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Obama Suggests his Immigration Opponents are Racist

In his remarks about the Supreme Court decision ending his amnesty power grab, President Obama indicated what he really thinks, which is that the millions who want to stop illegal immigration and stem the flood of immigrants from a single culture not our own are, at bottom, racist.

Look closely at what he said:

In the end, it is my firm belief that immigration is not something to fear. We don’t have to wall ourselves off from those who may not look like us right now, or pray like we do, or have a different last name. Because being an American is about something more than that. What makes us Americans is our shared commitment to an ideal that all of us are created equal, all of us have a chance to make of our lives what we will . . . They do look like us — because we don’t look one way. We don’t all have the same last names, but we all share a creed and we all share a commitment to the values that founded this nation . . .

I promise you this, though — sooner or later, immigration reform will get done . . . We get these spasms of politics around immigration and fear-mongering, and then our traditions and our history and our better impulses kick in. That’s how we all ended up here. Because I guarantee you, at some point, every one of us has somebody in our background who people didn’t want coming here, and yet here we are.

That is, at some point, the racists and other intolerant types wanted us out.

Just as he thinks opposition to his gun control efforts are driven by gunmakers and not an embrace of the Second Amendment, the president does not understand or care about conservative principles. He merely, and quite simplistically and hatefully, thinks conservatives are at bottom evil or, as he euphemistically puts it, fail to respond to their “better impulses.”

Despite his supposed sophistication, Obama has a very crude view of America. For this moral relativist, there are no enduring American values to be treasured. Just a concern, grown out of the 1960s protests, that someone is getting an “advantage” over someone else, whether due to wealth or skin color. America is divided into those who seek equality of result, like Obama, and the haters, he believes.

Obama White House briefing room

The culture from which many of these immigrants spring is a beautiful, interesting, but ultimately failed culture. They nevertheless have much to contribute to the United States, but not if they overwhelm the place. We cannot assimilate endless hordes of immigrants into the United States without adulterating our own culture and changing the basic assumptions of American life. But for Obama, to oppose limitless immigration is to oppose all immigration – which conservatives do not – and to hate people merely for who they are, because they don’t “look like us.”

Conservatives simply want to preserve the Republic, which requires a citizenry steeped in our values. If too many who do not understand or share our values are here at once, the culture is transformed, and assimilation will not occur. That is, the country will change, not the immigrants.

It’s not clear anymore that many of these immigrants understand that they need change. They are catered too by their government and others in their language rather than impelled to learn English. They name their children the same thing they would name them “back home.” They are given an educaiton the stresses “multiculturalism” and highlights the worst moments in U.S. history.

But Obama doesn’t understand America’s basic values, and as a man who wanted to “transform America,” is probably hostile to many of them, he doesn’t care about assimilation. He thinks it’s a relatively simple matter to become an American. And he thinks it is America that needs to assimilate into the world.

But he may be right. In the long run, because the forces of political correctness are so strong, he probably will get his way eventually. Which is why a lot of Americans felt that only someone like Donald Trump, with all his outrages, could change the trajectory.

23 thoughts on “Obama Suggests his Immigration Opponents are Racist”

  1. Obummer hasn’t a clue. He’s simply not an American in terms of his upbringing or thinking. It still amazes me that he was elected not once, but twice.

  2. Yep. It can be really hard to respond to those “better impulses”. Like that time someONE claimed the cops acted stupidly (for doing their job), or the time someONE blamed a “racist” man for defending his life in Florida, or the time someONE encouraged voters to punish their enemies, or …

    Mr. Obama. You certainly like mirrors. You might try using one for some real reflection.

    1. Sadly Obama does not see himself in the mirror. What he sees, is himself as an all-knowing, imperial emperor. We, the great unwashed, are his slaves.

  3. He is the narrow minded racist. Because he didn’t grow up in our country, he can only see that the culture he experienced as a child isn’t a prominent factor in legal American citizens who have come from many immigrant backgrounds that have assimilated here. No matter how hard he tries to convince us that Muslims have had an integral place in our history. He is wrong. Of course there are positive historical Muslim (or Mexican or Irish or Italian or Indian….)contributions in our history, butt those of us who were educated before 2000, had very little interactions with Muslim Americans. They didn’t assert themselves into our history until … Basically 0bama said they did. We are all children of immigrants who came to the United States to assimilate into our society. Not what we are now experiencing; illegal immigrants from many diverse cultures who detest our history and wish to bring our once great country down to the third world cesspool they left behind.
    I’m wary of the harm we could experience if we ignore the elephant in the room.

