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36 Responses to Video || Obama Calls Dallas Shootings “Vicious,” “Calculated”

  1. Remember, words matter. This garbage of a president feigns disgust at police killings while with the next breath calls for gun control. Meanwhile in Chicago, the slaughter continues without a word. Sounds like he’s a racist to me.

    • Chicago? That can’t be right……They have strict gun control in that city. No guns no violence, correct?

      I wonder if there will be a looting safe space in Obama’s Presidential Library?

      I am still shocked at the audacity to criticize law enforcement in such a broad stroke while standing in Poland.

      Let’s see Dallas isn’t that far from the open Mexican border……..trained military style attack…..I,won’t be shocked if ISIS isn’t involved……..

  2. After Obama’s comments yesterday intimating that the shooting in MN was racially motivated, and the MN governor’s like comments, is it any wonder that some nut started killing cops?
    It is irresponsible and stupid that public officials make comments like those when there hasn’t even been an investigation yet. How the hell do these morons get elected anyway?
    Oh yeah, money and connections. It is never about what you know, it’s about who you know.

  3. I don’t believe a word he says. Exactly where did he and his thugs think BLM was going to take this country? The time to speak out and shut this down was “yesterday”.

    • Looked like he read the remarks.
      “We still don’t know all the facts.”
      Policeman are dead. We sure know that.
      I admit it – I wonder if this is all to spur gun control.
      “Racial disparities in our criminal justice system”
      I would like to see the unbiased facts about arrests and criminal behavior. Like Don Lemon, I also say “yes sir” and “no sir” to police offers. And I am an old white woman. But my parents taught me to respect and obey the law and it’s officers,

      • Not knowing the facts before inflicting his biased opinion on us is a major feature of the Obama administration. It serves his purpose to tell us “what happened” before the facts are all known. That’s how this dude rolls.

    • Interesting that we do not know what the cops motivation was in the MN killings, but we definitely know what the cop killer’s motivation was in Texas. It’s called racism – “I want to kill white people.”
      How ’bout that Barack? Does it count for anything in your single minded disparagement of white people?

  4. He got what he wanted – payback for the thugs and criminals that died in confrontations with White police.
    This is the result of the Dems and the MSM pandering to the thugs and criminals in the Black community.

      • Wait, I don’t think for a minute he actually wanted the shootings. That’s a pretty harsh claim. I do think he’s angry that his narrative is compromised, but no more.

        • Where did Obama think this pitting LEOs and the Black Community against one another, and sending the DOJ in to interfere with local cases going to lead?

          He is supposed to be brilliant after all. Surely there is an end game. And it joins nicely with the rabid Democrat anti gun policy which Obama raises at every possible opportunity, even when he is speaking from abroad.

          • AFVet, no he isn’t smart at all. He can’t create a complete sentence without his TelePrompTer, just studdering I I I I I I , a a a a a a a a ….

        • This is it, what he wants. Racial strife to rock the political system is the goal.
          First they destroy the middle class into pathetic mooches on the government, then raise up Black racism as if it’s rampant throughout the country, then take away White people’s firearms to cripple any resistance to the complete takeover of everything.
          Don’t forget – he is at heart an agitator, a community organizer who thinks America and it’s people are too snooty for their own good.

        • “Wait, I don’t think for a minute he actually wanted the shootings.”

          Bullshit. It’s exactly what he wanted. He’s a community organizer. He WANTS chaos. It’s his effin’ MO.

        • Obama may not have desired the event, but he sure as blazes helped create the environment where it could happened. And he’s not a bit shy about politicizing the event to serve his disgusting purposes.

  5. “Vicious, Calculated, Despicable” Was Dictator Imam Obama describing himself and fellow democrat party communists who are directly responsible for these murders of our police officers. Notice how he also segued into his familiar gun control crap?

    Notice also how all of this has pushed Crooked Hillary’s crimes out of the media narrative?

  6. This is on the heals of Hillary not being prosecuted and the President’s remarks yesterday on police being racists. It all ties together.

    “There are no consequences for breaking the law”, followed by “cops are bad”.

    • Exactly my point regarding the ‘beer summit’.

      He inserted himself into what should have been a local matter. This was orchestrated from day one.

  7. And as a reminder, now that the Black Lives Matter movement claims responsibility and support for the murders of these police officers, George Soros funds BLM.

    Any group or individual who accepts a single penny from any of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations has blood on their hands. Here is the list of organizations who accept Soros’ blood money.

  8. “Vicious, calculated, and despicable” is what I have thought Obama’s comments about police have been over the years. Also, reckless, inciting, and self-serving.

    We will never be free of Papa KnowBetter. After leaving office, he will be freer than ever to shovel his patronizing b.s. on us.

  9. The standard The shooter did not identify with any groups and acted alone”
    A response:
    I think you can draw a direct link from the shooter to Dominique Alexander who organized the protest, to Al Sharpton who runs the parent organization of Alexander’s organization, to Obama whose frequent visitor is Sharpton.

    But they won’t. It will be GUNS! And now, Lynchmob is going to speak. It is unknown whether she will meet with Bill Clinton before doing so.

  10. And Obama always has to run his mouth about the U.S. when he’s in another country, now its Poland. He gets his rocks off that way. No one could talk that dumb about America all the time. He is a true sadist.