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Texas Anchor Caught Mocking Hillary Clinton

Hope he didn’t get canned. I mean, he spoke for a lot of people.

12 Responses to Texas Anchor Caught Mocking Hillary Clinton

    • That’s all she has.
      She has nothing of substance in her pathetic life to share with her ‘voters’ . She can only screech about Mr. Trump because she is so very jealous of his successful life. He “Did it the Olde Fashioned Way, He Earned it”!!!!
      Not sleazily stole his money.

  1. Still and all, it’s a reporter’s duty to simply present the facts, not to insert themselves into the news. That’s not what they were hired to do.

    • oh yeah? what hole have you come out of? thats standard procedure at cnn and other liberal outlets for years.. Why is it ok for them? Our country can’t/won’t last much longer with these traitors of Democracy in power/office. these rodents have poisoned the water so badly making 1/2 of the country feeling entitled to $$$ without a day’s labor and envious of people who actually earn it !!! The clintons are at the top of their corruption game and must be not be allowed back in the WH. PERIOD

      • It seems that he may have thought the mic was off. He did look sheepish when the camera panned him.
        Butt who cares, like you said, liberal media makes their living with smarmy comments towards the right.

      • To ol gator – while I appreciate your strong feelings, and respect them – if everyone else was jumping off of a cliff, would you go, too? It sounds like it based on your expressed thought that “if everyone else is doing it, it’s okay for me to do it.”