In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Saturday Open Thread || June 25, 2016

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  1. Brexit +1… The markets get a breather today, we all step back from the hysteria of the impact of the vote, and consider the long term effect. Personally I see yesterday as the UK’s 1776.

    What is interesting is the voter it. Scotland went overwhelmingly to remain, but the bulk of England voted for leave. Only the urban centers of London, Liverpool and Manchester voted to remain.

    Reminds me of the red/blue election result maps here and the overwhelming abundance of red states in our flyover midsection. Coincidence?


    1. 1776, definitely.
      Posted a congratulations to Britain winning back their freedom and took a couple of hits.
      That’s ok, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who realized that.
      Now 5 other EU countries want out.
      Go for it.

    2. Younger people voted to stay, older to leave, to the degree it could be generalized. But then, I heard, google was overwhelmed by inquiries as to what the EU was! So…was this an intelligent vote?

      1. The MSM collective has gotten itself in too deep. It can no longer back establish distance or objectivity. To criticize or bring down the left is to criticize or bring down themselves.

  2. Harv,
    Agree on 6/23 being UK’s 1776. Tomorrow’s column reflects on be being in London when Gingrich & Co. took the House in ’94 and here I was 22 years later, awake in the middle of the night, watching from the other side of the Atlantic as Mother England did the same. What an historic moment and we can only hope there are more countries to come as AFVet says.
    When EU was focused on trade and trade alone it was a great idea. But once the bureaucrats in Brussels were allowed to start mandating their PC across the continent things went to $h!t and have been smelling up the place ever since.
    All the panic in the markets its wrong headed. They should instead be cheering that Brexit will force the EU to get back to free and fair trade and off the top down regulations and social policies that are making it LESS competitive and LESS effective.
    But alas, I don’t have much hope. It is the way of socialists everywhere that when the results of their failed policies begin to have the people turn against them, they just double down until in the end the only thing left is forced obedience. Until another 1776 that is! :)

    1. You bring out a key point: all these “trade agreements”–NAFTA, the early days of the EU, TPP, TPA, all of them–are initially peddled as, well, trade agreements. Who wouldn’t want a nice trade agreement? But, then soon morph into monstrous, drooling, soul-eating bureaucracies with power to overrule Constitutional and Parliamentary laws, local customs and practices. Ultimately, they eat away at and destroy a member country’s sovereignty, individual rights and the country’s ability to govern itself as it so chooses. That’s what Brexit was all about.

      1. AND, it’s why Brexit scares the hell out of EU and the Obama elites. If masses ever see again that individual, free, fair trade agreements actually work (which ever WHD knows they do) their power goes poof overnight.
        Can only hope Trump stays on course and message and there’s still enough of us left with brains to outvote Hillary’s Harlots come November.

        1. Depending on which way the ethical wind blows or who has the heaviest hand, I see Biden standing at the ready. But Bernie’s brigades might not play here either.

        2. We brainless ones will not be pulling for you…The Trump zombies ate our cerebellums. Now all we can “think” of is we want competent leadership and there is none in the offing.

          1. No Star. The Trump zombies did not eat your cerebellums. You did that to yourselves. Take some responsibility. Stop playing the victim.

        3. Oh, yes, grace, I really believe zombies ate my brain…How would I ever think that? I was being sarcastic at the usual attempt to tag anyone who disagrees with being stupid or brainless….

    2. I was going to say that time is not on their side. Today we are more for instant gratification and do not have much staying power. But I am reconsidering.

      Trump was and still is looked upon as a crazy man incapable of governance (ha — as if we could be governed any worse)but it appears over time reality is proving much of what he has said (no matter how crudely for some). With that and a little more refined communication more people are listening and considering more carefully.

      Perhaps it will be so in Europe. After all, few of us expected the Leave result and if we did, not at this number. 1776 indeed. Although the Brits might pick another date more to their history.

      1. Agree. I’m a fan of the yin-yan school of politics. A political party or established political philosophy in power will inevitably swing too far in one direction–it’s just predictable human and organizational behavior. When conditions are right (or get bad enough), the opposition party/political philosophy arises, and boom! the battle is joined. Been that way since the Stone Age. That’s what’s happening in many Western countries right now. It’s throw the rascals in power out, and bring in the new people and let’s fix the problems created by the old rulers and politicians. After a few years, we go through the whole thing again and throw the rascals out all over again.

        1. But these aren’t new ones, they aren’t new blood, one is a new personality in the political realm..and his lack of training and experience shows to a shocking degree. You are hoping his self-interest might help others, too–because self-interest is his principle above all else–mark my words. the near collapse of the world financial system–well, look at the bright side, more people can come to his bleak, windy golf course that he eminent domained to build.

