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Comey: FBI Recommends No Charges Against Hillary Clinton

The FBI will not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for activities related to her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday.

Comey said Clinton had engaged in “extremely careless” behavior but that “no charges are appropriate.”

Comey spoke just three days after the FBI had interviewed Clinton. The decision removes what could have put Clinton in a nearly impossible situation – even for the Clintons: Running for president while under indictment.

Comey said it was possible that enemies of the United States had gained access to her server. And he said there was “evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information.” Nevertheless, he said that after comparing what she did to others who had engaged in similar activities, he concluded that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

Comey said the agency, through various methods, including a sweep of her servers on which emails had been deleted, found thousands of work-related emails that were not among the 30,000 emails she turned over and which she said represented the totality of her work-related missives. So, she lied. Isn’t that perjury? Whatever.

Clinton’s attorneys did not read her emails in totality before deciding what to hand over. They then deleted the emails they kept. And they then “cleaned their devices in such a way as to preclude complete forensic recovery,” Comey said. Sounds like a coverup to me. And a successful one, apparently.

President Obama’s highly politicized Justice Department is certain to accept the recommendation. In what may or may not be a coincidence, Obama will appear with Clinton on the campaign trail today in North Carolina.

Here are some outtakes from Comey’s announcement:

And here is his full statement:

114 Responses to Comey: FBI Recommends No Charges Against Hillary Clinton

  1. I am so flabbergasted. I am speechless.

    You or I could not get away with this.

    I have such little faith in our government.

    Them vs. us. And we lose.

  2. The private meeting of Lynch and Bill Clinton created such a stir Lynch said she would accept the recommendation of the FBI. Well, the FBI recommends no charges… We also know that Hillary plans to keep Lynch on.. How cozy and convenient. I am so disappointed to hear how utterly careless and reckless Hillary was. Others have been prosecuted,but not Hillary.

    • And all of this after a mere 3 1/2 “interview” with the Nation’s #1 Criminal and a clearly compromised FBI.

      We can save a lot of money and just stop the sham of requiring any Democrat to obey the law.

    • Bill knew the FBI’s decision when he visited Sister Loretta on her plane. He was just making sure she didn’t have any ideas of her own.

      And Sister Loretta knew the result when she said she would take the FBI’s recommendation.

  3. So with with Comey’s statement, we learn that if “intent” cannot be proved, handlers of classified information, can be as sloppy and careless with that information as they desire, and no charges will be pressed. It’s good to be in the inner circle of political corruption.

  4. Extreme carelessness while driving a car that smashes into a bus will result in a conviction.
    Extreme carelessness while caring for a child will result in severe consequences by the state.
    Extreme carelessness by any medical professional will result in dismissal and probably criminal actions.
    Extreme carelessness by any member of our military will result in a court-martial or worse.
    Extreme carelessness with top secret and classified information that secures our very country’s safety will result in a ….severe reprimand…a loud Tsk Tsk…nothing.

    • Karma will occur. I have faith that evil, reckless, conceited illegal actions will eventually balance out. I’ve seen it. Sometimes quickly other times it takes a while. And karma is always a bitch.

      • It took how may years for Karma to catch up with Stalin and Mao? 40 years, 50 years. Forget it. The Republic is dead and the rule of law is now a thing of the past.

        Look for the Clinton, Obama cartel to steal the election in November.

        The United States of New Rome.

  5. Effective today, I have no further interest in what goes on in the corrupt politics of this country. The democrats are liars and criminals and the republicans are complicit suckers. There is really nothing more to be said; maybe one day the truth will come to light…..but not any time soon. God Bless America!

  6. No charges equals the continuation of the Obama doctrine. No way charges were going to filed, no matter what she did. Killing puppies and kittens in Time Square wouldn’t have brought anything. The fix has been in for a long, long time.

  7. Any person sitting in prison for any reason connected to anything for national security should be set free immediately after this bullshit.

  8. The US No Justce Department has destroyed this country. The Rule of Law, my ass………this President and so called Constitutional Law,Professor has destroyed the US Constitution and the Republicans stood by watching it.

    How can Pagliano (IT person for Clinton) take the 5th 115 times, they gave him mm unity and no laws have been

    Lois Lerner took the 5th, lied to investigators used her dogs name on .gov address and she skated.

    They rubbed Out Petraus from running because he had a classified document in a unlocked desk drawer in his office in his home guarded by Marines and he gave his schedule to his mistress (who had clearance).

    This country is done……….

  9. So much for the FBI being above all others.How could they possibly have gone over that 4 hour interview and compared it to other testimony from Sat. to Tuesday. The FBI now joins every other
    American Institution that Obama has corrupted. We will not have a country left after Hillary finishes Obama’s work.
    I am sick in my stomach.

  10. If I had to find a silver lining to all of this it would be that Hillary, who is the weakest candidate that the Democrats will nominate, has a good chance to be defeated in November.

  11. There is no chance that the election will be anything but corrupt. As a matter of fact, in my opinion, voting is pointless unless I want to make a grand stand.

