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Saturday Open Thread || July 9, 2016



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  1. I live in a suburb of Dallas. I grew up here. I remember when there used to be a building that flashed the message “Dallas:City of Excellence”. Dallas has worked hard since 1963 to overcome the sad legacy of the JFK assassination. But too many in the minority community cling to an insular and often destructive pattern of living that includes all kinds of life decisions that insure generational poverty.

    Single parents, lack of education, drug and alcohol abuse, chronic unemployment, petty crime escalating to major crime. And the answer is not that anyone else is forcing these decisions, people are choosing this path. Schools in the minority community are often a war zone. Any parent who can moves their children to church schools or charter schools. Neighborhoods are similarly dangerous because while these folks will call the police when they are personally in danger, those same people will look the other way when the criminals are relatives or people they know. Dallas exported its crime problems to the suburbs with housing policies that pushed public housing into suburbs that were not equipped to handle the social, physical and mental problems of this population.

    So we have a swath of people who have failed to go to school to get skills to get a job who resent others who have taken those steps. While the media continues to push this as a race issue, in reality it is a socio-economic issue. Sure, there were some folks from the suburbs in the protest crowd, but I guarantee you none of the fools trying to provoke police into acting out for the purpose of social media fodder were educated, employed or without some sort of petty criminal or gang background. That group, the thugs, are the BLM demographic. They are poorly informed and easily motivated to violence. Across the nation that is happening thanks to a Justice Dept that is impotent and BLM, which is a provocateur organization that seeks violence first of all. Watch:

    • Well said Ellen K. How terrible to see the changes that have occurred. And your point is well made — socio economic, not racist.

      The police should stay home. Of course, that’s ridiculous, but to put up with with these killings, these “protests” is insane.

      And it is encouraged and supported by the Democrat Party via BLM and other organizations. Screw them.

      No sympathy for the shooter whatsoever, but it is typical media fare that we can’t call a terrorist an islamic terrorist, but this killer spends a small amount of time as a Reservist and now all the media can do is highlight that aspect of his life. Now he’s a friggin’ soldier.

      Sick to death of it.

    • Excellent post, Ellen! Dallas was the epicenter of a failed social engineering project back in 2012, and now has the highest murder rate in the country.

      Rumored Hillary running mate, Housing Secretary and former San Antonio mayor, Julien Castro, now has an October surprise that will bring murder and mayhem to every American suburb according to their upscale zip code. He doesn’t even need Congressional approval.

      The diabolical Obama has been saving ‘the best’ for last. Agenda 21 is on our doorstep!

      • Dallas does not have the highest murder rate in the country. It is not even listed in the top 30 (list below).
        Without exception, every one of the cities has a dominant black population that is under educated,
        and the family is almost always headed by a single parent, usually an under educated woman without a job. Living off the government is the only way of life they know.

        Rank City
        30 Chicago Heights, IL
        29 Baton Rouge, LA
        28 Buffalo, NY
        27 Hattiesburg, MS
        26 East Chicago, IN
        25 Birmingham, AL
        24 Desert Hot Springs, CA
        23 Compton, CA
        22 Myrtle Beach, SC
        21 Fort Pierce, FL
        20 Harvey, IL
        19 Bridgeton, NJ
        18 Flint, MI
        17 Rocky Mount, NC
        16 Pine Bluff, AR
        15 Petersburg, VA
        14 Newark, NJ
        13 Baltimore, MD
        12 Harrisburg, PA
        11 Jackson, MS
        10 Wilmington, DE
        9 Trenton, NJ
        8 Riviera Beach, FL
        7 New Orleans, LA
        6 Camden, NJ
        5 Detroit, MI
        4 Gary, IN
        3 St. Louis, MO
        2 Chester, PA
        1 East St. Louis, IL

    • Great post and so very well said.
      I’m down Fort Worth way at least a couple times a year and though I never miss leaving the traffic, I sure miss the people.
      Pat Moynihan warned of all this 50 years ago. We are living nothing other than the consequences of failed government programs and the breakdown of the black family.
      Democrats know this and they’re scared to death that it actually gets reported for what it is. Hence the scapegoating and blaming racist cops, 5 of who lost their lives in Dallas Thursday night for nothing more than the DNC political agenda.
      These truly are dangerous times.

  2. Sometimes there is an advantage to triple digit temperatures. The heat kept away protestors in Phoenix last night. There were about 500 -1000 although the organizer expected 30,000. Hah! It was fairly peaceful until they tried to shut down I-10 and the police pepper sprayed the crowd. Three thugs were arrested for throwing rocks at the police. It’s remarkable the Black Lives Matter group tried to persuade the Reverend to cancel his protest because of Dallas although some of of their members showed up last night. The Rev. lied to police about the protest route when he really planned all along to shut down the interstate. He should have been arrested too IMHO.

    • These demonstrations will occur for the rest of the summer.

      The police need to quell them quickly, just like they did in this circumstance.

      • You just wait until the Republican Convention July 18–21. It will make the 1968 Chicago convention look like a walk in the park. We’ve already read how the activist groups are planning to try and destroy it. All protests being funded by the usual culprits, of course. The MSM will blame Trump for all the damage and destruction, of course. That’s in their playbook.

      • What they SHOULD do, but won’t, would be to put one of these riots down with lethal force. They’d stop thisfast if the malcontents ever got the idea that they might be arriving as so many protesters, but could end up leaving as so much cordwood.

  3. Source: Johnson became an Army Reserve member in 2009. He was sent for a tour in Afghanistan in 2014. He was accused of sexual harassment by a female soldier and sent home with a recommendation for “other than honorable discharge.”

  4. This is what happens when the progressive vermin control the media and are supported by the government.

    It is also what happens when vermin like Zuckerberg get lucky and make a lot of money and begin to think they are smart and somehow snowflake special when in fact they are same POS, can’t get a date guy he was when he was in college.

    Kinship between Zuckerberg and Obama is not difficult to understand.

      • FB would be far less powerful if all the people, especially conservatives, who complain about its biases and injustices would just stop using it.

        But they don’t. FB is convenient to keep up with friends, families, etc. And I suppose there are other reasons.

        And we expect to “take our country back”. Nope. Not if we continue to use and or patronize those we complain about, quite frankly , because it is too convenient. FB is just one example.

        On a small level (and I am guilty of this, but try not to be)– providing links to a progressive or lefty site as a reference. Discuss it, but don’t link it.

        Don’t patronize Starbucks. But….but coffee. And so many other examples.

        No need to boycott. But at least live your own truth when and where you can. IMHO

  5. Thank you Ellen….very informative….we certainly enjoyed our time visiting family in Fort Worth years sad to see what has happened now…still love Texas

    • A weekend in San Antonio was one of the best vacays our family had in years. The Alamo, the River Walk, the fine eateries, and the people! friendly, helpful, and so polite.

        • And then of course there’s Lackland AFB, for the Air Force crowd…

          And the Rampage, if you like minor league hockey. (If you’re undecided, go see a game in person, and thank me later.)