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36 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || July 9, 2016

  1. So did that RACIST,TERRORIST ORGANIZATION “black lives matter” pull any crap last night…?

    I’m off to work on my ferryboat job today so I will (thankfully?) miss the ‘news’ today.

    • Last night in Greenville, SC:

      Traffic alert from Greenville Police: ” [BLM] Protestors have advised their intent to march to 385 to shut it down.”

      • And the #FreeDeRay hashtag is #1 trend on twitter this morning. So many mindless idiots supporting a paid agitator who would be nothing without continual stirring up violence and hate.
        We are in dangerous times.

          • …you mean protect ourselves from anybody that would infringe upon our freedoms I think. Doesn’t matter what color, religion, sexual preference…

        • A white detective was killed two weeks ago by a black male in Harvey, Louisiana, though not one person outside of the city limits of Harvey cares.

      • Pretty sure SC like NC has a range law. It applied once when a relative struck a cow that had wondered onto the interstate. The owner of the cow was liable for the collision damage. Killed the cow, btw.

        Seriously though, seems safety should be an issue. Endangering motorists on a highway shouldn’t be a 1st Amendment right? Am I wrong?

    • (You have to share your ferry boat adventures sometime. I’m very interested, you sound like you like that job! my dad would’ve wanted a tour of the engine room.)

  2. Good morning all,
    Watched the horror in Dallas Thursday night, blessed to welcome family from there and Kansas City Friday night and the weekend.

    Listened to the Divider in Chief (I still prefer Coward in the Closet) lecture us once again (this time all the way from Warsaw) that if we don’t agree with his world view that’s “not who we are”.

    Well, Mr. President,it’s not “us”. It’s you, George Soros and the rest of your left wing anti-American radicals sowing the seeds of envy, hate and greed among those whose sad lives were foretold 50 years ago in the Moynihan report.

    As Ellen K so perfectly put it yesterday in her post, the black community cannot expect to succeed in America when it adopts a culture completely antithetical to the American experience.

    It holds true, truer today than at any time in our history, that if you are willing to do your part in this country than there is opportunity available to anyone, everywhere.

    No, not all will have an equal crack at it, yes, there will be many difficulties. But America has ALWAYS been that way. Some have always had it easier, softer. Yet still fortunes were made by those unwilling to accept failure and refusing to give up and demand the fruits of another’s labor instead of harvesting the rewards of your own.

    But enough of that for today,I have a feeling with Obama heading back there’s going to be plenty more opportunities to rant away on the failed policies and culture rot that have gotten us here.

    Yes, it’s Sunday so it must be time for shameless self promotion once again (thanks Keith, it is VERY appreciated).

    Forget 250, America may not reach 241: The rule of law meets Hillary-Marie Antoinette

    Have a great Sunday all and remember, no matter what happens in our lives, just living in this country makes us blessed. Now I’m off downstairs to share a little more time with those that remind me just how blessed I am.

    • When we turn on the TV, all we see is violence in the city, a hundred or so agitators shouting while they try to irritate their fellow citizens, then we witness the killing of our only hope to protect us from evil-doers, so it’s easy to be discouraged and depressed at what seems to be the decline of our country.
      Let’s be half-filled glass kind of people
      While a single terrorist killed police officers, 299,999,999 other citizens were caring for their families, going to work, minding their own business, and generally obeying our laws in a peaceful manner.
      While @2000 protesters were creating havoc in some cities in the US, thousands of other cities and towns in the US were peaceful and quiet.
      Let’s not fall into the TV trap that this turmoil is a national movement – it’s not.
      MrObama is fast to condemn us by repeating the phrase “that’s not who we are”, but he doesn’t understand who we really are and what American values mean to all of us.

      • I’m in full agreement srdem65 it is definitely not national turmoil.
        My brother lives in a predominantly black neighborhood in Hammond, IN.
        I mentioned before that he was going to put up a flag pole and I wanted to give him my National Flag that I had discovered stuffed in the corner of a police station storage room.
        Had it repaired and cleaned.
        Haven’t been to visit in over a year.
        Imagine my surprise when I drove up and noticed that his entire block and the one directly across the street had flag poles all flying the American Flag.
        Now, there may have been a couple of homes without any but I’ll tell you, it was a sight to see.
        My point?
        These are people, yes black, who get up and go to work every day, some working second jobs to make ends meet.
        Patriotic and hard working people.
        No time to mess up other people trying to enjoy their little time off or trying to get to work.
        Imo, this is the true black community, religious, patriotic and hard working, not waiting at the mailbox for the monthly handout.
        After seeing all that ugliness on tv, this trip cleared my mind.

    • Excellent yet again, Geoff.
      Then we have Lynch basically encouraging BLM to continue ‘peacefully’.
      …”the end of the world as we know it”

  3. Good Morning

    Hope everyone has a great Sunday — doing your Sunday “thang” . We all seem to have one, whether it be worship, a day to read or garden, Sunday breakfast or brunch or whatever. So enjoy.

    I will read my Sunday Geoff, and check back later for some music links. :) Heading over to AOS to read the Sunday book thread.