    It is not who votes, it’s who counts the vote. So “Surely she did not intend to vote Republican, but it down as a Yes for Clinton”. And Soros owns many of the electronic voting companies, so perhaps Brian Pagliano can make the tweak. A final gift to the Queen before he sails off into the good life sunset , well rewarded for his treason.

    Seriously, there is no way this election will be anything but fraudulent.

  12. He reviews all the Federal Statutes Clinton has violated then recommends no charges. What happens about the Clinton/Lynch meeting? Not a damned thing.

  13. And I just learned the hard way (as usual) the difference between Wishful Thinking – “Clinton Indicted” and Reality – not a snowball’s chance in hell. Life is certainly an on-going learning experience.

  14. The minute it was confirmed that Obama was traveling with Hillary today, you had to know the fix was in.
    From early on I was on the fence regarding the Donald, but he is absolutely correct. The system is rigged.

    • It all happened so quickly and conveniently in the end…Bill’s airport shakedown of Lynch…then the bogus FBI “interview” of Hillary over the weekend…and finally the “Get Out of Jail Free” announcement the same day O is traveling with Hill.

      Couldn’t have been scripted any better.

  15. I’ve come to the conclusion 99.9% of every elected/appointed official, whose salaries are paid by the taxpayers, are 100% corrupted.

    I have to believe both SCJ John Roberts and FBI Director James Comey valued the lives of their loved ones over principles and ethics. Vince Foster chose not to do the same.

    • Vince Foster was getting ready to rat out the Clintons. He’d seen enough. Paid the price. Remember how Hillary went in his office, locked the door and went through his files with a fine toothed comb.

  16. You guys are spared! I will just spit venom and pathetically rant my outrage. Helps no one.

    Off to be with what and who I love and cherish. No one can befoul that.

  17. Insane, fixed, rigged, above the law, Oh god we are so screwed if she is elected.

    Lies, mean nothing, lies lies lies…ok fo r the hildabeast.

  18. Between the sickness in my stomach and the sorrow in my soul I cannot ever remember a time in my 55 years on this planet that I felt so absolutely helpless. By this standard there is no reason for any law abiding American citizen to date to continue abiding by that law in the future.
    Calling this travesty “Banana Republic” justice is an insult to banana republics.

    • What about Bill as the President setting the new definition for “lying” and not being impeached? I am 62, and this was the turning point of the downfall of America. Truth died then.
      Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of other defining corruptions, but the Clinton regime has been lurking in the dark, under the bed, just like every child always knew.

  19. Sorry — can’t help myself. Smiling.

    This was so Bill Clinton — “wham bam, thank you m’am.”

    Meet with Lynchmob. Make sure it is publicized. DOJ deflects to FBI. Hillary has tea with Comey. The peasants are allowed one last weekend delusion of celebrating their “independence”. Hillary and Obama kick back on AF1 and Comey brings the shovel”.

    One week, and that includes, a long weekend. Record time to bring down the Republic.

    And probably still had time to screw some female(s). No sightings of Billy Jeff. Must be off on an island somewhere.

  20. Head’s still spinning on this development. Obvious question: How can Comey lay out such a strong case against Hillary’s continuing outrageous behavior on how she used her server, as he did in the first part of his presser, and then conclude that she is completely innocent of any charges?

    For the three or four people in the country who think all is well with Washington, this development should help you see the light.

    Eva Peron must be extremely jealous.

    • You don’t really think that all that NSA domestic surveillance excluded government officials do you?
      None of us are pure and that type of info in the hands of Obama, Jarrett, and Clinton is what brings Republics to their knees.

      • Yep. Group blackmail. Fits perfectly as one of Obama’s Chicago thug tactics to bring about the coup. He did it in Chicago and no doubt using it now.

  21. Yes, it is sickening. A parody of a Western judicial system, more like a corrupt South American one.
    Now, tell me why Snowden has to keep hiding in Russia while a character like Hillary is free to run for president ? Snowden, who did the US, the entire world, a favor when exposing the unlawful, rigged espionage on us all, an espionage to help the powerful, the Obamas, Clintons and Soros of the world, keep their power. Who can believe that the NSA/government did it for “security” reasons ? Only the naive, I would say. I am so upset.

  22. HRC’s mis-conduct and mis-use of her Office as SOS to curry favors for and from foreign nations for the CF Slush Fund plus
    WATCHING on a drone for 13 hours the assault of Benghazi, Libya, and deaths of Americans is despicable and criminal.

    Additionally, she LIED before a Congressional Cmte and the LIST goes on….Those involved in the Bill & Hill political scandals from prior to and including their Arkansas years and into the WH and beyond are numerous and in every aspect of Gov’t and private life! Nobody will risk exposing either Hill or Bill.

    Their protectors are totally dedicated and determined to do whatever is necessary to protect the Clintons.

    BHO decided that HRC should not be indicted by the FBI, because he would not want to appear with someone who is under federal investigation! Just sayin’!

    THAT does not change the FACT that HRC is, indeed, under any definition, a criminal!