    1. ZD, he is determined to do as much damage to this Country as he can in the remaining time he has left in office, and probably thereafter.
      The congressional members we elected to stop him (their words) let us down.

      We gave them a chance, they failed us.

      Only a select few should be re-elected and they should be scrutinized given what happened to us in the last election.

      We don’t have the time to fool around with this anymore.

  4. Well done Keith, very well written.

    Our POTUS is a tenacious rascal.

    From global warming to immigration, he just spans the spectrum of the liberal policies that are kept on the burner relentlessly.

    Well I forgot gun control.

    The childish nonsense that was displayed in the House chamber recently tells me that these people are not worthy of drawing a paycheck from the American People.

    Their reluctance to confront the problems that are obvious in cities like Chicago is evidence that they are not truly dedicated to what they say.

    Instead, they show up and sit down for the cameras.

    They should have been removed from the chamber.

    1. They not only show up and sit down for the cameras, but they use the Orlando terrorist attack (in the guise of a gun control issue) to fundraise.


  5. Americans who oppose Obama’s policies — racist. Old news. This is knee jerk for Obama.

    I am not even offended anymore. Just bored.

  6. We’ve suspected all along that MrO is not a true American, or even like ‘us’. His upbringing in foreign lands, his immersion in Islam while a child, then his unusual separation from his mother and step-sister to be raise by grandparents who were outliers themselves.
    Prior to his success in Chicago politics, MrO was a mooch – one who lived off of his wife’s labors. His law degree (and hers) were surrendered for unknown reasons when such a calling could have made a positive difference for the people they lived among in Chicago.
    His qualifications for any elected office began and stopped at his bi-racial appeal.
    We know he blames the USA for everything that went wrong everywhere, including his personal life. He never sees the good that Americans have provided for other peoples who were in need, nor does he give us any credit for not colonizing most of Europe, and then Iraq when we did win the wars. There is no credit for helping to rebuild those countries after WWII, nor our efforts to bring food, medicine and good will to our former enemies.

    He is a strange man with unusual ideas about the world we live in. His ideal of a common world where all share in the good things is just a communist fantasy.
    He doesn’t know “who we are”, no matter how many times he says that phrase.

  7. Thank you, well said. The part about immigration could just as well be about many countries here in Europe. Immigration is the big issue today in the West.

  8. “Because being an American is about something more than that.”

    I am so sick and tired of him running his mouth.

    “That’s not who we are.”
    “This is not what America is about.”

    Listen, a-hole. YOU don’t get to decide who or what we are, or what we should be. Got it?

    Because if being like you is what America is about? I want nothing to do with it.

    Effin’ jerk.

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  10. MT for re-redistribution

    It’s really sad when someone speechifies about something noble, but is using the ideals to justify or vindicate something that is wrong.

    Illegal immigration is wrong. If Obama wanted it to be ‘right’, then take away the ‘illegal’ part. If he can’t correct the legal stuff, then he is indeed fighting the will of the people.

    I’m sure some people that are opposing Obama’s agenda ARE racist. That doesn’t make Obama any more right.

  11. I loved the way Obama says that the British people have spoken and should respect them for it. Why doesn’t he say that to us Americans when we do not agree with him. Never does he say that he respects us, everyone has to sue him in Court to stop him from hurting us? He doesn’t care that he has thousands of lawsuits because its not his money that has to pay for these lawsuits and he knows it. If it was his own money to defend his hairbrained schemes, never would he constantly challenge these thousands of lawsuits. He would never spend a penny of his own money on lawsuits. He probably doesn’t even spend his own money on his daughters or his wife! He just keeps spending taxpayers money on all these luxuries he enjoys with his family. the guy Obama has no shame, nothing, zero, just takes and takes from the taxpayers for everything. Can’t wait until he’s outta here and he has to spend his own money, he probably will stay home more often or not, the cheapskate himself! Obama!

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