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Obama Schedule || Saturday, June 25, 2016

9:35 am PT || Departs Seattle
5:20 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern except as noted

16 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Saturday, June 25, 2016”

  1. Wow, I’m very surprised he isn’t flying back down to southern CA for a golf weekend with the Choom Gang. I guess he has to go see Mooch and the Moochettes before they depart on Monday, with Granny, for their week long trip to Liberia, Morocco, and Spain.

    Why stay in Seattle overnight only to depart for DC in the morning? He often flies back late at night after a fundraiser. Just an excuse to spend another night in a luxury hotel suite.

    1. I have it on no authority whatsoever that whenever Obama spends the night alone in a luxury hotel suite, he sends his minions to gather several homeless men and bring them back to the suite. What happens then is a matter of conjecture!!

    2. What a free ride granny has gotten these last 8 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if she, along with Valjar, gets lifetime SS protection.

  2. Wow!! What a day!!! I’m exhausted just thinkin’ about it!! (Notice I dropped the “g in thinking to make it more authentically democrat)!!

  3. Nigel Farage, UKIP, is the real hero of the Brexit. He has worked hard and long for it. He brought up the issues of immigration and problems with multi-culturalism in spite of journalists, activists and politicians attacks and efforts to smear and stifle him. They labeled his party, UKIP, “racist” but when people listened to him they had to start noticing him. He was/is a man of the people. He is also well spoken and intelligent. Eton-boy Boris Johnson entered late in the campaign and stole the limelight. Well, he is smart and entertaining and he “polished” the “leave”-side and made it tasty even for those who didn´t like the smell of UKIP. But it is Farage who is the architect and deserves the credit.
    It is a tough ride to be a “new” politician in the western part of Europe, the politicians with immigration and problems with multi-culturalism ( = muslims ) on the agenda, those who are branded “racists”, “populists” and rightists by the media. They have to endure a lot. But, thanks to Brexit, their influence is growing. And they have the support and love from many, many although the establishment pretends it isn´t so. I read that Hungarys bright PM, Victor Orban, said that the politicians must start listening to the people. Exactly. I like Orban. And he is from the Eastern part of Europe , they do not suffer from political correctness there.
    By the way, Farage told Breitbart that it was Barrys condescending little speech that did it, the” back of the queue” speech. It backfired big time. He must really be in a bubble, little Barry. Did he not realize how arrogant and insulting it was ?
    I also watched his pathetic show at the Stanford University. ” Thank you, thank you” he said over and over again although hardly anyone applauded. Poor little Barry is soooo yesterday.

    1. Right on SL. Thanks.

      Hungary from the beginning took a tough line on the muslim immigrants/refugees.

      Thanks also for the info on Farage and Boris — hopefully Europe will have a whole new crop. Like Trump, and others, they will have to fight the left on charges of being extreme right, racist etc, but breaking through that wall is important.

      And , because I am petty and small minded I am glad to see Obama getting his comeuppance. He has insulted Americans so long I guess he thought he could get away with it elsewhere. I also saw a headline somewhere– Obama Humiliated. Sweet. Stanford was not a smashing success.

      1. Thanks Grace. Oh, I am petty and small minded too, especially on matters concerning Obama. He has been , how do you say ?, a grain in the eye for so long.

        1. A grain in the eye!
          Excellent imagery. Yes, he thinks so much of himself he verbally pooped all over GB on his visit. ….and it backfired! Yes!! That annoying grain that eventually scratches your eye, making the pain & soreness last even longer.

    2. “By the way, Farage told Breitbart that it was Barry’s condescending little speech that did it, the” back of the queue” speech. It backfired big time.”

      I agree. As I listened to radio call in shows in the UK, the Obama speech came up very often. People were incensed that Obama, who draws very little respect in Europe and the UK in the first place, was so tone deaf and arrogant that he thought it was completely appropriate for him to stick his foot into the internal political affairs of other countries. People I heard talking about this were beyond furious and, yes, I do believe this played a role in Brexit’s success.

    1. He’s just voting “present” just as he did way back in his Illinois Legislature days. He’s neither this nor that. He’s neither yes nor no. He is just “present”. He is not truly engaged in anything except pushing the destructive agenda that’s been pounded into his head since he was a young man. There is no there there. He is a heartless, callous puppet who responds as programmed to his handlers, and that is all he is. That’s why he so often sounds empty, off the mark, tone deaf.

  4. I have read that German newspaper Handelsblatt reveals plans on how Germany/EU will handle the Brexit. It is the brutal and fearsome finance minister Schäuble who is handling the reins and the whip. Britain will not be allowed to ” pick the raisins from the cake”. They want to deter and warn other countries ( they mention France, Austria, Netherlands, Finland and Hungary ) to try to slip away. These countries are probably mentioned because they have big, new, “rightist” parties demanding referendums. But Exit-feelings are all over Europe. EU is in a deep crisis. The way EU handle this makes it look like the Mafia. Well, it really is the Mafia, a deceitful, exploiting and blackmailing gang of thugs.

    1. As always, thank you for your comments, swedishlady. They give us a unique insight into the state of the EU, and the feelings of the people in your country and in other European nations.

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