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Independence Day Open Thread || Tuesday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Celebrate this magnificent country.

While we’ve still got it . . .


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  1. We have a big flagpole in our garden. Every fourth of July we forget about our dislike of the US politics and politicians and fly the Star Spangled Banner. With great pride. Because we love the country, magnificent, yes, and the people.
    Happy Fourth of July !

    • One of my fondest memories is 4th of July parade in our hometown (2,500 souls) with the firetrucks, Boy Scouts waving on a trailer towed by a farm tractor, our high school marching band, and assorted decorated trucks. Later, fireworks at the highschool football field.
      Fried chicken, potato salad and lemonade.
      Happy 4th, America.

      • Grace, it is one of the problems that come with the invasion of young men from another culture, a culture with a totally different view on women and womens rights. It is a clash between our free, independent young girls and women and these abusive male immigrants. Add to that our Swedish laws, influenced by a feminist point of view, with a very tough stance on sexual crimes , any “touch” can be reported. Yes, we talk a lot about it. But strangely enough, the previously loud feminists don´t do it much in public. Because, you know, racism……..

        • Thank you taking the time to address the factions involved.

          Very sad when there is little to no legal or societal justice.

          Odd that. Liberal feminists worldwide choose to ignore the pathological abuse of women by these Muslim marauders.

          It is reported that a significant number of gays are enrolling themselves in firearms courses after Orlando. I hope for their sake the feminists do not need a personal experience to make themselves stand and speak out against this horrific treatment of women.

        • The Trojan Horse has arrived at the gates and the feckless politicians willingly opened the doors and let it in.

          It will be far harder to eradicate the turmoil it will cause than to have refused it in the first place.

  2. Goooooooooooood Mooooooooooooooorning WHD’s.

    This is not a test, this is Red, White and Blue, rockin and rollin INDEPENCE DAY baby!

    Is that me or does that sound like the sound of freedom out there?

    Viva Da Flag, oh viva, Da Flag.
    Da Flag me, Da Flag me.
    Why don’t they get a rope and fly me.

    Hey is it a little too early for being that patriotic? Hey too late……..

    RIP Robin Williams, you left us way too soon but will remind us forever of the brilliance grown right here in the good ol U S of A.

    Now onto obligatory self-promotion of today’s patriotic post.

    Remember Posner? The “it’s a waste of time to study the history” of the Constitution judge? He needs to read my JGlobe column this #IndependenceDay:

    Our Founding Father’s brilliance shines brighter from the grave than Posner ever will in life.

    Have a Happy Independence day all!

    And just to tick off the trolls that pop by once in a while:

    God Bless these United States of America.

    • Great column, Geoff! Judge Posner obviously has not studied much history or he would know that men are men are men, and very little has changed in behavior or motivation in ten thousand years, much less in 240. Thanks for making that clear!

    • Spot on Geoff. Morality and the desire for power.

      Adams knew the damage that would come should government overseeing that republic ever fall into the hands of those void of the morality needed to place the Constitution above their desire for political power.

      So many in our judicial system — social justice HA — like Posner are ironically void of the requisite morality.

      Happy Independence Day. God bless America.

    • Outstanding, Geoff! In his farewell address (1796), Washington also spoke of the need for a religious/moral people if we were to keep the dream of a Constitutional Republic alive and thriving. He warned us also of the destructive potential of an overly partisan interests and the need for an properly educated population in this new Nation. It’s worth a read on this July 4th.

    • I haven’t listened to it yet, so maybe this is covered. I guess we all have heard bits and pieces.

      True or not, I heard that John Hancock signed large because he wanted to make sure King George could see it and remember.

      I also heard and we know about some of the losses these men had — their homes, wives, and their money and means of support. It was more than attaching a name to a document. This was an act of bravery and courage.

    • I listened to Paul Harvey in the breakfast nook that my grandpa built every time I visited….everything stopped when he was hovering by his radio…..thank you so much for this today…a few tears….

    • And it hadn’t been for that one local reporter exposing this Clinton/Lynch meeting, we wouldn’t know about it. That’s what responsible journalism can do.

      • I saw a clip of that reporter being interviewed I think on O’Reilly. He was sharp and I was impressed with the fact that he double checked his sources before pursuing it.

        Hopefully a sign that there are responsible media people out there, they just haven’t been corrupted. Fingers crossed.

        • I hope you’re right. In the meantime, while Lynch is in the hot seat, where is Billy? He hasn’t come forward to to support Lynch’s story, hasn’t been interviewed, is nowhere to be seen, and the press isn’t pursuing him on this issue in the least, it seems. He’s 50 percent of the issue, for crying out loud. We haven’t heard the press say, “Former President Clinton says XYZ about his meeting with Attorney General Lynch.” Bet he’s on some plane getting out of the country until this cools down.

          Once again, we learn why he’s called Slick Willy.

