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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 6, 2016

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

All times Eastern

Live stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm

19 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 6, 2016”

  1. First Day in office President Hillary Clinton.
    Daily Briefing: Briefer to Clinton. “Madam President protocol requires us to give you a world status review each day. But, due to your past performances on classified material we will supplement the regular briefing with a customized version just for you.”
    Item #1 “for your eyes only, a detailed listing of all the ingredients for an up-side-down-cake.”
    item #2 ” for your eyes only, how to change the spark-plugs in a 1949 Ford flat head V8.”
    item #3 ” for you eyes only, instructions written in 5th grade level, how to use a common TV remote.”
    There you have it Madam President, we’ll see you tomorrow with another top-secret packet.”

  2. Dictator Imam Obama is obviously kicking back today and celebrating the destruction of the rule of law in the United States of New Rome by his corrupt refusal to indict the glaringly guilty Hillary Clinton. No doubt be noon he will be deep in his cups.

    Meanwhile the democrat communists in Congress today will introduce a bill to rename the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation to CPPF – Clinton Private Police Force.

    Resign Director “Orlando Clinton” Comey, you are a liar, a political hack, and a disgrace, but of course resigning would mean their is at least a residue of Honor, Fidelity, and Love of Country in you.

    1. The person who really should resign is Lynchmob. She opened the door. Speaking of which where is the despicable Bill Clinton?

      1. Flying on the “Lolita Plane” to his convicted pedophile pal, Jeffry Epstein’s private island for a well earned romp with young girls as a reward for his successful bribing of Loretta “Law? What Law” Lynch not to indict his felonious sham wife Hillary.

        1. I agree. Having once again screwed the American people, he is now off with his pedophile pals doing what he does best.

          Good thing for Bill that he was raised in a southern christian environment or he would have been one of the first to step up for martyrdom. 72 virgins would be too much for him to turn down.

          I have no compunction about saying this truth about a former President. I stand with Kurt Schlichter.


  3. About Comey’s rewrite of the statue and the election:

    But the vast majority of Democrats, low information voting Independents, and the like, will not care one whit about the details of Comey’s speech. They will read the headlines, learn that Hillary’s not going to indicted, and translate that into “she’s innocent” or “what a tempest in a teapot” or “what difference, after all, does it make?” And many will tell themselves exactly and precisely what Cillizza thinks the Comey statement ought to put to rest: the idea that “this whole thing was a Republican witch-hunt pushed by a bored and adversarial media.”

    1. statute

      You are all smart, well read people. In the future I am going to spare us all and not point out the obvious.

      Also, that way when I do make a big mistake out of ignorance (often) I don’t have to admit it.

      Learning to think like a Democrat 101.

      1. LOL….not to worry. You make a great contribution here. I think I am the champion of misspellings and as AFVet says, we are all fluent in typos. AIn’t tat rite, AFVet? ;+]

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