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Open Thread || Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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  1. Brew the coffee…already at work. Another sultry day in NY.

    Cannot wait to see how Secty of Unstate Kerry makes a fool of himself again today.

    And what exactly is that thing he does with his mouth and his tongue…is he dehydrated? Or just so full of blather that he loses track of his mouthpiece?


  2. Morning Joe was pathetic this morning. All over Scott Brown for suggesting Elizabeth Warren prove her Native American heritage with DNA and calling on Harvard to release the records showing what/when she claimed.
    Yet nothing but praise for the hypocrite herself for being such a good surrogate for Hillary.
    If a white male conservative Republican claimed Native American heritage without proof to gain personal advantage over others he would still be forced into hiding from the media scrutiny.
    Yet a liberal female hypocrite does it and all is fine.
    That is just one more reason that if it does boil down to Trump v Hillary a vote for Hillary is a vote to put the final nail in the coffin of what was once known as America.

    1. Howie Carr, a great talk radio host from WRKO in Boston has been challenging Warren to take DNA test for years, offering to pay for it. Of course, she refuses. He’s even offered, as a joke (but he would follow up on it), to pay someone to bring him something Warren has touched–a pencil, cup, etc.–so he can pursue the DNA test.

      Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes has taken Warren severely to task for claiming she had Cherokee ancestry. Seems there’s not a molecule of Cherokee blood or any connections to Native American ancestry in Warren.

      Warren appears to have claimed Cherokee blood for the first time at age 37 when filling out employee forms to get a job at Harvard. Affirmative action advantage, of course. She got the “job” at Harvard, earning $350,000 a year for teaching one course.

      This is all old stuff, but if Warren gets on the ticket with Hillary, it needs to be talked about.

      1. Thanks for all the updating. I realize it’s old stuff but now that she’s on the trail bashing Trump she needs to be exposed for the fraud that she is.
        We know the MSM won’t do it but thankfully there’s more outlets to get the info out.

        1. Yep. Our mission, should we chose to accept it, is to expose these frauds every day, all day. (Remember the intro from Mission Impossible?)

      2. Well, since the MSM will not even touch the Cherokee issue now it is unlikely.

        As a matter of fact Warren will remain as unchallenged as Hillary.

        What a sorry pair they make. Everyone who supports them has mastered the art of self delusion.

        As for Sanders — what a pathetic sell out he has been. All he wanted was his 15 minutes and the big life long payout the Dems will get him. You would think the Party support for Warren at a vP level might rankle.

        Oldest Profession and all of that comes to mind with these bags.

        1. Yea, the MSM has pulled every rabbit out of the hat to protect Warren. She’s being fast-tracked to the White House by the D’s and the MSM as Obama and Hillary were/are, for that matter. She’s ready to come off the bench at the command of Coach Soros and play ball if Hillary is indicted, I suppose, which she won’t be–that’s how convoluted this all is),

    2. Geoff, you’re giving her too much credit. WW2, the Great Depression to name only a few, didn’t bring us down so it’s unlikely that “one poor lorn little woman” can do it. (snort – sarc.)

  3. Something from the “when pigs fly”: I found myself agreeing with MrsClinton during her speechifying with MsWarren – she said the federal government should NOT be making a profit from college student loans as they do now.
    Of course, she didn’t mention that this was MrObama’s idea.
    For all the billions that the Obama regime “loaded” to their cronies or special interest that never got paid back, we can “loan” money for students without asking for interest on the balance. They can pay it back, that’s fair, but not any interest accrued.
    whew – pigs fly indeed.

        1. Civic duty in today’s climate would be something like lecturing to kindergartners on the benefits of transgender sleeping mats.

          Can’t imagine any of these snowflakes digging ditches, cleaning roadways, and actually building something like was done during the 30’s in the national parks.

    1. agree on no interest student loans, IF
      1. Limited to STEM and actually useful degrees, no more “Studies on the Kardashian effect on culture” crap.
      2. Set up a fee schedule like Medicare does for providers and the loan amount is the “reasonable and customary” for that region and that degree. Force the colleges to compete based upon set pricing.
      3. Clamp down on the amount of $$ the shakedown shacks like Harvard are allowed to keep in their endowments without giving back in scholarships. (Only applies to universities accepting public money and public student loans, private funded free to run as wish.)
      The American academia complex over the last 40 years has been operating like the loan sharks of education. No banker could get away with the amount loaned against the product provided.

