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White House Dossier Takes a Week Off

Okay everyone, I’m taking a week off. As usual, I am leaving my clever commenters in charge of the place with daily open threads that will appear below. The refrigerator is fully stocked. The key to the liquor Cabinet is next to the toaster, but don’t touch the bourbon, I’m saving it for something. And please, no more blasting Zeppelin at 3 am or this isn’t happening again. I’ll be back Tuesday, July 5th. Thanks.


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    1. Not to worry. I ordered some special chocolates for the week from Figi’s.
      I added ‘sugar-free’ for those who think it makes a difference(Ha!)

      1. Nice of you. But sugar free along with decaf doesn’t work for me. I’ll bring the 100% stuff.

        As for the bourbon — yuck. Scotch. I’ll bring that too.

        And Cheetos. You all are welcome to the chocolate, coffee, tea and bourbon but hands off the Cheetos. I will be on the look out for the orange stained fingers too. Cheetos –private reserve.

        1. Yes, you can always tell when someone has been in mod for a prolonged period of time.
          If Cheetos are there, the orange claw marks on the walls are always obvious.

  1. Yeah, have a great vacay.
    OK. I’d appreciate it if someone(S) would push the furniture up against the wall so I won’t be crashing with my handicap cart.
    That was messy and made me feel bad.
    That lamp looked expensive.

          1. Well, I shot all of the rats.
            We don’t need no stinking cabinet doors.

            I’m in there already courtesy of a reply to your comment on the next thread.

            I brought my gun.

    1. I’m not cleaning anything – I fill my cleaning quota at home. Not easy keeping those floors clean enough to eat off of them.

  2. I’ve been wondering lately – Lee used to frequently post summaries of the WH press conferences. Have I missed recent postings or have they stopped?

        1. I thought a read a comment from her following an Inquiry about her whereabouts some weeks past. Thought she said something about people in her family objecting to her comments?
          Lee, Lee, Lee!!!! Come back! You are clearly missed!

          1. Aileen, have you ever been to Weazelzippers ?
            You talk about comments!

            She is avoiding a certain PC commenter here.

            Do you remember Mandy Manners?
            She left here also.

  3. Have a big time, Keith! Life is short so live large!
    (And I don’t really like bourbon so it won’t be me who empties the bottle. Just so you know.)

  4. Enjoy it! You are working hard. But I don’t know how you can stand to miss a whole week of the comedy show that is The Regime.

    1. See srdem65 — she will might intend to bring you some and then she will tell you odd little stories about what happened a long the way.

      Kinda’ like Charlies Brown,Lucy and a cake that looks like a football.

  5. Keith… enjoy your time off, you earned every minute of it! We’ll take care of the place, keep the fridge stocked, scare off the trolls. You’ll be proud of us!

      1. I am not a YUGE Trump supporter. But I agree with you, AFVet.
        The people who compare him to a wanna-be dictator? What do they think HRC aspires to become?
        She and fauxohontas appeared together today at some kind of speech giving event. They both wore blue pantsuits and as someone else on TV noted – they have the same color hair.
        Just what we need in our hour of need: two old bags with bleached hair and shrill voices – and matching pantsuits.

        1. I don’t believe Trump would be a dictator.

          I believe that he would make the utmost effort to reduce the trillions of $ in debt that the politicians have run up on us in the time they have been in office.

          I trust Trump to try to do what he says he is going to do.
          What alternative do we have ?

          I support him because he loves this Country.

          I am convinced that Hillary does not.

          1. Speaking of dictators, authoritarians,and so forth — one of the first moves is to stifle dissent and control thought and speech. Judicial overreach and faux justice is another signal. The Obama Administration and Clinton in the past and most likely in the future do this.

            A particularly abhorrent case of federal intervention in local justice is this one in Idaho in the rape of a 5 year old mentally challenged young girl and 3 young men from ME immigrant families. That has now been taken over by Wendy Olsen. Where are the girls’ parents, the local LEOs and law, and the community? This is even worse given that Wendy Olson herself is a other of two young women.

            So, I am not concerned about Donald Trump using the law to manipulate and obscure, let alone defend a particular segment of society.


        2. “She and fauxohontas appeared together today at some kind of speech giving event. They both wore blue pantsuits and as someone else on TV noted – they have the same color hair.”


          I saw that today and it looked like the Golden Girls ticket.

        3. rof,LOL!!
          [“Just what we need in our hour of need: two old bags with bleached hair and shrill voices – and matching pantsuits.”]

  6. Comment I made on the previous thread with only one answer from doom….who I suspect imbibes frequently all day long. Just kidding, Doom – don’t go off on me. Everyone else: what say you?

    O/T re: SCOTUS decision regarding abortion clinics-
    I do not understand why abortion supporters would not want their clinics to be held to the same standards as surgical centers. Perhaps these clinics are all well run and held to high medical standards already – admittedly, I don’t know. But, requiring doctors in these clinics to have hospital admitting privileges, etc. makes sense to me.

    1. I’m in mod for copying a previous comment I made on another thread. So, I am going to copy and paste it on Monday…I know – I am fearless.

  7. Article about how Huma was (paraphrased) not real comfortable with Clinton’s use of the private email server. Really? That’s all the reporting that can be mustered about this? What about how Russia threatened to release all the hacked emails? That would mean (essentially) that Russia has the ability to influence our election. But the press just forgets about that? This is sickening!

    If Hilly’s ineptitude allowed Russia to hack anything, giving them the ability to influence an election, that’s pretty f’ing major. Since they just shut up about it, my guess is they were paid off, and that it wasn’t cheap. What was it this time? More uranium? Another “Reset”?

    Come on, where is our press?

  8. doom right ahead/racist by default

    here is what they think of us:

    ‘Elites’ Called To Arms: “It’s Time To Rise Up Against The Ignorant Masses”

  9. Anyone happen to read where Bill Clinton had a private meeting with Loretta Lynch on her plane?
    Supposedly they talked for 30 minutes about the grands, golf and a few other personal things.
    But of course, the two of them being so ethically superior to everyone else, did not discuss any “pending” issues at the DOJ.
    Only people who think they are above the law would conduct themselves with such impropriety.

  10. Pray the renewal of the mind, body and soul. Drop off the grid, unplug, shut it all out. Benefits are astonishing. Just finished 30 days off the net. Net diet is well worth it. Brain cleaning is wonderful. Biggest surprise? How much stuff I thought was important isn’t…Mr. Keith, may the peace of God fill you to the top…

  11. Here’s my idea for how to screen out likely jihadists at the border: hand them a ham sandwich. If they don’t take a big ol’ bite and eat it, they are a danger to go isis at some point.

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