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Obama to Lecture America in Dallas Tuesday

President Obama will travel to Dallas Tuesday to attend a memorial service for the victims of the shootings there last week. Five police officers were killed and seven injured.

George W. Bush will also be on hand. Late word has it that Pelosi will show up too, unfortunately for Dallas.

Obama’s response to the Dallas shooting has been disgraceful. I’m being nice. He has continued to politicize the issue instead of uniting the country, insisting on pushing for gun control even though it sparks anger he cannot begin to understand among many gun owners. Because, you know, it’s the right thing to do.

Fine, he has a right to his opinion. But another time, another place.

Obama chopper

No doubt we are in for more ponderous, lengthy lectures about “who we are” as Americans. That’s what we heard endlessly from him in Europe. Obama, a run-of-the-mill egomaniac, fancies himself the arbiter of the nation’s character. Actually, his ideas, pronounced and Great Thoughts, are little more than the usual pedestrian liberal platitudes, mixed with anti-intellectual intolerance for those who disagree with him. Dude, at least show some originality and broadness of mind.

I doubt there are many in the Dallas police force – black or white – who want to see him there. They’ll be even less enthralled once he starts speaking.

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  1. Oh goody. Thanks for the warning Keith. Barack Obama is way too self-absorbed and racist to make this speech about anything other than Blacks good, Whites bad.
    Assuredly he will impress a certain segment of society; for the rest of us, we have been chastised by Emperor Obama so many times, it will go in one ear and out the other.

    1. Even by the standards of the Washington Times, this sets a new low for vile and unadulterated racism. The president a street hustler? Quoting MLK Jr. to denounce Black Lives Matter?

      Let me get this straight. Republicans who have a candidate that they nominated with a record number of votes solely because he isn’t PC and let’s his racism and bigotry show are criticizing the President just because he isn’t a racist. For the Trump Republican the only answer to police officers killing blacks is “He had it coming!!!”

      Have you ever considered that maybe it’s *your* rhetoric which creates division? You’re publicly making it okay for Americans to characterize Black Lives Matter as a hate group. I spent a good part of my weekend trying to carefully convince acquaintances of mine, very conservative people who hate Obama, that Black Lives Matter is not the KKK (that is the exact comparison they made), and here you are, writing complete nonsense that validates their fears that Black Lives Matter is a conspiracy created by Obama to cause social unrest so that he can claim martial law, talk everyone’s guns, and become dictator for life. I am not kidding when I say that that is exactly what I was dealing with this weekend. These aren’t bad people, but they’re led to ridiculously stupid beliefs by talking heads who think they know a thing or two.

      This kind of crap is why many people want nothing to do with politics. You get so wrapped up in ideology that you just completely lose track of reality. I’m no big fan of Obama but he certainly doesn’t hate America. If he hates white people does that mean he hates his own mom? How can he be both a Marxist and a Muslim, as these are very different ideologies? This is what happens when you get to emotional, you just become disconnected from reality. Dude, shut off your stupid talk radio and get some new hobbies.

      1. You seem very upset because someone has a different opinion than you hold on an issue. “Correcting” the opinions of other people by mocking them, and accusing them of various insulting “isms” might not be the best tactic to persuade someone else that your opinion is correct and their opinion is wrong, and thus must be corrected to suit your view of the world.

    1. He’ll give some head nod acknowledgment to the violence w/o discussing the actual root causes. Wanna bet he mentions that some “folks” have legitimate grievances?

      SO much of know he knows, isn’t so.

      1. Your point about root causes is absolutely key. Politicians are notorious about treating “symptoms”, and completely ignoring the root causes generating those symptoms.

      2. I wouldn’t take the bet. The entire theme of his scolding will be how awful we are, and, yes, he’ll call us “folks”, which is the term he uses when he gets tired of the term “workers”. Citizens? Americans? Never.

        1. Don’t forget about how obsessed he was with “putting money in folks’ pockets” during campaigns. I found that annoyingly pandering and condescending. Obama, you keep your grubby, tobacco-stained, possibly gay hands OUT of my pockets!!

  2. I hope the Dallas police force will show that they do not want him there if they do not want him there. Can the White House threat or manipulate them into obedience ( = applauds etc) ? I doubt that Obama will show up if his appearance will look like a fiasco.

    1. I saw that the Dallas police chief said that the Arlington, Tx. police department will be providing extra security because his department is too stressed out. But I’ll bet that’s just a cover for the true reason.

  3. Obama isn’t who we are. The way he brays about the USA on the world stage, you’d think we were the wild, wild west.

    I hope the families of the victims boycott this political event, I sure wouldn’t go. Probably why GWB was invited to assure attendance. ;)

    1. GWB should have boycotted it. Wait, he’s bought and sold like all the politicians. Go Trump.

      Obama meeting with victims’ families? How did they find any that are willing to meet with him?