          There is one reason and one reason only he met with Lynch: to influence her decision on the possible upcoming FBI recommendation to indict Hillary Clinton. The evidence will suggest that she violated 18 U.S. Code § 793 of the Espionage Act, and that, as you know, is a very big deal. The fact that Hillary is the very last person to be interviewed by the FBI means the investigation is completed. She was the last step. That’s how the FBI conducts these kinds of investigations.

          The Washington insiders–those who whisper to each other all the time about what’s really going on in DC, including the Clintons–know that her indictment is more than a little possibility. Not inevitable, of course, but she’s not out of the woods just yet. Not even close. And with her potential indictment and continuing discovery of evidence, the Clinton Corrupt Empire could well collapse.

          That’s what’s going on, I’ll bet. But it’s just a guess.

          • Yes Marcus, and we have the current POTUS endorsing an individual that could be a crook, and not only that, campaigning with her.

          • AFVet, and yet Obama is so arrogant and out of touch with the public perception of Hillary that he thinks supporting her is a good thing. He actually thinks he’s helping her. Beyond weird and stupid.

            Different topic (since we’re doing some music today): You may remember when I noted a few days ago that Chet Atkins said Lenny Breau was the greatest guitar player who ever lived. (Lenny is from my town so I like him ;+}).
            Here are Chet Atkins clips from a Lenny Breau documentary:


            Here’s Lenny and Chet in a Sweet Georgia Brown duo. Watch Chet’s expressions as Lenny shows him how it’s done.


            Enjoy some real guitar playing.

          • Marcus, I am taking the liberty of posting an astute comment from one of the Conservative Treehouse readers on 7/01.
            My faith in FBI Director, Comey, is now minus zero:

            RLTW says:
            July 1, 2016 at 8:50 pm

            “In spite of all of my cynicism I had some hopes for the FBI. I always lecture my civilian friends and family about “normalcy bias.” Seems I suffer from it as much as anyone.

            There is a much deeper and unfortunate story here. The AG detail is not Secret Service, it is composed of the same FBI Agent detail that protects FBI Director James Comey. The AG’s detail and the Director’s detail all work out of the same staging area in the basement of FBIHQ in DC. An Agent that protects AG Lynch one day can be protecting Comey the next. They constantly cross-pollinate. It is essentially the same detail.

            The AG’s Office does not have it’s own aircraft. When the AG needs to travel somewhere the AG’s office contacts the FBI and requests use of the FBI G-5. This request is de-conflicted at Comey’s level to make sure that Comey or other FBI entities aren’t using it on those dates. Lynch flew to Phoenix on the FBI G-5, which was flown by FBI Agent pilots and was accompanied by Comey’s FBI Agent detail.

            Protective detail work is extremely meticulous. At least one week prior to the AG’s visit to Phoenix, FBI Agents from Lynch’s assigned detail would have travelled to Phoenix to conduct a site-survey. The entire FBI SWAT Team of the Phoenix FBI field office would have been dispatched to assist, as per the orders of the Phoenix SAC, who would have been read-in on every detail of the visit and would have been in constant contact with FBIHQ in order to coordinate the operation.

            Tasks completed would have included:

            de-conflict with TSA/local airport security/airport control tower at the airport for a remote/secure location to park the AG’s plane where the FBI suburbans with detail could establish an appropriate perimeter in order to secure AG Lynch’s arrival.

            Coordinate with Phoenix PD for motorcycle police escort to/from airport to hotel in order to bypass traffic jams etc. (hotel rooms reserved for AG/staff/fbi detail, etc.). Reconnoiter and finalize primary/alt routes to and from airport/hotel with planned hard-points along each route in case of attack, etc. Literally everything is planned down to the minute.

            Same planning process would have occurred with routes to and from hotel to Phoenix FBI Field Office, USAO’s office and any other planned locations for the AG to visit.

            The FBI G-5 doesn’t just taxi down the tarmac and “bump into” a Secret Service-protected jet carrying Bill Clinton. This meeting necessarily involved extensive coordination between the two Agencies.

            Imagine two private jets, two fleets of black Suburbans. Both protected by a small army of men in suits, wearing earpieces, carrying MP-7s and 416s. Meeting at random on the tarmac of the Phoenix Airport. Unaware of each other’s presence until the jets pull side by side and the doors open and the men in suits appear on both sides. Scenario for an epic friendly-fire incident.

            In other words, absolutely no way this meeting happened without extensive coordination between the FBI protective detail and Secret Service. Absolutely no way Comey didn’t know Lynch was meeting with Clinton. Comey and FBI Executive Management’s fingerprints are all over this.

            Pretty damn depressing. Seems Obama has corrupted even our (formerly) most noble institutions. Sad day USA.”


          • Marcus, I watched both videos.
            He was indeed a great guitar player.
            So many great artists have succumbed to the siren song of drugs.

          • Amazing that Bill Clinton has disappeared and no one is asking any questions of him. Good to be King in waiting for the Queen’s coronation. Especially since we just took care of that pesky legal issue.