    The entire WH Adm is corrupt! Any more questions? jb

    • No, not at all…. At least he did list all of the “issues” that were wrong…

      And made this comment: “In looking back at our investigations into mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. All the cases prosecuted involved some combination of: clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information; or vast quantities of materials exposed in such a way as to support an inference of intentional misconduct; or indications of disloyalty to the United States; or efforts to obstruct justice. We do not see those things here.

      To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now.”

      No this is what the people need to decide… Since the Justice department will not… Nor will the President of the United States…


      • “To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences.”

        This is the Aladdin’s Lamp to this whole debacle. Another individual would have been indicted, brought to trial, found guilty and sent to prison for years. For Hillary, she will see no punitive consequences and expects to be elected President of the United States and freely inflict her evil ways on us for years.

  23. First headlines I read elsewhere was, “Hillary & Obama campaign together “,
    knew at once NO CHARGES.
    Truly not supprised, as Rush noted, we were being played.
    “An administration built on the cornerstone of law”,
    Barry Obama, LIAR-in-CHIEF
    Vote for Crooked Hillary and get 8!more years of in your face blatant corruption.

      • Bonnie, the whole voting system is also rigged!! There is no way HRC is going to lose the election now! After this corrupt loser of a FBI directors decision not to charge her, the republican party is doomed! I really thought we had a strong chance with inditing her after all the talk I’ve heard about this FBI director being all about law & order! What a joke it all is!

    • For sure! They would indict a ham sandwich. But a ‘bologna’ sandwich? You betcha!

      Hillary should have been given the same treatment as dear hubby, Bill…a Special Prosecutor.
      Without the decision of the Kangaroo Court, she wouldn’t even pass a security clearance to work as a janitor in the WH.

  24. Well, if Clinton is elected, looks as though the USA may be involved in another Civil War.
    The Clintons have bought themselves another boy with FBI Director James Comey.
    What these jokers do not realize is this; If the Feds do not have to follow rules or laws, NEITHER DO I.
    Hey Comey! Don’t cross the Clintons! Remember Vince Foster!

  25. Sometimes, you just can’t help but laugh:
    a journalist asked if MrsClinton’s security clearance would be lifted as a result of her actions.
    What? A Dem nominee for POTUS without security clearance could never be elected to that position. Imagine, the POTUS who can’t read briefings or hear about anything the State Department, the FBI, or anyone is doing.

  26. There’s about three people I won’t name that should be Breitbarted off the face of this earth. I won’t name them. Actually more. I don’t watch any news on TV and got rid of cable after the last election in 2012. I also cried.

    Even if Trump wins he will lose I’m afraid. I donated yesterday. I don’t care about me, but I care about my son, in his thirties, a writer and a Trump follower. And the decent future generation. Can someone give me any hope? Off the computer.

    • You’re right. If Trump wins, the MSM, the Democrats, the Republican elites will spend every day, 24/7, to destroy his Presidency, his family, his decisions, his actions, his place in history. They did that with Reagan and Bush, but it will be much worse for a Trump presidency.

        • Hell, Repubs are already usurping the will of their party. I was sickened when Romney got on that train. I certainly misjudged him. I am in the NEVER Hillary category, and was unsure of Trump’s crass-ness. As this year has progressed, it has become evident that he is the ONLY person with enough fire in his belly to fight back. As things heat up, I fear for him & his family.

          My question is, how long will those of us who are patriots do nothing? And if we do nothing, what have our fathers & fore-fathers given their lives for?

  27. Even though Hoover was a closet-gay and blackmailed presidents and others with illegally gathered secrets I have always regarded the FBI as above reproach.


    • I suspect not much. Watched his body language and facial expressions, his eyes in particular. He knew he was BSing through his speech. He had the look a of scared little boy. Soebody got to him. To list all the crap Hillary did re her servers–stuff that would put anyone else in the slammer for years–and then declare he wouldn’t request an indictment from the AG? Well, someone got to him.

    • Hell, he’s scared to death, you all. He has a family, and anyone who is emotionally connected in any way is vulnerable @ the Clinton’s hands.
      I wonder, if he IS the honest guy we have heard he is, how he will live with himself. I’m not sure I could. Will he be able to? Only time will tell.

  28. We the poor and brain washed folks are being socially maimed bt a justice system, while the rich and powerful members of government are immune from all wrong doings and live their lives above the law. Only God can render justice to the poor and those who oppressed them.

    • The people that frequent this site are not brainwashed.

      Rather, we think and comment using the tools God gave us to intelligently disseminate the daily montage of information that we are told to accept by the propaganda machine called the news media.

      We are not so easily fooled.
      Skepticism is an attribute.
      Use it.

  29. Comey made his bones in the FBI by his investigation of Martha Stewart’s third rate, amateur, insider trading scheme. Stewart got a five month prison sentence for that.

    Hillary committed the highest degree level of security breaches ever seen by a Secretary of State thus endangering the lives of every American. She gets off free.

  30. What about the dirty Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative? This is outrageous and James Comey has lost his credibility and reputation as a straight shooter!

  31. Leaves not doubt the prince of darkness rules over Washington D.C. ( Washington Dark Corridor) Could it be considered the anus of the USA? I wonder?