In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Saturday Open Thread || July 2, 2016

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    1. I love fiddling. Also classical orchestra violins.
      There’s a fiddling contest in Payson, AZ every summer. I haven’t been but it sounds fun.

    1. I would be very surprised if she did go to jail.
      With the Clinton’s and Obama involved I doubt whether she sees any time.

      It will be up to the voters.

      1. A FB acquaintance, dem. Posted a link titled, how to defend hilz for the lies the right wing conspiracy keeps telling about her.
        DH gave her a laughing emoji.

    2. As far as the DOJ’s slow rolling the investigation, I hope there’s a continuous audit of Loretta Lynch’s bank account deposits, investments–domestic and in overseas banks and funds– and net worth after her meeting with Slick Willy Clinton. If there’s a dramatic increase, or even a slow, unexplained increase in the accounts, it’s time for the DOJ to step in and look deeper. Oh, wait, she IS the DOJ.

      Sorry to be so crass and suspicious. But that’s what we expect from secret meetings with Bill Clinton.

      1. You are not “crass” but Spot on Sir when it comes to the creep (Bill) running this “Clinton Foundation” (international Million$$$ slush fund)

      2. This administration has been slow rolling everything except for liberal domestic policies.

        We don’t know about Fast and Furious yet.

        1. And on the Fast and Furious story, Hillary is also up to her eyeballs on that one, too. As SOS, the law required that she be briefed on Fast and Furious and to sign off on the approval documentation for the program. If SOS doesn’t approve it, it doesn’t get done.They haven’t even begun the work necessary to tie her to the program. The useless media will never pursue her connection to Fast and Furious.

          1. Holder hit the door pretty quick.

            She took over and was given marching orders by Obama not to pursue it.

            As far as Lynch goes, she should be the one to raise holy hell about everything that has happened the past 7 years.

            Obama will never allow her to do that.

          2. Evil is one word, nefarious is another.

            With a media that is complicit and a congress that is neutered, we will have to just wait this one out.

      3. Lynchmob is not a neophyte. She knew what was required when she accepted the nomination.

        She was appointed to the US Attorney’s office in 1999 by Bill Clinton and has been a friend and confidant of the Clintons ever since. She also worked closely with Eric Holder and sat on his advisory committee beginning in 2013.

        That she folded is no surprise.

    3. The corrupt collusion with Obama, the DOJ, and the Clintons is stomach turning. It is vile, especially because it is so blatant. They no longer care about what the American people think. The Dem Party and the media are just swill.

      Barack Obama received emails from Clinton, most likely with confidential and secret information in them. He was aware of this from the get go. There is no way anything can be brought against Clinton without involving him. This will never ever come to a just resolution. No justice will ever be served.

      That is what they are telling us. Don’t like it. Too bad.

      Hillary going to the FBI today– do soon after the Clinton/Lynchmob message was sent — a joke, Probably more talk about the grandkids, yoga or perhaps just brunch.

    4. Not sure how reliable CNN is, just heard this morning have reported that one of their resources has told them HRC will not be charged.

  1. An Independence Day weekend with Hillary having to give the FBI 3 1/2 hours of her time is a good start.
    A better finish would be an indictment, trial and conviction resulting in 30 1/2 years over Labor Day!

    1. Geoff, You can’t possibly be treating this with any degree of credulity. Game over. Today, as I said above, was most likely brunch.

  2. I was doing some research today on alactic workouts and somewhere in the mishmash I came across the “smart drug”.

    Being flip about it — a cognitive enhancer for the cool kids. Different kinds, some homebrewed. Nicotine gum is a prominent one.

    Anyhow, who do we know and love who cannot stop chewing gum (nicotine gum I hear) even at them most inappropriate times? Yes, our dear leader.

    I don’t know much about it. But here are two article about them cognitive enhancers, a favorite of cool kids. Of course, there is “science” behind.


    And, of course, the former leader of the choom gang is is smart — according to President Jarrett. And cool.

    Smart drugs — part of SV culture and for billionaires and New Worlders according to Huffpo.


  3. La! How time flies – cocaine used to be the smartener drug. I trust whatever this might be that it’s gluten-free, organic and non-habit forming or if it is, that there’s a patch coming soon…better living through DuPont (old TV ad)

    1. I had to laugh at the Huffpo article. With Obama though it’s just straight up nicotine and yet the Feds want to if not make illegal then severely regulate e cigarettes.

      They need to use the Smart Drug argument.

  4. Couple of stories about the continuing deep corruption in the Obama Administration: (Placing stories here because there’s no Sunday thread yet)

    “The For-Profit Government Industry
    Column: How President Obama‚Äôs friends profit from his policies”

    “Obama Friends Surround Push to Acquire For-Profit University of Phoenix”

    1. Marcus, This is mindblowing. It is sooooo very very corrupt. Cozy.

      Well, perhaps after the government kills off the for profits and makes them into Obama College, these poor fellows will have a place to go.

      I think then the circle is money from the government to the incarcerated to the Obama college directly to the Obama and cronies’ pockets or Swiss bank accounts. The Clintons have nothing on the Obamas by the looks of it.

      Oh yes, the link to the new students ….

      1. Nothing. I like them. Which is why I know that you and Aileen do as well since I listened to all your links.

        So, I just thought if that is what you might be expecting you might want to know this. Also my two cousins who relocated to West Virginia and who are quite musical are currently taking banjo lessons so they can play with various groups.


