As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump to GOP senators: You’re either with me or you’re for Hillary

And you know what, he’s right.

I’m a little tired of these conservatives who think they can wash their hands of this election. If you don’t like Trump, I get it. I’ve got plenty of problems with him too. But if you are not going to vote for Trump, then vote for Hillary. Make a choice. One of them is going to be president. Don’t try to preserve your personal moral purity and attempt to feel good about yourself by fleeing from the dilemma. Don’t put yourself above the country. Figure out the lesser of the two evils, and then cast your vote.

From the Washington Examiner:

Senate Republicans who met with Donald Trump Thursday described a mostly positive exchange with the presumptive GOP presidential nominee that was punctuated briefly by “frank exchanges” and some “tough” talk from Trump, who is rankled by some in the GOP conference who refuse to endorse him.

Trump met with GOP senators for 50 minutes, focusing his address on mostly policy issues, including poverty and taxes, and some discussion about polling.

But he made it clear to the GOP lawmakers that he believes they should be supporting him and told them: “It’s down to two, and if you can’t support me you are supporting Hillary.”

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  1. Have a few “Conservatives” who are still hoping for a candidate and a revolution at the convention…

    They are attempting to skuttle and shame people that indicate they will vote for Trump over Hillary.

    I don’t care if they sit out… just wish they wouldn’t keep moaning and groaning about Trump and giving fuel to the meme’s from the left…

  2. Exactly Keith. I love the “Don’t try to preserve your personal moral purity..”
    This election will shape SCOTUS for two generations and decide whether the United States as founded even still exists in ten years. With so many establishment Republicans willing to join the Democrats on immigration, trade and globalization of our laws, this nation is truly on the brink.
    And Sasse is one of the worst. A Freshman Senator who’s head has gotten far too big far to quick.
    If he and ilk want to establish the moral high ground then they need to give themselves the Patton test:
    When the little one is sitting on your knew and asks “What did you do in the great election?”
    Do you want to tell him that you stopped the Obama/Clinton machine and helped save the country or are you going to tell him “well, I shoveled crap on our own candidate in the name of “moral purity” and cost you and your sister their freedom, their economy and their sovereignty.”
    Each and every one of them need the Laura “suck it up buttercup” treatment now until the day of the election.
    That is all.

  3. This is precisely correct. I am tired of the “never Trump” posturing, especially since it’s mostly from RINOs who probably do prefer Hillary since electing her will protect the status quo and their cushy seats, no matter who is really in control or what happens to the country. No one who votes for Hillary, or who works against the only candidate with a chance to beat Hillary, should ever have the support of anyone who cares about this country. Ever.

  4. Every time Mark Levin, or Glenn Beck or Hugh Hewitt go on and on and on about what an awful candidate Trump is and what a terrible President he would be, they are giving aid and comfort to the Hillary campaign. They are supplying the Hillary people with all the sound bites they will ever need to create Pro-Hillary ads. These characters better wake the hell up and smell the roses. Trump, on his worst days, would be a better President than Hillary on her best days. One of these two candidates will become President of the United States, and it sounds like these “conservatives” prefer Hillary over Trump. There are only two horses left in this race, and these guys are trashing the only one–Trump–who is running against Hillary. Wake up, Levin, Beck and Hewitt. Don’t sell the country down the tubes just because your guy Cruz lost. Grow the hell up.

  5. I believe it is possible to be against both of them. I do not believe I deserve to be called a spoiled baby or brat because I find both of these people unfit to be President. I may vote for Trump although I seriously doubt it will matter. But please, as passionately as you feel, people, leave room for others to disagree. I am a committed conservative, not your enemy. I personally believe those who have voted for Trump are the ones who have made the path for the Democrats to win in November because he is such a poor choice, but I will not personally attack you in the process. And if Trump wants my vote, he should try and earn it.

    • You know, Mindy, I have been your voice on this forum many times. I have asked people to be reasonable, to hear the opposing voice, to listen with respect.
      Maybe you don’t deserve to be labelled a spoiled brat. But others do. Because they are. Bought time some of us speak truth to power.

    • Do you think that Hillary Clinton would increase or decrease the national debt?

      Do you feel that Hillary Clinton is a socialist?

      Can you deny that Hillary Clinton, and her husband Bill have ducked the law in the past?

      Can you honestly deny that both are charlatans, and hypocrites?