          1. Star — I think Hilliary has too much “training” and her robotic pc performances betray it. She is a cog in the machine that has given us so much pc grief. What Trump appears to be is someone who wants the U.S. to be powerful — perhaps because he doesn’t want to join the international elite and float around living in whatever countries are currently safe and lovely — or perhaps because he has some feelings for the U.S. He is what we need — a man who doesn’t see the U.S. as just another chip in the bowl next to the guacamole of money. How’s that for a metaphor? :)

        2. Read “Days of Rage,” which is about the domestic terrorism of leftist groups in the 60s and 70s and beyond. Interesting to see how persistently the Alinsky crowd worked to get itself into power. It’s no chance happening that the culture become such that would allow the Weathermen to re-emerge and take leadership positions (for instance). Great book.

      1. The question is WHY poll Obama’s approval at all now. He’s on the way out, won’t be doing much of anything except raising funds, speechifying for Hillary, and just irritating the public with his wacky ideas of “who we are”.

    1. A clever (and unethical) pollster can create any result desired by whomever is buying the services of the pollster. That’s a fact and it’s been done many times. That’s the sad story and it’s one reason polls don’t always reflect the final results on election day. Unless we understand the “internals” of a poll, we should be skeptical of what they are reporting. Always. For example: how were the poll questions generated? How created the questions? How was the language and semantics of the questions developed and who approved them? Have the questions been tested for internal consistency and reliability (are they really measuring what they are intended to measure?) How so? How was the poll administered? Who trained the interviewer if one is used? Is there a built in bias in the questions? Who’s paying for the poll? What’s the demographic makeup of the sample? What statistical package is being used to crunch the numbers? (this can skew results enormously), etc. Polls are just a measure of the distribution of opinion at a moment in time. They are not magic, they are not necessarily predictive in a volatile political environment, such as the one we are living through right now.

    1. Alright, you guys. Here’s my contribution. I introduce you to Lenny Breau, the guitar player Chet Atkins once called “the greatest guitar player in the world”. Yep, he did say that. He grew up in my hometown, and his brother Denny Breau, is still playing around with his band. Amazing, amazing guitar player. Atkins was in complete awe of Lenny, and he said so many times.

      Here’s a little bio:

      And you can click on the “audio” button up top and hear what a real guitar player sounds like. ;+}

    2. That was great! I recognized them all but the two Steve’s (Gatlin and Wariner.). Those people are all are great examples of true musical talent.
      I saw Barbra at the Grand Ole Opry about 40 years ago, give or take a year or two.
      Tiny little thing in a skin tight, sequined evening gown singing “(If Lovin’ You is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right”

        1. I loved this!!!!!
          These boys played and performed for the love of music and it shows…that harmonica! May be the best I ever heard!

  3. Another post from SaraB, courtesy of MOTUS:

    Sara B • 3 hours ago

    It’s the big pride fest and parade today in Dublin. So far no Biden sighting but word has it he will be traveling north to seek out his family roots (and no I am not talking about his fake hair). According to local tabloids the veep gave a speech at Trinity College last night which we confirmed when we asked our Uber driver why there were so many Garda (police) at a building we drove by. According to the papers he was awarded an honorary degree (perhaps they felt bad about his plagiarism troubles back home) and lectured those attending about how change like brexit can lead to radical leadership. Speaking of Uber drivers, we had two yesterday…one taking us to dinner and one bringing us home. Both were men from Nigera. The first was Muslim and very upset about brexit and said they just weren’t going to obey it. He would would only speak to my husband even when I asked him questions and when we asked about the all the “pride” visitors he acted like they didn’t exist. The second man was Christian and told us he though Hillary was a crook and “bad news” and was thrilled with brexit. He had been to the US many times with his family and is preparing to take his three kids to Orlando again in August. He was devastated about the Muslim terrorist who killed all those people and said every country needs borders and people who love it to live there. So I ask my Motus readers who would you rather see immigrate? Below you will see all the Bidens you paid for to come here for holiday. I mean if you have to foot the bill you might as well see what they are doing. Off the the parade. More dispatches from Dublin later. ❤️

      1. This is a first-hand account of VPBiden’s vacation by someone who is visiting in Ireland the same time he is.
        Something we will never see in any US media.

    1. I’ve grown to like MOTUS very much. Clever, witty, spot on when revealing the colossal hypocrisy of Obama, Hillary, Sanders and the hard Left in general. I’m sure the Hillary/Sanders supporters don’t like her very much.

