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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 5, 2016

11:45 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
1:05 pm || Departs White House for Joint Base Andrews
1:20 pm || With Hillary Clinton aboard, departs Joint Base Andrews for Charlotte, North Carolina
2:25 pm || Arrives Charlotte, North Carolina
3:15 pm || Campaigns with Hillary Clinton; Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, North Carolina
5:05 pm || Departs Charlotte
6:30 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

45 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 5, 2016”

  1. At this point it’s fair to ask who else besides HRC is aboard?

    Feel sorry for North Carolina — with both of them together the lies are going to be coming at you fast and furious.

    1. I live in southeastern NC, thank heavens. Charlotte is about a four hour drive west.

      I am sure, though, that our local left leaning news will be slobbering all over this.

      1. Whew, you shouldn’t be affected by road closures then :D

        I used to live in Jacksonville, NC. Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach would have been one of my favorite places to retire in. Are you near there?

      2. Hello, MJ! I’m in Down East NC also! Walter Jones’ district!
        I’ve posted just a few times during the years I’ve been keeping up with all of y’all. Bless your hearts!
        JJ GRITS

  2. Ok how ridicoulous is this. Is crooked Hilary going to pay us back for the airplane ride and Obama’s. We are paying for him.

  3. It truly makes me ill to read that (on Independence Day) we as American loving Patriots should pay one red cent for these haters to even have breakfast together.God Bless this Country please and soon, thank you. Amen

  4. Hillary is chomping at the bit, anxious to get back on AF1. All campaign flights should be at their PREPAID cost instead of taxpayers sending them a bill that never gets paid. Of course, the Obama WH refuses to release any information regarding reimbursement.

  5. I’ll be curious how packed that venue will be. Obama’s speech at the rally will probably count as an “official business” trip. Tab’s on us kiddoes :)

    1. Yes, good point. Will the place be packed with excited people lined up outside waiting to get it? Or will the place be only half filled causing the photographers to compose and angle their shots to make the place looked crowded? Will the crowds be singing Obama’s praises, and holding up “I Heart Hillary” signs? Will some breathless, excited young reporter be staring into the television camera telling us how wonderful it is, how exciting it is, to have Obama and Hillary here, and how people are fainting with joy and happiness.

      Yes, the radical left element of the Progressive Democrat Party learned a lot about propaganda from Leni Riefenstahl. They’ve obviously studied her techniques very, very closely.

        1. It will come as no surprise that PBS spliced in fireworks film from 2015 last night. p.s. They didn’t bother to advise the viewers.

  6. The president is also the chief law enforcement officer in the land. Never mind the hopelessly criminally corrupt Loretta Lynch, what kind of message is being conveyed by Dictator Imam Obama to the FBI and the rest of the citizens of this country regarding the disgusting and arrogant campaigning by Obama for the obese, aging, communist felon Hillary? Such a glaring example of how utterly broken and beyond repair the government has become. A criminal and traitor is now the democrat communist party nominee for president and tens of millions of useful idiots will vote for the Hildebeast.

    Legacy and third Obama term my foot, Dictator Imam Obama needs Hillary in the White House so his multiple felonies will never be prosecuted.

    Why should the rest of us obey any laws after seeing that the same laws do not apply to the communist democrats in power?

    1. I agree — all this garbage about not being able to comment (but of course, he does) and now the POTUS and an unindicted criminal are sharing private time together.

      Nothing to see here.

    2. Today’s Obama/Hillary appearance before an adoring crowd—- isn’t that like Bonnie and Clyde arriving in town and Clyde explaining to the crowd why Bonnie, a trustworthy, honest and pure-as-the-driven-snow person should be elected as mayor of their little town? This sounds like a skit from the Andy Griffith Show, with Sheriff Andy Taylor wondering why these two crooks aren’t in jail?

  7. Curious. Other than some oft kilter idea of politeness, why do we address formers as Mr. Congressman, Madame Secretary, etc. They were elected Public officials — why not Mr. Public Servant?

    Seriously, part of Independence was a rejection of aristocracy and titles. Bad enough that we pay them forever.

    I know also that this is pretty common among retired military as well, mostly officers. This somehow is more understandable to me…

    Anyway, curious.

  8. In about 90 minutes, no one will be talking about what the plane ride costs because FBI director Comey is scheduled to make a statement at 11. It’s over folks. No charges. Life is good for Hilz. There’s no way Obama would fly anywhere if he thought Comey was going to say something detrimental to the presumptive nominee.

    1. The fix is in. Obama escorting Hillary in AF1 to a campaign event. Hillary hinted at keeping Lynch as her AG. Gives whole new meaning to Bill and Loretta’s cozy tarmac meeting.

      1. Throw in Comey who I suspect will finally close the chapter it’s a wrap.

        What I would love to see (and it will never happen) is for Comey to say after that, “And I here and now officially resign as Director of the FBI. Thank you and God Bless America.”


      2. Re. Comey — Here is a comment I saw elsewhere–

        Obama wouldn’t be seen within a hundred miles of Frau Blucher if there was any chance of an indictment.

    2. This will be one of those historic announcements that we will remember for a long time, a marker in American political history–whichever way it goes–recommendation for indictment or not. It doesn’t feel like justice will prevail at this point, but we’ll see at 11.

        1. so far — messy misdemeanors, no intent, (as in I did not intend to rob that bank and then kill all the people, but ….).

          The glove does not fit …..but the slipper does.

  9. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    Post Independence Day News Capsules for North Carolina:

    Local News:
    1) Locals warned to be aware of con and scam professionals targeting state today.

    2) Expect delays at airport and on route to convention center due to unprovoked arrival of “Carpet Baggers” and their entourage.

    3) News reporting censorship to be at highest level since WWII.

    4) Gender specific signs ordered removed from all restrooms in airport and convention center for the duration of the visit.

    5) Unprecedented 4th day added to local holiday weekend by undocumented visiting political figures to stimulate support.

    Weather: Unsettling, Stormy, Very cloudy, Ozone and PM2.5 Pollutants at record levels.

    Sports: Local sports activity to cease for the day due to the need for all available spectators at convention center.

    Business: Fertilizer market prices set to crash due to sudden surplus dumped on local market.

    Entertainment: “Fashion Police” have hand’s tied to regulate atrocious attire of undesirable visitor.

    Obituaries: Common Sense, Logic, Judgement and Intelligence will all be laid to rest today, having succumbed to a virus from D.C.

    Related news from the A.P.: The International Liar’s Club is noticably split and in an internal turmoil over which to award the “Liar of the Year Award” – (PSEUDO) President Obama or Hillary Clinton, with a 3rd faction opting for an unprecedented shared award.

  10. So with with Comey’s statement, we learn that if “intent” cannot be proved, handlers of classified information, can be as sloppy and careless with that information as they desire, and no charges will be pressed. It’s good to be in the inner circle of political corruption.

  11. 10:45 am — Call Director Comey. Remind him of that embarrassing thing that would be totally awful if it became public. On a COMPLTELY UNRELATED NOTE, wish him all the best at today’s press conference.

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