      Did you know that they wrecked the White House the last time they were in office while leaving?

      Donald Trump has his foibles, I agree, but, after what has been exposed in the last few days about Hillary’s incompetence concerning sensitive information, I would NEVER trust her in the Oval office ever.

      Vote your own mind.

    • He is a poor choice is your opinion.
      And from that opinion you have decided that his supporters are responsible for for marking the path to lose to the Democrats.

      All the candidates (15-17?) had a chance and they had supporters. Where were they? Where were you? What is your responsibility, your role in marking the path?

      I don’t know what he has to do to earn your respect. But for me, just by bringing immigration into the light and into the pubic forum, and by holding the medias’ toes to the fire, he has earned my respect. It is unlikely any of the other candidates, as good as they may or may not have been,would have done so so forcefully. It may not be to your taste or your sensibilities but it is at least being discussed.

      As for his policies, he has outlined them as much as the others did. There is plenty online to research.

      Finally Jeff Sessions is a shining example of a seasoned respected conservative and he has stood by Trump’s side and provided advice and counsel. That’s a good sign to me.

      And finally he loves this country. He puts America and Americans first. Making this a theme of his campaign, has earned my respect. He may appear to be a self promoter (kinda’ gotta’ be with the media, the Dems, and the Reps shooting at you all the time), but no one, no one, is more self obsessed, and corrupt as Hillary Clinton. The choice is yours.

      I am not of the opinion that Donald Trump “ruined” the Republican Party (nor did you say that) — the Republican Party more than Donald Trump or anyone brought us down this path.

  6. The Cruzolaters need to get over their butthurt and smell what they’re shoveling.

    Because their position is self-contradictory. On the one hand, they say they can beat Hildebeast in 2020, while on the other, they say Trump will crash and burn and destroy the whole party in 2016.

    Which is it?

    Do they REALLY believe that a party-destroying loss in 2016 will leave them in any position to challenge a ruthless, unprincipled, Machiavelli in a pantsuit? She’s going to do all she can to stack the deck, buy off or threaten the press, and criminalize dissent from the instant she’s sworn in, as even the Hewitts and Becks will freely admit.

    And somehow, a mortally wounded GOP would challenge her stacked deck in 2020 with…what?

    They will have nothing, and no one.

    So it’s Trump, or eight years of Hillary. Those are the stakes, fini, finale. The Cruzolaters and Kristolbots need to get the hell over themselves.

    Because the useful idiots are historically the first ones to be purged…

  7. I believe not voting is more honorable than casting a vote for the busy ditch – whoops I get confused sometimes, the Mississippi river is the busy ditch. Let others take the guilt of their indiscretions with them when meeting the maker.

    Anyway, Mr. Trump is my choice. If the Party somehow sabotages him at the convention, then I will vote for Clinton just for spite. Republican party be damned.

    I don’t know if what I hear is true but the story around my place is that the bag will open a chain of liberal chicken restaurants if she loses. The restaurants will serve only left wings and chicken shit.

  8. At doctors’ all day so I missed most of the day. But this kind of explains a little radio clip I heard with Paul Ryan all lovey dovey about Trump and how happy he was to meet with him, what a good meeting it was etc etc. So whatever went down between Donald and Pretty Boy Paulie I will assume there was some pretty tough talk. And it wasn’t coming from the kid from Washington.

    Trump is right — put up or shut up and put your butts on the line publicly for Hillary.

  9. Guess you have been “Trumped,” also, Keith. Look up trump–deceit, trickery–fitting name for him, since he is in the race for Hillary to win. just as someone had stated sometime ago. By the way, it is “you’re for Hillary.”

  10. Way back when, the RNC tried to trap MrTrump with their “pledge” that all the candidates would support and endorse whoever won the nomination and not run as a third party candidate.
    Now we know that most of them are scumbags whose word (ha) is worth nothing as they skittle into the shadows.
    Just how terrible do they think MrTrump would be as President – worse than MrObama? worse than Jimmy Carter?
    Shame on all the RINOs who only talk a good game.

  11. It just bugs the hell out of me that some of these CINOs (Conservatives In Name Only) are the very ones who were castigating the GOP grass roots in previous election cycles for not getting behind whoever — Dole, McCain, Mittens — the party nominee. Trump is going to have a hard enough time against the Democrats without the back stabbing he’s getting from some so-called Republicans.