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Video || Obama statement on police shootings

Here’s the video. Previously the live stream was in this space. Obama spoke from Warsaw, Poland, where he is attending the NATO Summit.

30 thoughts on “Video || Obama statement on police shootings”

  1. Who in there right mind would want their child to go into law enforcement? Obama has succeeded once again with destroying a pillar of American society…..transformation underway …

  2. And yet again. Sticking his ugly nose into local tragedies.
    What? He wants the Warsaw dudes to see him as some meaningful leader. Not.

  3. Predictably, before an investigation is even begun, Obama has made it a racial issue. So has the governor of MN. What is wrong with these people?
    They give a criminal like Hillary Clinton a pass after a lengthy investigation and verification that she committed a crime and lied about it, and then turn around and crucify the police before any investigation has begun.

    1. Exactly, Veritas. Barry crucifies the police, some of them now murdered, lost to their families, without knowing any facts, and applauds when Hillary gets a pass although a criminal security risk. As usual, everything is just politics to him.

  4. Once again, Obama obfuscates the issues, spins the story, lectures the American people on how awful we are.

    The root cause of the vast majority of “gun crimes” in this country, Barry, if I may call you Barry, can be found in our inner city ghettos. At least 95 percent of these gun crimes are committed there–men, women and children, killed by the hundreds there every year. Haven’t you noticed that? Check the data with your own FBI officials and have someone explain all this to you so you could stop making a fool of yourself. Could you do that instead of wasting our time with your lectures of shame to the American people.

    Inner city drug wars, destroyed family structures, low employment, lousy schools, unchecked barbaric behavior, constant attacks on the police, no functioning civil authority, corrupt politicians. Work on that stuff, talk about it, help come up with effective solutions to those issues and you begin to lower the murder rate in this country, and particularly in the inner cities.

    And, oh by the way, Mr. “I’m trying to explain it all to you dumb people”, we’ve all noticed you haven’t lifted a finger to address these inner cities crime-creating conditions. Nope. Not a finger. You don’t talk about it in a realistic manner. You don’t send Task Forces to identify and address these inner city issues creating so much chaos there, you don’t have special “forums” about these issues, you don’t propose legislation to at least address the murder rate in these inner ghettos. You don’t do a damn thing about it because you don’t give a damn.

    The fact that you constantly misrepresent what is going down in these impoverished inner cities, these hopeless ghetto killing-fields, proves beyond a doubt that you are a first class fraud, Mr. Obama. You’re a phony, through and through, and a very dangerous one at that. And I think that, deep down, you know it. Now shut up and do something worthwhile for a change.

    1. Marcus, that is a powerful statement of the facts, and a fine piece of writing. Of all the bad things he has done, President Obama’s abandonment of the cities and these problems may be the saddest. Because those people needed him… and as you said, he doesn’t give a damn.

  5. If you are shocked that this piss poor excuse for anything above dog catcher jumped on this, get a clue. Trying to look presidential is on top of his list. Falling way short everytime. Not ter how many police officers are killed in the line of duty, this jackwagon won’t speak of that. Doesn’t fit the narrative that whitey and his racist ways are the cause of all problems. Except Chicago and every other inner city where blacks are slaughtering each other for sport.

    1. Stats for Chicagos black community.
      July to Date:Shot & Killed, 11
      Shot & Wounded: 88
      Total Shot: 99
      Homicides: 13
      Barry and the Dem’s sure have done a lot for their black constituants

  6. I don’t know anything more than there were white police officers who shot black men. And there are protests. I doubt there will be an investigation or that we will have an opportunity to find out what really happen. I suspect the Feds will swoop in and I can only hope that justice will be truly blind.

    Prayers for the families and friends of all. RIP.

    That said, what President does this from a foreign land If it had been white people, or military, white, heterosexual, conservative American victims of Islamic terrorists
    Obama would not speak. This is what 8 years of Barack Obama has shown me.

  7. Will Obama make a statement about the Dallas police officers shot tonight? Probably not. Watching video of the protest it looks like the race riots in the 60’s.

    1. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that. At least one shooter was black. Does that mean we might escape the inevitable gun lecture? Praying for the police and their families.

      Marcus, your comment was brilliant.

  8. Again, OT with apologies. But I am gobsmacked. All of these companies are working with the US government to bring refugees, over our legal limit, to the US and to “assist” in educating, employing and housing them.

    You want to know why I am going to vote for Donald Trump. Because of crap policies like this. Nothing like US corporate interests getting into bed with the government and having not US citizens and Americans benefit from this cooperation but non Americans.

    1. Grace, so many have made big money of this refugee/immigration/ travelling situation. It is like the evil sister of an “all inclusive” tourist agency, but in this case, the tax payers pick up the bill.
      And, corporate interests getting into bed with the governments, that is that evil conspiracy, the TTIP. I believe Trump is against it. A good reason for wanting him in the White House.
      Where is Star nowadays ? Haven´t seen her for a while.

      1. This group of corporations and their cooperation is over an abroad. In general corporations limit their humanitarian efforts to in country elsewhere , and they obey the laws. These people are on board to exceed the legal limit of refugees and moreover they are supporting a group that the enemy — ISIS — has admittedly infiltrated and they are joined in the efforts to relocate them in the US against the will of the local communities,

        I see a significant difference in this corporate cooperation and those of the past. And it does smack of the historical fascist cooperation of business and state, without the ownership.

        Finally anything, anywhere Google is is never good for the American people.

        Haven’t seen Star much. I do hope she is absent by choice and that she is well.

  9. Will MrObama make a long and heart-felt speech tomorrow about the Black snipers who ambushed 11 Dallas policeofficers and killed 4 of them?
    This is HIS fault.

    1. Exactly! Will he feel the urge to speak from Poland again tomorrow? Will he express his shock, horror and heartfelt condolences to the officers’ families? Will we hear him discuss the reasons why our police are being targeted and that we must do something about this? Will he go to Dallas to meet the families of the killed officers and also the surviving officers? Will Barry and the Dems demand to know how the snipers obtained their “assault weapons”? Will the Dems forgo flying back home tomorrow so they can stage a sit-in on the House floor all day and into the weekend as they demand “common sense gun reform”?

    2. I have so many derogatory adjectives I would like to type right now. I was watching Fox News last night early in the evening when he started to slam the police about the shootings in MN and LA. To comment on law enforcement matters,once again, and while he was out of the country was just unbelievable, He can’t help but interject himself in police issues. It started right away with the infamous “beer summit” when the officer acted stupidly for asking for ID when he was called to the scene by a neighbor saying someone was breaking into a home. He has never learned that a President should not comment about ongoing investigations. I remember Bush 41 getting slammed for not commenting on the Rodney King Riots.

      I am sorry this is all a coordinate effort by the Black Lives Matter group. Supported financially by ??? Soros?? There is a concerted effort to collapse this government. I believe Soros likes to make his morning on shorting economies of countries.

      The blood spilled last night are on the hands of the President………

  10. Since day one of Obama’s reign of terror, it’s one disaster after another. Could this be Muslim terrorism? Remember an announcement by ISIS to kill white people? Also, this horrible massacre takes the focus off of Hillary’s crime cover-up.

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