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Open Thread || Friday, July 1, 2016



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  1. Happy Birthday Canada! One hundred and forty nine years old today. There will be lots of Canada Day activities, and fireworks this evening.

  2. Here’s something we missed:
    The Obamas have arranged to put their daughter in our embassy in Spain as an “intern”. What an intern does in a embassy is unknown, but what we can know is that she will be on a Spanish vacation this summer. Why just the summer? dunno, she doesn’t have any schooling or job or anything to prevent her from just living there.
    Why this was done is a mystery.
    The security will be massive, the family will probably make multiple trips to Spain to “visit”, and – I don’t know what this is all about.

    • Veddy interesting, srdem!

      There is more to this story than meets the eye:
      Obama appointed James Costo to the Ambassadorship in 2013, and his ‘romantic partner’, Michael Smith, was the interior decorator that Obama hired to redo portions of the WH.

      The Costo/Smith home in Palm Desert is also where Obama spends ALL of his time on his frequent trips to the CA desert.

      Putting on my tin foil hat, it looks like Obama will be using Malia as a ‘foil’ to account for some extracurricular traveling to Spain this summer. Palm Desert will be a ghost town when the temps reach 110 degrees or more. The ‘partying’ will continue…in Madrid! Ole!

      Everything revolves around Obama’s ‘personal life’, and this is no exception.

      • If it means the whole family of grifters will spend more time in Spain that works for me. No matter where they are — in WDC or elsewhere — they always manage to spend a lot of our money.

        Knew Malia would take advantage of the taxpayers for as much of her “gap year” as possible — .

    • I thought the aspiring “film maker” would spend her Gap Year living with the Spielbergs in La-La-Land or some other celebrity related mental pablum for this star struck family.

      Only interning for the summer? I’m sure we,the taxpayers, will be picking up the room and board

  3. The meeting with Lynch and Clinton gets curiouser and curiouser. The Phoenix reporter who broke the story was interviewed on O’Reilly and said the FBI told everyone around on the tarmac not to take photos, pictures or use their cell phones. Why such secrecy if they only discussed grandkids? Also, it was 108 degrees that day, too hot for a sickly old man to play golf and sources can’t confirm he actually did.

    • I find it to be a hopeful news item – at least it was reported.
      The truth is, they were trying to hide their “visit” – and they both know it.
      And now, so do we.
      Kudos to the reporter(s) who did his/her job.

      • Lynch has completely destroyed what very little credibility she had. Clinton, as is his live long habit, basically threw her under the bus, and she appears to have been a willing victim to his self-serving purposes. She’s toast.

    • AZ Granny….just wanted to add re the Lynch/Clinton meeting: when Trump says “the system is rigged”. this meeting is exactly the kind of thing he’s talking about. Backroom deals, secret meetings, agreements made in dark rooms (and private airplanes)–we see it all and we’re completely fed up. Time to clean house.

  4. Just saw – for the first time – a full -length shot of Loretta Lunch and she’s the size of a barge! And remembered that Hillary and Warren are no lightweights either. Does being a Democrat make a woman fat?

    • It’s all that “free” stuff that makes ’em that way.
      Remember that picture of that rather sumptuous buffet the Dem’s had delivered during their sit in?

  5. Watched and listened to the interview Lynch did with some reporter – televised on Fox a few minutes ago. My opinion:
    1. She is not the shiniest penny in the pond.
    (What is with the giggling with these people?)
    2. Bill is sitting up Hill.
    3. Liars lie all the time about everything.

    • The giggling shows that the “Obama-ites” are — as Krauthamer would say — “entirely unserious.” I don’t care about Lynch’s supposedly good reputation that preceded her – she doesn’t give a hoot about the law or any perceived impropriety, etc.

      As if saying she would accept the FBI’s recommendation is supposed to make us feel better? Wasn’t that what she should have been doing anyway all along??

      The fix is still in.

      • Yep, the fix is in. The question is whose “fix” is going to prevail? Obama/ValJar’s, Clinton’s? Some other entity we don’t even know about yet? We’ve all figured out that right now there are more backroom discussions/fixes being put on the table, more quid pro quos being softly whispered, more shoe shining and ass-buffing going on behind the scenes than we’ve seen in our lifetime of watching all the political dancing in Washington. Heads could/might roll on this one.
        Surely the Clintons see that the noose created out of the rope they themselves wove over the decades is tightening around their necks. They might get out of this most recent aggregate of legal bombshells coming down and about to explode. But they are old now, slow and not as quick on their feet, not as slick, if you will. Their lies are more obviously porous to more people now, their voices weak and fainter (n Billy’s case), the swamp of corruption in the their lives is rising fast and they are stumbling through the phrases and chapters of their current cover stories awkwardly. They may well be in a boiling legal pot they can’t jump out of anymore. Who who knows with these two creeps?

    • Double talk, twisted facts, and what is assumed to be lies – that’s what showed during the weird interview with AGLynch.

      So, she’s saying she’ll do her job – as if it’s an option- but not what she’ll do if the FBI recommends criminal proceedings.
      Bubba could NOT have done more damage to his wife if he was caught playing pattycake with two teenagers.
      There’s a lot going on behind the screens.

      • “There‚Äôs a lot going on behind the screens.”

        And I hope there are many insiders taking careful notes for their upcoming (hopefully) tell all books about the corrupt Obama regime. It will be too late to impeach him and his associates, but they will serve as cautionary tales for future Presidents.

