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CNN Anchor Suggests Sexism at Play in Hillary Email Scandal

The egregious Don Lemon, the Leftist host on the supposedly neutral CNN, is at it again.

“One thing is for sure: The men at the top are going to have a lot to say about you,” he says of Hillary as he introduces FBI Director’s blistering comments about Hillary Clinton.

One thing about Donald Trump is that he breaks through the political correctness barrier. He’s already insulted everyone. While he’s gone too far in some cases, he also liberates himself from the strictures of political correctness, and that’s why some the decent people supporting him will roll with it.

Hillary’s planned default defense, that people are attacking her because she’s a woman, might have worked with Mitt Romney or John McCain, but it doesn’t fly with Trump.

8 thoughts on “CNN Anchor Suggests Sexism at Play in Hillary Email Scandal”

  1. O/T apologies. is running a photo of Hillary behind the Presidential podium with various comments.

    Remember the old Dewy Defeats Truman headline? I look forward to that shot of Hillary being used post-election with a caption like “Don’t think so, Hillary” or “Did you enjoy that brief moment in time?” or “Close as you’ll ever get Hillary.”

  2. Oh, I hope she goes there! That would mean that since the FBI has proven her incompetence, she would be claiming that since she’s a woman she’s entitled to be incompetent without anyone complaining about it. That would be rich.

  3. She’s just being picked on by that old vast right wing conspiracy. That’s one hell of a conspiracy, it’s lasted for almost 30 years. All we need is an awe shucks and a good golly gee whiz. Being called incompetent is a ringing endorsement in my book.

    1. And in Hillary’s paranoid and madcap world, the only reason for the creation and rise of the entire so-called “right-wing conspiracy” is to attack and destroy her. Only her. That’s how nutty she is.

  4. WTH? I do believe the decision was NOT to indict. Something that no other person doing far less has EVER gotten away with. And Dbag Lemon is now complaining about Comey laying out the FACTS for the American people?
    Yeh, I’m PISSED!

    1. Get used to it. This is what the Bill Clinton meeting with Lynchmob brought. It will get worse I think. Hillary is untouchable.

      On the other hand, I heard this happened as well.

      How many of ya’ll watched Morning Joe this a.m.?

      It was a thing of BEAUTY. Mika, “In all my years covering presidential elections, I’ve never seen ANYTHING like this.”

      And Joe, talking about Obama’s involvement, “This is frightening.”

      Ya think, Joe?

  5. Oh sure, sexism. If a man, say even a man who served his country honorably in uniform like, say, Gen Petreaus, would do such things with classified or top secret documents, nothing would happen to him – because ‘man’.

  6. Will Mika wear Joe’s letter jacket. Adoration for the new boyfriend displayed in echo fashion.
    Batting eyelids and coy smiles wordlessly tell the audience she thinks her co host and his views are just how she feels.
    Do they hold hands under the Morning Joe table?

    Their boy Donald Trump praised Saddam who gassed 5000 innocents.
    They Chuckled

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