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Barack and Hillary’s Grand Alliance

From a piece I did for LifeZette:

Obama’s inappropriate Hillary boosterism in North Carolina Tuesday is just the beginning of his planned massive campaign on behalf of the one person who he has concluded can protect, and perhaps expand, his legacy.

For Clinton, Obama is the indispensable man, the political magician who gives her credibility with voters and can spark the enthusiasm she so pathetically fails to generate. He is her personal character witness, the one who can convince the electorate that she can do the job and perhaps even get through eight years without being impeached even if she deserves to be — like he did.

No wonder during the Charlotte event she was slathering it on.

“As we went from political rivals, to partner, to friend, my esteem for him just kept growing, and so did my admiration for his brilliant wife, Michelle, and those two amazing daughters they have raised,” she said. “I happen to think those two young women may be the most impressive accomplishment of all of the president.”

Have a look at the rest of the article on LifeZette.

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      • That’s what I said yesterday. Karma, whether you believe it or not, is a naturally occurring kick in the butt that sick, arrogant, conceited liars face at some point in their life. I witnessed it when the lying cheating mail order company I worked for received their payback for willfully lying to poor innocent flyover US residents. Said companies executives went to jail, were fined, lost their business and personal wealth. Yes!

    • …I pray everyday to the Gods, that everyone who “supports” Hillary Clinton & Barack Hussein Obama, etc. goes to lowest levels of Dante’s Hell…

  1. Lets not loose the real story, and that is the strange cave in of the FBI yesterday.

    Intent is NOT part of the law in question. As he laid out the case Hildabeast is guilty of many things. Gross negligence at the lowest level and Treason at the top. Crimes are being covered up here.

    The fix is clearly in and no one will stand for Justice now for the Clinton’s.

    • Agree. Heard two former US Attorneys General interviewed this morning–Michael Mukasey and Alberto Gonzales.

      Both former AGs agreed the FBI should have recommended indictment because she clearly violated the Espionage Act.

      Both agreed Comey had no authority whatsoever to pull the case because “no reasonable attorney would prosecute this case….”. That decision is absolutely not in his sandbox. He can’t make that call.

      Both AGs said they were gobsmacked when, after Comey cited the long list of violations Hillary committed, he then recommended no indictment.

      Both said that Hillary’s “intent” to break the law is completely irrelevant to the case. She broke the law, –18 U.S. Code § 793 – Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information– and both said there is stupendously overwhelming evidence to that fact, and that the FBI should have recommended indictment.

      I don’t think this is over yet.

      • Does/Has anyone in this DOJ or FBI ever read the “Espionage Act”(18 U.S.C. Ch.37)
        -Does this cluelss ‘Main Stream Media’ even understand what the “Espionage Act” is or what a ‘Top Secret/Special Compartment Intelligence/ or Special Access Program’ is…???

    • My oh my, don’t think much of us yokels, do they?
      The concept of globalization is more like 60’s science fiction that something that can be done successfully. So what if Italians only want to live with other Italians – there’s no harm, no racism, no impediment to progress.
      The same can be said for every nation, every ethnic group and every believer.
      The fiction that a single government could rule our most diverse world is a crazy dream and the sooner the elites accept that, the sooner we’ll all have peace.

    • Doom, I could not read the article on FT, but I read about it on InfoWars. Traub is the “wealthy heir to Bloomingdales” and he writes very contemptous about pro-Trumpers, “know nothings”, and the white working-and middle class, ” angry fist shakers”. This Traub character seems to be a truly stuck-up, disgusting guy.

  2. Who or what committee at the FBI came to this conclusion? Who are these mysterious folks? And I never knew the FBI became the Fed Bureau of Indictment…or not. Is it not the DOJ task to decide, and the FBI to provide evidence?


    • Those are pesky details no longer important or relevant in the Obama/Clinton reign.

      Everyone is a subject and will do as they are told. Comey proved that.

      • Lynch said she would accept the FBI results.
        The AG should be the final authority, not the FBI.

        However this AG is nothing more than a puppet for the Obama regime.

        God, send us the day when this is over.

  3. Oh, spit. This isn’t about MrsClinton- this is MrObama’s last hurrah, his last chance to hear the cheers and applause of his supporters.
    From the time AF1 touched down when he just had to go to the fenceline to glad hand his supporters, to the giddy speechifying that he so obviously enjoyed, nothing was about Her, The White Woman, his bitter enemy for all those years.
    He showed Her how to rouse a crowd of voters, how to energize people and showed her up to be old news, Her last chance.
    No prosecution, a pass from the almighty Obama. He owns Her now.

    • This case should have gone to a grand jury.
      I held a TS clearance when I served and could never have gotten away with 1 degree of what she did.

      • My DH also. He is fuming, he was starting to hope as Comey listed all her crimes only to turn away & allow her to get away with it. It’s a bad disjointed dream.

  4. And from some dark pit in Hell, Saul Alinsky is saying to his two best acolytes–Barry Soetoro and Hillary Rodham Clinton, “Well done, my pretties. You learned your lessons well.”

  5. Clinton will be drinking Obama’s bath water from now to election day. If she wins, he will own her and she will not have one original thought or policy that does not come from him. The joke is on her. But that is their lookout. She will eventually run out of steam; time is not on her side.

    • Barack probably wrote it one solitary night in the Treaty Room , pausing only for one or two of the nightly 7 salted almonds.

  6. Ironically, both of these miscreants are running for their ‘third term’.

    Hillary has taken a pledge to ‘preserve and protect’ the legacy of BHO, so why not put BOTH names on the ballot and let the voters decide who is best to continue on with Obama’s agenda.

    Better yet, why not call upon Dr. Ben Carson to separate the conjoined twins surgically! Half a brain is better than no brain.

  7. In just 4 years the Obama administration morphed into a regime, then in the following 4 1/2 years,into a criminal organization.
    Used to be the FBI would investigate such, not any more.