        I’m also waiting for the tell all books about the corrupt MSM toadies who lie for the most despicable elements of our society. Included in the list are George Stephanopoulos, Christiane Amanpour, Dan Rather, Ezra Klein, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams, etc. The list is very, very long. That’s the summer reading list I’m looking for.

          • What I heard was that this was intentional. Clinton can think of all kinds of ways to meet without it being known. Heck the Clintons can get away with murder.

            What I am hearing is that this was a way of sending a message to the troops the FBI etc — all the bureaucrats and agents who will remain no matter who is President, but especially Hillary. And it gets the bosslady off the hook. Lynchmob can claim hands off when in fact the message was very clear.

            The Clintons are not stupid — this was on purpose and it sent a message.

          • No doubt in my mind. ValJar, the Swamp Beast From Chicago and her smelly, crooked associates, is likely the brains, and Obama is the Chauncey Gardiner (from Being There) of the whole reprobate operation in the White House. And there’s no doubt a gaggle of other drooling renegades, miscreants, quislings, finks and snitches–Congress Critters, “journalists”, Big Money types, lawyers, spinmeisters, money handlers and hangers-on- who are more than willing to carry out Obama’s dirty deeds. This corruption runs very, very deep, very wide, and reaches into every institution in America.

          • Grace, it was likely intentional on Clinton’s part. We know that all those who in some way cross the Clintons, threaten them in some way, expose the criminal activities of the Clintons are in great danger. The trail of destroyed reputations, damaged reputations and even dead bodies left behind after an encounter with the Clintons is very long and very crowded. The Clintons are like rabid, hungry wolves who seek out and destroy everything and everyone in sight.

  6. To all here that extended sympathies for the loss of my Father-in-law, Thank you.

    He suffered for some years with an illness that left him essentially immobile.

    • Then, why are people given IV saline solutions when they are diagnosed with dehydration. This world has come to this? Good Lord have mercy.

  7. Illegals and Crime. Speaks for itself. Jeh Johnson should have been removed or impeached the 2nd day he was in office. He follows Obama’s orders to a tee and flaunts all the laws. Lynchmob makes sure they are never rarely deported or processed. They should have cells right next to Hillary. This is a rogue regime.

    They are importing not only voters but gang members. Unaccompanied minors my ass.

    I know this is a select # but it goes ingnored and unreported and most importantly we lose track of these people and this is where many of them end up. Where are all the family members they were supposed to reconnect with? Yeah, right.

    Beating dead horse here.

  8. We’re in the middle of a “severe thunderstorm warning” here in AZ until 11pm, AZ time.
    We escaped a rogue “tornado warning” earlier in the afternoon.
    A tornado? here? in AZ? Talk about sitting ducks. Dozens of trailer parks, no one has a cellar to hide in, and most of our homes are built with wood products, not stone or brick.
    Thank goodness nothing happened, but we got pretty nervous for a while.

  9. Beautiful sunrise here today.
    I’m tired and nursing a wee bit of a hangover, I know, bad Cisco.
    Independence Day, my favorite holiday.
    The only day I get to hang “Big Boy” in the window. It’s a very large National Flag that was stuffed in the corner of a police station storage room.
    It had seen better days, but I had it repaired and professionally cleaned, it’s never looked better.
    Couldn’t bring myself to burn it as prescribed by tradition and I believe the Flag Code(?)
    On second thought, I’m not going to wait until the 4th. I’m going to put on a pot of coffee and put it up now.

    • Good luck with that hangover CK.

      Nice of you to take such good care of the flag (despite code or whatever) and to fly it proudly.

      I was listening to the radio yesterday and there was commentary about the 4th about the garrison flag at Ft McHenry — it was huge apparently and quite difficult when wet. Measured 30×42 feet. Happy 4th.

      Now that so many college history will not be offering American History (nasty, colonial overbearing, racist etc)guess fewer and fewer people will know about the flag or Ft. McHenry etc.

      • Discovered on a website on flag etiquette that once a National Flag becomes unserviceable it can be burned, not thrown away, in a dignified manner.
        Surprised to learn that many veteran organizations like the VFW and AmVets along with some Scout troops collect unserviceable flags and ceremonially burn them.
        And it is permissible to repair and clean them as needed.
        Best decision I made was to, uh, well, “liberate” it.
        My brother is putting up a flag pole next year, had to check his cities ordinances first, pretty specific, distance from sidewalks, street, house, etc.
        I hate to part with it, we’ve been together quite awhile, but she belongs in the wind not displayed in the windows.
        Can’t wait.

        • Many years ago, my father in law gave us a flagpole.
          We relocated shortly thereafter – probably about 5 or 6 times – so it remained in the box.
          When we moved to our present home, I told my husband, “It’s from here to the grave for me.” He installed it shortly thereafter with a solar light for night viewing.
          A beautiful beautiful sight that I never tire of – and a frequent subject of my photos.
          “Oh say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave?” Here on our little plot of land it does – and will as long as I am living.

          • A beautiful sight indeed.
            With no disrespect ment, when the Flag is hanging limply on a pole, well that’s just it, it’s simply hanging.
            But boy, when its waving and snapping in the wind, watch out, lump in the throat time.
            Just like the time I was in DC at the Marine Corps monument.
            It was dusty that day, some got in my eyes making them “water” if you know what I mean.

          • Yes CK…I am lump throated and teary eyed often at that snapping and waving. I know what you mean. Thanks for sharing those thoughts.