    1. Marcus You do know that was years ago and there is no indication of any intention to do anything but hold the door wide open for good old Charlie as he saunters around the Capitol.

  4. I see the Dow is up 153 and the Nasdaq is up about 70 right now. Wait a minute. I thought Brexit was going to cause the end of Western Civilization, life as we knew it, the complete and forever collapse our all our economies, wild horses to stampede in all the streets. You mean the EU chinwaggers were exaggerating?

  5. Dear Friends:

    I have the distinguished honor of being a member of the Committee to raise $50,000,000.00 for a monument to Hillary R. Clinton. We originally wanted to put her on Mt. Rushmore until we discovered there was not enough room for her two faces.

    We then decided to erect a statue of Hillary in the Washington, D.C. Hall of Fame. We were in a quandary as to where the statue should be placed. It was not proper to place it beside the statue of George Washington, who … never told a lie, or beside Barack Hussein Obama, who never told the truth, since Hillary could never tell the difference.

    We finally decided to place it beside Christopher Columbus, the greatest Democrat of them all.
    He left not knowing where he was going, and when he got there he did not know where he was. He returned not knowing where he had been, and did it all on someone else’s money.

    Thank you,
    Hillary R. Clinton Monument Committee

    P.S. The Committee has raised $2.16 so far

  6. I can’t seem to get out of the blues today, knowing the Benghazi report is over and done, nothing will become of all the horrible lies by Hillary and Rice and the media will end up making this chapter in history all about the Right Wing Conspiracy against Hillary – nothing more. Sigh.

    1. They published it and left town. There is much in there that hold Obama and Clinton not only culpable but perhaps impeachable. Republicans did a dump and run.

      1. Dump and run is a perfect description grace. But even with the “more more” in there, no one is going to do anything with it. If Hillary has said Move on, the media has bashed the GOP every which way to Sunday, the AG is not talking, and the President is making friendship bracelets, it’s over. Even the fat lady sang.

      1. I’m a Johnny Come Lately’s to Trump and I hover between loving Trump’s message to thinking, oh my god, did he just say THAT? But I do hope he wins, for the sake of the country’s morale.

  7. Oh, great. As we predicted after the pregnant woman from Honduras came to NJ to birth her Zika anchor baby, now a pregnant Haitian woman traveled to Florida to give birth to her Zika anchor baby. The US taxpayers, many of whom cannot afford health insurance for their own families, or if they have it, cannot afford to use it becasue of the ridiculously high deductibles, are stuck footing these bills.

    Haitian woman gives birth to Zika baby in Florida after coming to America for medical treatment – making child the fourth born in the U.S. with defects caused by virus

    • Haitian woman with Zika virus gave birth to baby in Florida, officials said
    • Child has microcephaly – the shrunken head birth defect caused by Zika
    • Baby is the fourth to be born in the U.S. after their mothers caught virus
    • Cost of caring for the baby – who is a U.S. citizen – could cost $10million

    The Florida Department of Health confirmed the birth on Tuesday, but did not say when or at what hospital the baby was born.

    The woman is a Haitian citizen, officials confirmed. It is not known whether she entered the country illegally.

    The baby is a U.S. citizen because it was born on American soil, meaning the cost of the child’s care will likely be covered – at least in part – by the state.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated earlier this year that it costs between $1million and $10million to treat a child with microcephaly throughout their lifetime.

    1. I have already had an encounter today with someone who said “we should pray” for people who want to make beastiality legal. I said God is not particularly merciful to inate evil as far as I can tell. I don’t think He will ever be merciful to these evil doers.
      And, now we are faced with the issue of these poor – and innocent – ZIKA babies. I personally do not support abortion, so caring for them is a no brainer for me. But, where does our responsibility for these children who were not conceived on our soil – by our citizenry – begin and end?
      I don’t have the answer. I believe God does. I leave it to Him. Maybe that is a cop-out on my part… I trust His Wisdom way more than anything I could imagine.
      The part where it gets personal is this: I recently refused a steroid shot for ongoing pain because the cost was $1000 after my insurance paid. I have been an American citizen all my life. Where is ACA for me?

      1. Hi Aileen, Sorry to hear about your $1000 steroid shot. I know how painful these things can be and how much the steroid shot can help temporarily. Is there a local free clinic around that might do it for you at no or a reduced cost? A friend of mine does this.

        As for me, I go to my Congresscritters’ site and I email them all the medical and other stuff in my life that is not working, a lot of it stuff that is available to illegals and the “entitled”. Yep, the smallest of stuff. It becomes part of the record and highlights the stupidity of many of our laws and regulations and Congress’ inertia.

