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Obama Reduces Drawdown, will Leave 8,400 Troops in Afghanistan

President Obama Wednesday announced that he will leave some 8,400 troops in Afghanistan through the end his administration, reducing his planned reduction of troops for 2016 from 4,300 to just 1,400.

Obama had wanted to drop troop levels from the 9,800 on hand at the beginning of 2016 to 5,500 troops by the end of the year, but the Taliban has been showing new signs of life, forcing Obama to reevaluate his thinking.

“The security situation in Afghanistan remains precarious,” Obama said during remarks at the White House, noting Afghan security forces are still not as capable as the need to be. “The Taliban remains a threat,” Obama acknowledged.

Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham this week called on Obama not to decrease troop levels at all. Obama’s military advisers have also told Obama he should leave  a robust force in the country and cancel the drawdown.

Obama of course removed all U.S. forces from Iraq and then campaigned on “ending” the Iraq war, only to have to put what so far amounts to another 3,000 troops back in the country after his actions resulted in the rise of ISIS.

Of course, Obama would never want to be seen as caving to anybody, so he had to reduce the number by a bit to make sure he saved face. So the 8,400 left will make things a little more difficult for those fighting in Afghanistan, but it will make the president feel better.

16 thoughts on “Obama Reduces Drawdown, will Leave 8,400 Troops in Afghanistan”

  1. He has consistently disregarded the advice of the military leaders.

    This is why the enemy remains strong all over the mid-east and soon the world.

    Obama is completely unqualified for CIC.

    1. Being a US Navy Vet, and scholar-student of Military History…
      I am so sick, and just want to give up nowadays when its comes to discussing US Military Strategy with anyone who cares or understands… especially these a#%-hole ‘politicians’ nowadays.
      I really think the USA needs to go “Star Ship Troopers”; the novel written by Robert Heinlein…

  2. The British Chilcot Inquiry today publishes some of the messages between Blair and Bush when they prepared for the invasion of Iraq ( Daily Mirror ) It is very interesting , and chilling, to see how they plot , trying to “persuade” media and people of their agenda. At the time, I wasn´t negative to their campaign , what did I know ? I bought the propaganda even when I thought that trustworthy Hans Blix had some good points. But, oh dear, I have come a long way since then. The orchestrated Ukraine crisis opened my eyes, the Internet educated me. I am now convinced that the Iraq intervention was totally wrong. It still haunts the world. And I know now we should never trust politicians.
    Lord Byrons words on Napoleon rings true of these Masters of War: ” whose games are Empires, whose stakes are Thrones, whose table Earth and dices human bones”.

  3. IMO, there’s no point in having 800,000 troops in Afghanistan if the rules of engagement prevent real military action.
    What in the world are we doing there, anyway. There’s no end game, there’s no peace treaty waiting to be signed by the other guy(s) whoever they might be.
    It’s perfectly clear after all these years that the Afghanis have no wish to become a democracy, or to join the world of today. Their lifestyle suits them, so perhaps we should let them be.
    Let’s bring all our troops home and let the Afghanis live as they choose.

    1. Many nations have disappeared into the dustbin of history.
      Some were destroyed by invaders, some allowed themselves to be destroyed from within.

      The forcible “nation building” that got us into this mess has resulted in many lives lost.

      I think that America should set an example and let the other countries see and mimic Her.

      1. An educated and informed populace is a powerful weapon to defend against this takeover of a society.

        The dumbing down and the liberal rhetoric being taught in our colleges and for that matter, our entire school system must stop.

        Common core must be eliminated.

        I am a baby boomer, and I was taught history without the bias that they are using now in our schools.

        We need to get back to that.

  4. Aren’t we pleased that it makes him “feel better?” It is all about him and his narcissistic need–not about our military members who are under his command–

    1. No Gramma, as a Vet we are not pleased.

      Our brothers and sisters are in jeopardy under his command.

      And the fact that he has no military experience and rejects the advice of those who have bears witness to the arrogance of the CIC.

      Believe me, we are watching this.

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