  4. I seriously would like to know; have any family members of the deceased officers in Dallas requested that 0bama stay home? Would we hear this if a patriotic American spoke up in protest that the invasion of 0 into their very personal memorial is upsetting to them, since our own CIC has instigated the violence and division and hatred of our police since he took office. I know if it were my family member’s memorial service I would protest his presence.

  5. This is why some people love him. He speaks and they are quiet and listening; he makes them feel all solemn and self-accusing. It’s like church. They blame themselves, they blame others for not having their elevated understanding, they go out to change the world while feeling cleansed by The Obama Word. I can’t stand by lectured by PapaKnowBetter. Makes me grind my teeth.

  6. Nowhere in this United States is bad behavior of any cop condoned. Baad cops are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Because of a divisive and failed President Obama, who never lets a good crisis go to waste, the far worse problem of Black on Black murder goes on whithout notice. And as the blood flows soaking the urban streets, as the last breath is taken and the eyes glase in death he remains uncared for and unknown to the professional, teleprompter reading failed leader of his own race.

  7. Every news outlet is reporting that Obama was invited to attend the Memorial by the Dallas mayor. Not a word about the families of the slain officers giving their approval.

    Obama is such a coward, he is dragging Pelosi and Biden along to protect him in case the crowds become unruly. What about the Mooch? She is obviously showing her disdain for law enforcement by simply not showing up. And sitting next to Laura Bush would be too demeaning for her.

    I hope and pray the men in blue will turn their backs on the Racist in
    Chief and his verminous entourage.

  8. doom right ahead/racist by default

    Her Name is Molly Macauley: Prominent White Economist Murdered (While Walking Her Dog) by Unknown Black Person in 65% Black Baltimore
    At first, they wouldn’t release the victims name, but the few details surrounding the murder of an individual in 65 percent Baltimore on Friday night gave away the race right away: an elderly individual was walking her dog late at night on July 8.

  9. Is it really and honor for the police to have him at this funeral? If I were one of the relatives of the police officers,
    I’d ask him to keep out.

  10. Her Name is Molly Macauley: Prominent (war on these) Economist Murdered (While Walking Her Dog) by Unknown Obummer supporter in Baltimore
    the elderly individual was walking her dog late at night on July 8.

  11. I won’t spend one second listening to this @ss run his mouth. Not today. Not Wednesday. Not ever again.

    I’ve had more than enough of him.

  12. I hope the Dallas PD men and women in attendance stand up in unison when Dictator Imam “I have the blood of these officers on my bony Hands” Obama gets up to start motor mouthing about how racist we all are and how we need to have all of our guns confiscated, and taking a page from the NYPD turn their backs to as long as this cold blooded racist speaks.

    Let see if the media propagandists broadcast that sight.

    I feel so sorry for the families and friends of the slain police officers. May God comfort them in their terrible grief.

  13. On the topic of racist behavior on the part of our police departments, here is a Harvard study, just released, showing that there is no racist police behavior leading to a lethal encounter with the Black community. Reports from about 1,300 police departments were reviewed for the study. There is a higher incident of non-lethal encounters with Blacks (hands on suspect, struggling and wrestling for control of the situation, etc.) than in the white population, however.

    The study was just released by Prof. Roland Fryer, a Black professor at Harvard, a liberal, who states that he was shocked by the analysis of his own data. He had bought into the “racist cops” theme we are haring about now 50 times a day. He admits he was wrong. About 40 Blacks are lethally shot and killed by police each year. There are over 6,000 Black on Black murders each year. Apparently, to the BLM community, Black on Black murders are irrelevant to their agenda.

    Here’s the study. It’s wonky, and full of data, but you can read the conclusions on page 37 if you don’t get excited about numbers. ;+}

    Think of the conclusions in the study as Obama continues his non-stop propaganda campaign to demonize the police.

  14. I like George Bush. I do. And I appreciate his support of the vets and law enforcement. But push comes to shove, and Obama says something controversial, racist, demeaning (and of course, he will) and Bush is asked about it, he doesn’t have the balls to defend the police or us against Obama. IMHO.

  15. Is it me?

    Does anyone else cringe when you hear politicians, particularly on the left say:

    ” This is not who we are as Americans, we’re better than this…”

    I did not realize that we are all 5 years old again, about to get the “time-out” chair.

    Condescending does not even begin to describe it.


    1. Yes. Even more so when I hear a career politician say”I’ve devoted my life to public service”
      Public service, 5 or 6 figure salary, 1st class accommodations, travel expenses, lifetime medical care, etc, etc,etc.

  16. Can’t wait till he blames problems within society that can only be fixed by his highness. Then the solution is gun control. Do as he says and all will fall into place.

  17. Every time he shows his pearly whites, he is lying and degrading America! Notice that he states, “all Americans are with you,” not “We as Americans are with you.” Not a guess as to where he stands, since he speaks it loud and clear!

  18. Just once would delight in seeing a city verbally demanding he stay away. He brings with him the same old faux concerns & chimes right in with a given Agenda. That Obama & his Comrades are directly involved in this deviance hasn’t been lost on people.

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