, the Bidens, the Bush´s, Pelosi….will the Clintons also push and shove themselves in ? Then the Establishment could really unite in a glorious photo-session with dazzling, white smiles in front of the cameras. All these blue uniforms will make a fine background. Party time.

    1. Same thought here. They are all delusional in portraying themselves as the leaders of our country. They have shown themselves to be losers.
      And Jeb’s recent interview…he is embarrassing himself and his family. Someone needs to reel him in.
      Seen a lot of NP lately – perhaps Old Nancy wants to be Hill’s VP?

    1. My thoughts exactly. They are meeting with the person, Dictator Imam Obama and his hulking First Whatever who are directly responsible for stirring up so much racist hate and violence against police officers across the nation. They have the blood of these brave officers on their hands. Same goes for the Bidens, and that disgusting, greedy, botox bloated hag, Nancey Pelosi. They have absolutely no shame otherwise they wouldn’t dare show their nasty faces at this service.

    2. I am sympathetic. They are grieving and this is no time for them to have to decide whether they will bring political rain from hell down upon the department and the others by refusing to meet with this political player.

      That said, personal phone calls and staying in Washington would have been better for everyone,


  2. Totally off topic, but as a cat-lover I must report that Chief Mouser in 10 Downing Street, Larry that is, is staying when the Camerons move out and the Mays move in. Larry is a real from rags so riches story, a stray cat who became King. Politicians come and go but he has a much more important mission so he stays. And he is cute too.

    1. I love dogs better than most people. I love cats too – not as much as dogs – but still more than I love a lot of people. ;-)
      Anytime an innocent creature finds a good home is a blessing.
      I have a plastic trunk outside where I store my clay pots and other gardening implements. A little mouse made her home there last winter. When Spring came, I opened the lid to begin my gardening chores – and left the lid open for her to escape. Apparently, she is a loose woman, because she returned with babies in tow…after the trunk was cleaned and the lid was closed. I don’t have the heart to turn them out of house and home…little faces that peer up at me when I open the lid. The hubby doesn’t share my tender thoughts. He sat traps – and I heard one snap night before last…hurts my heart to think of it. Intellectually, I know they will eventually make their way to and into the house and we can’t have that. I hope to catch the rest and release them somewhere in the woods far from the house. But, perhaps I should just get a cat?

      1. Oh Aileen, you are such a nice person. You care about little mice, I love that. I am divided too when it comes to mice. Our cat catches them, if they are alive, I pick them up and take a long walk with them before I release them. I don´t want them in my house either but I don´t want them to be tormented by our cat. I guess I am a hypocrite, I look aside if our cat catches them indoors and then I check if I can “save” them….We have a lot of natural surroundings so inevitable the mice move into our house now and then. I agree, they are so cute.And they have the right to exist too, of course. In fact they are very important in the ecological balance.

    2. Thank you for the international celebrity cat news. I always enjoy hearing about cats having good lives. I have a stray kitten in my bathroom right now and am looking for a good home. Wonder if Chief Mouser would like a companion …. :)

      1. Anonna, maybe, if it is a girl cat……
        I hope your little kitten will find a good home too. So kind of you to care for her/him. I applaud people like you.

  3. If any of these ppl would want to give me their condolences for a murdered loved one, I would turn my back and make sure the whole world saw it. Race baiters to further their political agenda is shameful and sick. BTW, what does old, and I mean old, Nancy have to do with this? Hasn’t Jeb figured out by now nobody cares what he says or thinks?

  4. In my opinion, George Bush is the only one of these politicians who has any right to be there. Barry, Mooch et al are among those who are, in a large part , to blame for the murder of the police officers.

    1. George Bush allowed this “Barack Hussein Obama” to become ‘US President’… And He allowed Obama & all that politcal scum to attend this ceremony in his state of Texas.

      And being a US Navy Veteran I am PISSED OFF that they named a US Aircraft Carrier (CVN-77) after his father…
      -Don’t get me started how MY US Navy is naming every other Warship after these a##hole & useless ‘politicians’ nowadays…

  5. I suppose we can expect to see Ms. Wide Load, the First Ho, paraphrase her infamous words, only this time she’ll say to the Obungler; “All this for a few dead cops?”

  6. These political elites have so firmly established themselves as opportunists, as hypocrites, as false messengers, that their presence at any funeral mocks the sentiments appropriate to anything remotely associated with genuine grief. The families and friends of those slain are at their most vulnerable, and they are not in an emotional state to challenge the presence of these politicians, so they will tolerate the politicizing, as painful as it must be for them.

    For the politicians, it just another photo op, an opportunity to make a political point, of shedding alligators tears for the dead.

    There is no lower form of life than a politician hawking an agenda at a funeral.

    1. So they are calling it an “interfaith” service. Does that mean George Bush is there to represent Christians and Obummer is there to represent Muslims?

  7. Hopefully, someone clued MrObama in to the police killer’s motive so that he doesn’t add more logs on the bonfire of civil conflict. The Black grievance industry might be able to con frightened elected officials, but the little people out here in fly-over country have had enough of their whining.
    Nothing MrObama can say today will erase his previous comments and attitudes about the police and their interactions with Black criminals.
    He should have resisted the temptation of another nationwide speech, issued a statement from the Oval office and let Dallas and the whole of police officers throughout the country bury their brothers with dignity, not politics.

    1. Obama is a racist, and hates Police… (i.e, Cambridge Police/beer summit…)

      Why has NO ONE ind this USELESS “WH Press Corps” EVER ASKED why Obama has ever had a ‘beer summit’ up in his “hometown” of Chicago where 300+??? Blacks have been killed by Blacks in the Chicago streets/ghettos this Year 2016 so far…???

  8. The families and friends of the murdered victims have suffered enough without having to listen to Obama today and deal with the tightened security. Besides, this is not a crowd who will want to listen to his lecture on gun control. He should stay home and let them grieve in peace.

  9. So Meesh has reappeared. I suppose she has been doing good 24/7 and no longer wants the world’s applause/sarc, but I have wondered where she has been lumbering.

    Of course,she wouldn’t miss a chance to firm up her AfAm connections for after the WH era ends, even if it means having to spend time with Barry on Air Force One. Wonder why she isn’t taking a separate plane?

    1. Oh, I believe she’s been traveling hither and yon, letting everyone else eat cake. And, all with perfect fashion sense, y’all.

  10. Another thing to ponder – Obama is bringing Biden AND his missus? When he hates to share the stage with anyone? Nancy Pelosi never seems to go to these events either.

    What’s up with this? Seems somewhat sinister somehow…

  11. In the light of these political rabble rousers speaking about “racial injustice” at today’s interfaith memorial service, I have just reread Martin Luther King’s “Letter From A Birmingham Jail. He wrote the letter in April, 1963, when racial tensions were extremely high, when radical extremists sought violent solutions, as BLM and the New Black Panthers advocate today. It is a brilliant explanation of what King was trying to accomplish, the strong philosophical and moral grounding for his tactics of “non-violent direct action”. Emphasis on the “non-violent”. It’s worth a read, a slow, thoughtful read as King once again reminds us all of the real issues at stake here, and how to deal with them–arguing brilliantly that using violence and intimidation are the worst possible tactics.

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