    1. Good stuff! My father would talk about how he and his buddies wandered into a bar/nightclub on the Left Bank in Paris just after the war (he was in the 82d Airborne) and there was Edith Piaf singing her heart out to American GI’s in the bar. She was tiny little thing, somewhere around 4’8″-9″ according to him. But, boy, could she belt out a song.

      Speaking of Paris, a buddy and I were in Paris back in the ’60’s on leave from Berlin. We were in the Pigalle district and wandered past the Moulin Rouge where a guy asked us if we wanted to come in and be part of the audience for an Ed Sullivan Show being filmed there. We said, “Sure”. So in we went and got some great seats–saw Connie Francis sing, Marlene Dietrich made a walk on appearance, and the Can Can girls did their dance thing. After the Can Can girls did their dance they came over to our table (we had a big table with only the two of us at the table) and asked if they could sit with us and watch the show. We said, “You bet you can”. ;+} Anyway, as we began talking to them, it turned out that about half of them (out of about 12) were Americans! We had a great time, and then they were gone preparing to do their next number. Or was it all just a dream? ;+} Nah, it really happened.

      1. Thanks. She was an important and lovely voice. Still kicking … Dame Vera Lynn.

        Sometimes it is difficult to watch considering how this country and our fine citizens have been trashed by the filth that flows through our government and the halls of Congress.

      1. You bet the Russians have the goods on Hillary. Count on it. You know how good they are at this sort of thing. Hillary was a very easy target for Russian hackers. They know her character flaws, her true history, whom she secretly communicates with and what they talk about, her medical conditions. Putin understands Hillary better than Hillary understands Hillary. He knows what time she gets up in the morning, what time she goes to bed at night, what she drinks and how much she drinks, who her friends are, what she has on her server(s), what kind of toothpaste she uses, what she really thinks of Obama, what she eats for dinner, what her weaknesses are, where she’s vulnerable, all her secrets. He knows where she is at any given moment and who she’s with. No doubt they have a complete psychological profile on her. They know how she thinks, how she’ll act in any given situation, what she’s afraid of.

        She’s got nowhere to hide from Putin.

    1. I had a whole diatribe about Congress and the government and blah blah blah. Took it out. They know. They don’t care.

      6 times deported — that’s on the murderer Jeh Johnson who refuses to enforce the laws at the border.

      Also the Steinles are suing. Anyone whose friend, or family member has died at the hands of illegals should sue as many government officials and public servants as they can. The cost of doing so should be born by the government.

      Kate Steinle’s mother told reporters “This is for accountabiliity for public officials that we have voter for, who are not doing their job.” I wish them every success.

  5. Well if we are talking about illegals….we here in Georgia have been fighting this for years….just one look at the Dustin Inman Society will fill you in…nothing short of an atrocity….and nothing is changing either

    1. I just don’t get it. Nothing changes, no one does anything about this. It’s so odd.

      I wonder if this is the way it will “end” — evolve. With no action to counter it, to right ourselves and our country.

      Maybe because we are reluctant to do what needs to be done. Which, I guess, is a good thing. For the moment.

  6. This is apropos of nothing. And I may not state my case very well, but I think this is interesting.

    It’s an NYT article about tough times for more “elite” but small black publishers and publications. A certain segment of the black media.

    I don’t see this as a problem exclusive to “blacks”. I think it is the same for whites and other smaller businesses who serve a particular segment of a market. In this case, I would say the upper end of the AA market.

    And I think it is because the black or AA community has become more radicalized and coarser. Before the Obama racist administration came in there was more integration in society and more of a movement toward that across the board. Now, these publications are being rejected by their own.

    And I think in this instance in particular it is sad. Ebony, Jet and a few of the other publications reflected human accomplishment, hard work, talent, aspirations and so forth. I am sorry to see them leave. But it is the move to the left in this country (among blacks and whites) that is a major cause of the the disappearance of publications and businesses such as this.

    The NYT tries hard to make this about race. Perhaps it is to the extent that it is internal division within a race, but it is not racist.

    Anyway, it’s sad and it’s troubling. Although I see Desiree Rogers is featured here — Mooch and ValJar booted her out hard and early. That speaks for itself.

    1. Think about all the walled cities and fortresses around the wall, not excluding the Great Wall. Seems some people thought walls were a good defense against invaders. Not the only solution, but part of a solution, to this very large problem.

    1. Reading through the NYT article you posted. I don’t believe a word of it. Based on seven and one half years of observing this guy, listening to how he words his thoughts and phrases, reading what other people who know him say about him, reading his daily schedule, witnessing how often he is late to meetings–this is not a guy who works long days, not someone who exhibits the slightest bit of self-discipline, not one who indulges in serious introspection or does serious reading. Not for a second.

      I suppose the White House thought they had to create this “hard working and dedicated” image of Obama, because the public perception is that the real Obama is exactly the opposite. And after all, he’s got to polish up his notorious reputation as a grifter and slacker in order to boost his resume and create a phony legacy

    2. It’s puzzling that Obama works such late hours, especially when his daily schedule is often very light. I don’t believe a word of this article either. It sounds like a fantasy and the comments are what nightmares are made of. The people sound programmed,like Stepford wives…

      1. I don’t believe it either.

        One thing I thought was interesting was apparently the Mrs. and he don’t spend much time together on the couch watching the telly. He disappears into the “Treaty Room” and she, goes to bed early.

        And you would think that with that word game he loves he could distinguish and pronounce corps from corpse. Oh well,,,,,

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