      1. Spot on, Marcus! MOTUS and WHD are ‘must-reads’ for me every day. Love the snark over @ MOTUS! It’s more than enough to ruin the day for Mooch and Lil’ Barry.

  4. HA. Made me smile, commenting on the EU situation and UK and other countries someone said “It looks like the drama queens from the high school pretty girls club are having a cat fight because someone stole someone elses boyfriend, with much hair pulling and bodice ripping, shrieking and wailing.”

    I’m not good at musical accompaniment, but this seems appropriate

  5. Probably O/T but I see that Biden and “several generations of Bidens” are visiting Ireland at the moment. His summer vacation?

    Will we get a “thank you” note from various Bidens?

    Does he have to be back when the Obamas jet off to Martha’s Vineyard (again)?

  6. Good article about Brexit at Breitbart by Milo and A. Bokhari. But even more interesting is Natan’s Father comment (6 hours ago at 1 pm EST) — he talks about election “fraud” and voting machine companies, in particular Dominion Voting which was bought by Soros and was instrumental in the Canada elections and very active in the US. Lots of links too.

    Voter fraud is a big deal in our election process. Remember “Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
    Those who count the votes decide everything.”

      1. Hi Star, I refuse to get into a conversation with you on this subject.
        Voter fraud and voting machine “malfunctions” have been identified.

        Poll workers have been thrown in jail.

        With the election coming up it will happen again.

      2. You are in a convo with me–too late. Sure, there have been instances of fraud, but I see an effort to start now to say these are so overwhelming they will deprive Trump of his due. If you make the case strongly enough—Hillary can use it, too, I guess, should she lose.

      3. No Star. Voter fraud and miscounts are part of our election process history. I happened to see the comment and it had some good links in it. If one is concerned or wanted to learn more about the process and the companies’ who process the votes I thought they could use this opportunity to do so.

        Not everything that people say and do here is blindly in support of Trump.

        But as a Democrat I can see how you would not find possible voter fraud not all that disturbing.

        I do support required voter IDs. For the record.

        1. You know perfectly well I am a registered Dem only and will never vote that party again bec of Obama…but now I can also not vote Rep. And where did I say voter fraud was not disturbing…? I just said it seemed–on this site–to be getting teed up as an excuse if Trump does not get elected. Please don’t paraphrase me wrongly, grace, can you do me that favor?

          1. And, at least for myself, do not assume that I “tee” something up for Trump. And you know perfectly well that I support him, just like I know you are a registered. I see no difference in what you claim is my paraphrasing and your baseless assumptions that my/others comments are to position something for Donald Trump. I/we deserve from you what you request from others.

            I use I/we because I don’t know where I fit in the “you guys”. But I speak only for myself.

    1. I could be wrong on this but didn’t a company in Spain count votes for us during the last election?
      Wasn’t there a trip by Michelle Obama to Spain before the last election?
      Isn’t a trip to Spain scheduled for her shortly?

      Go figure.

          1. IND — I may be wrong here, but is it your daughter who is a gay DJ and will be covering Gay Pride Parade in Canada???? If so, hope all goes well.

      1. I’m sure he’s a decent guy, but he couldn’t get past Cruz’s failure, and Trump’s candidacy. So he put on his best pout and said adios.

        1. President Trump with no opposition from a Republican led Congress would be worse than Hillary as President with a Republican led Congress.
          Maybe I’m not reading that right, but that doesn’t compute.
          Its not like the Republicans of late have done anything to stop Obama.

  7. Got it done this time Marcus.
    Laptop crashed and my iPad took a tumble down the stairs like a slinky, so I’m stuck using a tiny iPhone and store brought magnifying glasses.
    Next week getting new toys so I’ll do better.
    Can’t do a day w/o WHD & crew.

    1. Grace,
      A little birdie told me you were a glutton for punishment and awaiting my Sunday column. lol
      This one has some personal in it as I watched the Gingrich ’94 revolution in the states from London, and was up all night watching Brexit from over here:

      Hope as always, it’s up to standard.

      Have a great Sunday. I’m off to clean out shed. (The plus of Missouri in the summer is any outside work doubles as physical activity and a diet plan as well as you lose 5lbs just walking out.)

      1. Excellent Geoff. Clear and powerful stuff.

        The one irony I noticed is that London, with its Muslim Mayor and financial powers, held staunchly to its Remain position.

        We need to do all we can do as Americans to support the Leave Brits and all others who might join their camp. And we have our own house to clean.

        Important work to be done.

        Thanks for sharing. I do so enjoy your columns.

          1. OMG! Multiple stab wounds by Neo-Nazis in Sacramento, CA. BAN those knives and all bayonets. Seven transported to hospitals. Its the knives!

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