            Perhaps he jetted off in another private plane to some island of delight for the holiday. Celebrate the 4th in the same disgusting manner that he treated the Presidency. Won’t put it past him.

            Drudge had a headline suggesting HRC would keep Lynchmob on as AG if elected. Wouldn’t that be a slap in the face to the peons.

          • Thanks for that info Girly1! I have suspected all along it was a highly coordinated meeting. Still no evidence Bill played golf anywhere. I seriously doubt his health would have allowed him to play in the heat.

            Gracepc, we’re hearing Hillary may keep Lynch on. Perhaps that was part of the private conversation between Bill and Lynch.

          • Girly, that’s an amazing post from someone who clearly knows how these things get done. A whistle blower perhaps? An FBI Agent whose conscience was screaming to tell the truth? I agree, the FBI was somehow involved in this meeting, coordinating their resources, planning for all contingencies, as they do for all these kinds of meetings. Was Comey told to go along with this? Did he willingly cooperate? Did he not put his foot down and say, “No!”? I, like you am extremely disappointed in him. The meeting has all the earmarks of a highly coordinated meeting to influence, or even threaten, Lynch if she did not play along and neutralize this whole Hillary thing. And Pronto. Chicago politics. Thuggery. And probably more.

          • AZ Granny, if it’s true that Hillary has said she’s considering Lynch on as AG (I read the same thing earlier today), then we can connect more dots.

            Dot 1-Clinton holds the secret (well, not secret anymore), to make an offer to Lynch that if she refuses to follow the FBI’s recommendation to drop the case, she could stay on as AG if Hillary’s elected.

            Dot 2-Just a very few days later, Hillary floats the idea that she just might keep Lynch on as AG.

            If we follow the bouncing ball, we might easily assume that Lynch agreed to drop the case or simply refuse to pursue a recommendation to indict.

            Case closed.

            Corrupt to the core. All of them.

          • Grace, I’m thinking that the Clintons and their inner circle sense their whole corrupt house of cards is about to come crashing down around their heads–the Foundation, Hillary’s dreams of becoming POTUS, the scams the Clintons ran while she was SOS. Bill is likely burning up the phone lines calling in all his favors, demanding that his buddies (and Hillary’s, one supposes) get rid of this pesky email thing, destroy incriminating evidence about the Foundation, etc. Their concern and blocking activity seems to have been highly elevated in the past few days, and they are in full panic mode, doing really stupid stuff and saying really dumb things. They sense the end for them may be closer than they ever believed it would be. We’ll sense what the rest of the week goes like for Hillary. Bet she’s not getting much sleep these days.

    • If you listened to the link, this is why they are afraid of Trump.
      He has said that he will upset their apple cart, and destroy their dream job.

      Hillary will not.
      She is part of it.
      And they know that.

      With the media in their pocket and Trump rattling their cages, you bet they are afraid of what he might do to the their precious hierarchy.

      The status quo cannot remain in WDC, not if our Country is to survive.

  3. Marcus says:
    July 4, 2016, 9:51 pm at 9:51 pm

    Have no idea where this will land. But ….re. Clintons, Dems, panic.

    I don’t know if they are panicking — it’s been so long since they have been answerable to any of their nefarious deeds that they probably think they can get away with murder. :) Gee, ya’ think.

    I can’t see it happening — Hillary stepping down or aside, being held in any way shape or form responsible. At most she might get a slap on the wrist for exercising “poor judgement”. Remember — anything happens to Hillary and the Clintons have the goods on Obama. No way, no how is that happening. Unless, of course, the Clintons take a late night couples stroll themselves through Marcy Park.

    • ” Remember — anything happens to Hillary and the Clintons have the goods on Obama.”

      This may be the most important piece of the puzzle of why it’s taken so long to get this far in the investigation. Mutual blackmail. Obama has a lot to hide, and the Clintons likely have uncovered a lot of Obama’s secrets, perhaps with photographs and voice recordings. And ValJar’s got a strange and dark past as well. She’s got a lot to lose if her secrets became public.
      I suspect the tension and suspense in the White House these days is very high. People screaming at each other, staffers yelling, “No, it was YOUR job to tell the President about that file,” or “Valerie is very mad right now, and she’s yelling at the President calling him ‘stupid’ and a goofball”.

      Ah, yes, not happy days in the White House as Lady Justice keeps knocking at the door.

  4. First of all, at the very least, Hillary Clinton should be arrested and prosecuted for signing a legal Affidavit stating that she gave all of her e-mails to the State Department! Which she did not as everyone knows that she deleted 33,000 government e-mails so that no one would know she was begging for money from foreign countries and how can she get away with signing an Affidavit which she lied about and is false AND GET TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT. Its because the FBI is Obama’s FBI, thats how.

    DON’T FORGET BLACK OUT CNN who 24 hours a day lies about Trump for Crooked Hillary. This country is going down the toilet because of Obama who is nothing but a traitor and deceiver of the American people, the enemy within.