    Obama winging his way back to soil the state of Texas I hear, and perhaps agitate a little. Can’t have BLM slacking off. I do so hope they are at least wearing their Sunday best. Those Che tees need a wash.

    In the meantime,

  4. Reports that MrObama will speak at a memorial service for the fallen policemen.
    How dare he! The only person in America who can’t figure out the murderer’s motive in shooting White policemen after he was reported to claim that was his goal, and his continued support for activists who only care if a Black person is killed by a White policeman and not a fellow Black, he has no business pretending that he isn’t happy about this incident of terrorism.
    The nation’s police forces, the families of the fallen and their brothers and sisters in Dallas, and all law-abiding people don’t want to hear his sing-song drone about how great gun control would be and his insinuations that all White people are anti-Black racists.

    Stay in DC, MrO. Do us a favor.

    • Obamas hollow words will fall upon many a deaf ear.
      Stay at home Barry, only your minions and lap dog media want to hear you.

    • Who is he kidding? Hillary is trailing Trump by 8 points in Texas! He is campaigning on the backs of five fallen members of law enforcement.

      The tragedy in Dallas didn’t stop him from making a stop in Spain after leaving Warsaw:


      “I wish I was staying longer,” Obama said earlier Sunday prior to a meeting with King Felipe VI. ” I’m so grateful for the understanding not only of his majesty but the people of Spain. We’ve had a difficult week back in the United States so my trip is a little abbreviated.”

    • I swear upon my grandfather’s grave, I would like to see nothing more than every man and woman in blue turn their backs on that S.O.B. when he steps up to the podium. It’s not longer “we must respect the office” as he has taken it so low the only way to respect the office is to stand up and say NO to HIM!

      • At church today, the Chief of Police gave the morning prayer. He was emotional as he prayed for his force and the families of those men and women. Death threats are being received against those in blue even in our small community.
        The current hatred for police in our country is wrong. 100% wrong.
        I could quote you verse after verse, but let me say this. I know the ending of this world. Good triumphs. Evil is destroyed.
        “Be not deceived, God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7 KJV
        May God have mercy on the men and women in blue and may God preserve and protect their comings in and goings out – and that of their families. Amen.

    • The tragic irony of Obama inserting himself in the middle of this tragic event and the grieving ceremonies for these fallen officers is that he is completing lacking in the basic elements of synderesis. It’s an old term which describes the innate principle in the moral consciousness in every normal person which directs that person to do good and restrains him from committing evil. He has no moral compass. He is unable to honestly grieve. He does not act on any principle of sincerely doing the right thing at the right time. He’s a complete fraud, as we have all witnessed many times in the past 8 years.

    • I wonder why someone somewhere doesn’t speak up about his presence. When Napolitano went to Brian Terry’s memorial, I thought, if it was my family member, I’d ask the complicit government to stay away! Especially since they only “let” Mr. Terry use bean bag bullets.

    • Amazing isn’t it? Not one word on that website about 70 percent plus of all black babies now being born to single mothers.
      Not one word about those same mothers raising multiple children by multiple fathers.
      Not one word about the gangster rap culture that eats away at its own society like a ravenous cancer, unstoppable until its host kills itself.
      Not one word about being born the luckiest people on earth just to be born in America.
      Not one word………oh hell, you get the point.

  5. I can’t believe the families of the fallen Officers would meet with Obama when he travels to Dallas? Obama’s has been spouting awful fabrications and flat out lies about the police for a long time (2 years), blaming them for murder over and over, when in truth, Obama does not know that to be true and neither does that fat pig puppet of his in the Justice Department. Everytime we turn around, the cdrminal liberal media has headlines that Lynch is investigating another policeman. This administration is so racist, so biased, such liars, etc., etc. that the Justice Department is corrupt to its core with Obama telling them what to say and/or do! I have never seen anything so corrupt as Obama, Hillary Clinton, Lynch, and everyone connected to this low class administration with its anti-American dumb remarks to the press every day. I am sure that Putin of Russia, Netanyahu of Israel, the Iranian government all are amazed as how disgusting our “President” is with his put-downs, insults and lectures to the American people every day about absolutely nothing. Obama just creates chaos for his own political (communist) control and beliefs. No one could be that dumb so as to cause murder and death but I guess its true that he is that dumb. Let him get the hell out already! Enough of this unrest created by a sadistic MF.

  6. All of a sudden Obama’s going to Texas to suck up to the police there? We know why — its for the votes! Hillary Clinton is down many points in Texas and Obama wants her to win so he can have a third term and continue to pull the strings. Obama is not genuine about anything, its for the votes folks! Don’t let Obama win with Crooked Hillary folks! He could care less about the fallen officers, he’s nothing but a racist. Its his fault that all these cops are getting shot, he has been stirring up the blacks about this for a long time. Enough already, let him get the hell out, he’s nothing but an anti-American misery. We have had enough of his fake presidency.

  7. “Sleeping off his jet lag” Pretty funny. I am sure that Air Dunce One has a well stocked bar and Dictator Imam Obama has a monumental hang over this morning.