        Hope you feel better. Pray for the Zika baby but we cannot support them. Alternative care.

        1. Thanks dear. I could have paid for the shot, I guess, but I am rebelling against exorbitant medical costs – and I have tried it years ago and it hurt like hell and didn’t Which I told the PA. Apparently I don’t rank high enough to see a bone fide doctor! I have decided to try acupuncture! Which I also told the PA.
          haha! Now I think I kind of sound like Star! haha!
          In fact, I agree with you regarding the solution to situations like the ZIKA baby, the spread of TB, the rape of 5 year olds (Idaho) etc., etc.
          Close the borders until we sort this out sensibly, responsibly and with ethical thought.
          Now I sound like DT.
          And the fundraising idea – good one. Go for it.

    2. Child goes with mother. Woman is a Haitian citizen. Medical care can be arranged in her own country. It sounds terrible, but this was a deliberate choice by this woman. We cannot take in every Zika child there is == we already are seeing a spread of TB throughout the country that we cannot even track. Make sure the child gets care.

      Do not allow these people in the country and there will be no more moral dilemmas like this.

      If there was any justice in the world Barack Obama should be declared the father and head of household for all the illegals he has purposely let into this country. And he, personally, should be responsible for their care. Now there is a reason to fundraise.

  8. To Star. Come back. You do not have to agree with any of us. Your contribution is important. You matter as much as any of us.

    1. Yes – As someone who doesn’t usually participate in the conversations, I have to say that I enjoy the give and take among the regulars. Star has been given a rough time lately, but I, and I am sure many others, appreciate her intelligence and willingness to express her opinion. Star helps make the conversations lively and interesting.

    2. She’ll be back…what else has she got to do but post here, apparently.

      Sometimes I swear she’s one of those “paid by the post” folks…repeating the same memes and views read elsewhere. It’s her repetition and constant thread hijacking that bugs me. We get it, you don’t like Trump…tell me something different already.

      1. What I have appreciated is that the conversations here have been kinder and more – elevated – should I say? than on other sites. Let’s be nice!

          1. And after a few moments thought – may I say that my previous reply sounds pompous and infantile.
            I like it when discussions get heated and remain civil. Helps me to narrow down options.
            There – that’s better.

      2. Hope not. Sorry. When I read her post, my heart hurts, there is so much trouble in this country, so much fear about terror attacks, no jobs for my college grad friends, etc., etc., I am happy not to read Star, I’ll never understand it, but I can tell that you guys are missing her (sado-maso?)and I am sure she will come back to crack the whip soon .

  9. No tv or cable, but I read about the Turkish airport terrorist attack. Other than Drudge doesn;t seem to me to be much coverage. Sad. Terrorists, more dead innocent souls and some of us do not even look up.

    On the political front I will be curious to see how Obama addresses his sympathy to Erdogan and the Turkish people who were killed and injured in this “travel related incident”.

  10. Funny term from the MOTUS website referring to the blue spectacle of Hillary’s and Lizzy Warren’s screeching fest yesterday: she calls those two “The Smufragettes”. LOL

    1. Those two, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth “Goofy” Warren are truly “goofy” together. Two liars, Warren lied about being an American Indian and Hillary Clinton lied about everything. Two liars running for President and Vice President. Can you believe it? And they are very unattractive also when they speak with Hillary’s short arms flying all around like a dwarf, and Warren’s old-maid specticles on her nose, viciously attacking Trump, so jealous of him are they! What has this country come to? They look like two phony dogs.

  11. We are worried about Trump. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have started the stealing of the presidential election with their phony polls on ABC, CNN, MSNBC! This is how it starts and now Obama is starting the “Get Out The Vote” crap, urging, threatening, etc. people to vote democrat, just like in his second election, of course, with the help of his other cohorts in crime. Thats why Clinton and Obama are inviting all the ISIS beheaders and and illegals in here, FOR A PERMANENT VOTING BASE FOR THE DEMOCRATS/COMMUNIST SOCIALISTS! This low-class ignorant anti-American so-called “political party” must be stopped. They are responsible for changing our country for the worse, bums all around us and we will be having suicide bombers and shootings all the time just like in the middle east. Is that what we want people? Vote Trump, he may help keep us alive and working. Thank you.

    1. My husbands fight was CANCELLED this afternoon from the islands to Vermont (family gathering),saying the pilot cut his hand going through security. true story

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