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Video || Quizzing Comey, Gowdy Itemizes Clinton’s Lies

Hillary Clinton’s lies are exposed for all to see. Nevertheless, FBI Director Comey claims she did not lie during her interview with his personnel.

21 Responses to Video || Quizzing Comey, Gowdy Itemizes Clinton’s Lies

  1. Some Congressman should not read Legal words or Phrases…….it is embarrassing listening to them……where is Maxine Waters demanding they Squash this evidence!

  2. Fibbi: Mrs Clinton, is this your name?
    Hilly: Yes.
    Fibbi: How are you feeling today?
    Hilly: Fine, thank you.
    Fibbi: Can we get you some water, coffee?
    Hilly: No, thank you.
    Fibbi: Were you Sec of State for four years?
    Hilly; Yes
    Fibbi: How are you grandchildren doing?
    Hilly: Fine, thanks for asking.
    Fibbi: Did you intend to sell secrets to China?
    Hilly: Absolutely not.
    Fibbi: Is that chair comfy, we can get another.
    Hilly: It’s fine, thank you.
    Fibbi: Thank you for your time, Mrs Clinton.

  3. She was not under oath?
    He doesn’t know how many agents questioned her?
    Where do these people get their liar, I mean law, degrees?

    • The Obama administration is filled with thugs.
      The Clinton’s are notorious thugs.
      Loretta Lynch has power over the FBI.
      Comey is just protecting his butt and his family.

      The rule of law has been tossed out the window.

      Comey should be dismissed.

  4. Incompetence of the first order: The FBI did not even put HRC under oath or record the interview! But Comey states it is ‘still a crime to lie to us’.

  5. Sorry, Our corrupt FBI is NOT the greatest investigative institution in the world.. Along with the politicians, they made their deal with the devil…That includes you mr. comey. The flames will be high in the smoking section of eternity.

  6. I wish all these people would just shut up. They are in love with the sound of their own voices.
    Mother (and lots of other people) always said, “Its better to say nothing and let people think you are stupid, rather than open your mouth and confirm what they are thinking.”

    • Michelle Lujan Grisham, Congresswoman from NM, fell into this category. She took her time, said nothing, and dispelled any doubt the rest of the country might have had. We who live here already knew.

  7. -Who is the frowny faced guy behind Comey to his left?
    -Cummings is 65 this year. He’s one that should keep his mouth shut rather than remove all doubt.

    • More than that, he lost his honor.
      My definition of honor is doing the right thing even though no one will ever know you did, or doing the right thing in spite of the consequences.
      Honor is guided by consence.
      Its that feeling in your gut that tells you “you’re doing wrong”
      Pesky little thing that consence.

  8. Did anyone bother to ask why there was no permanent IG at State for HRC’s entire tenure? Three months after her departure, one was appointed by Obama. She has refused to be interviewed by the IG. Her lawyers said there is ‘too much Clinton bias’.
    She reeks of corruption!

  9. I’ve watched it already. If you want Cowey’s background, go to YouTube : Still Report #1008. His reports are short and concise. This is about 8 minutes.
    This guy lives in DC for years, has very little money.
    I’m hooked. I signed up on FB to get his reports.

  10. Gowdy did a good job. He needed to get it on record and he did. He picked Comey’s argument to shreds. It’s all he could do and he did it well.

    Comey said no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute, Gowdy just laid out all the reasons that there was ample reason to do so.

    Comey said she wasn’t “sophisticated”. Hurrah for that. You know she is going to chew on that. Not sophisticated? Moi? HRH — HRC.